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Frank Ocean named most powerful LGBT figure in US music

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Reader comments

  1. I really dont like his music. opps did i say that . I mean his MUISC IS SO GREAT because he’s gay. :) thumbs up

    1. O man look at that i got dislikes, But i thought if i say i liked him because he’s gay i would get likes. Every time Pinknews puts a story of someone who says that they don’t agree with gay marriage or article that talk about individuals who are not political correct almost everyone on picknews calls them homophobes. strange ! Maybe i should shit a rainbow to show my support of Frank Ocean then i might get some likes.

      1. If you had of just said you don’t like his music then no one would have probably given a toss, but you decided to make some sort of trite comment to imply that there is some sort of agenda on this website, whereby you must like all things gay, which if you’ve ever seen a story about Elton John on Pink News you’d know isn’t true.

        I don’t really know why you think anyone cares whether you like or dislike Frank Ocean’s music. I’m pretty sure no one does.

        1. LMFAO i love you Joss you make me smile. Take care Elton John

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 5:36pm

    Most powerful LGBT figure in US music? Really? What is his track record on LGBT equality activism? Lady Gaga and Madonna have done far more than anyone in the music field.

    1. Madonna isn’t LGBT and a lot of people don’t believe Gaga is either because a lot of famous women claim to be bisexual to advance their careers. Which is irritating if you are an actual bisexual.

      Whether or not she is or isn’t I don’t really care, but it is probably a reason why she may not have been named above Ocean.

      Just by being open about his sexuality as a black, male, hip hop artist, Frank Ocean has done a lot for the advancement of LGBTs in the US, whether you acknowledge this as a form of “activism” or not.

    2. I can imagine Robert saying and he’s a negro. How can a negro be more sucessful than me?

      big ole pussy

  3. Hasn’t he only released 1 album?

  4. I get this choice, I think he’s made some massive waves, because he is associated with Hiphop, and I think that’s damn important, when hiphop is only associated with homophobia, because even if some rappers aren’t homophobic, their language use suggests otherwise.
    It feels like the face of hip hop changed after he came out and nobody really cared, I thought it was brilliant.

  5. Hey! Come on, people. Let’s be a little bit less churlish here. Whether or not you like his music, he had the courage to come out. He is undoubtedly a role-model to many kids who may be struggling with their own sexuality – especially in the black community. I think he deserves the award.

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