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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead headed for top 5 in UK chart in wake of Margaret Thatcher’s death

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  2. It’s sad to see such hatred still amongst society. Whilst we strive for equality, we still declare fear through the desire to revenge a woman who did more than we realise. How, as a society where we scream at the top of our ‘equal’ voices, we decide to rub salt into a wound. It is not Thatcher who is the one hurting now, it is her family. The one precious thing which we all fight and love for, we decide to lash out at them. Many of you who read this, listen to the song, are too young to really understand Thatcher through her reign – it was her who, through her position, took a grasp on feminism in the late twentieth century and showed the world that men and women are equal. We all make mistakes, and through her government’s decision to ban homosexuality teachings in school and to close down a deteriorating mining industry, we should not hate Margaret Thatcher’s name -but look at how she managed, learn from what she did and move on collectively in harmony rather than that of hatred.

    1. Her family? You mean her racist daughter and arms-dealing son!

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 3:17pm

      She took a grasp on ‘feminism? Are you for real? Explain then why there is still wide disparity between equal pay for women? How many chief executives of companies in the UK? Stop minimising the terrible harm she inflicted on gay people under her watch some of it still persisting to this day as a result of her legacy. The Tory party is infested with Section 28 enthusiasts many of whom voted against equal marriage.

      1. True equality can never be met over night, and we all know it takes time. Yes, it is clearly feminism as she was and remains the only FEMALE prime minister. There is disparity between pay of men and women, however if you look at only the mistakes, you forget the good she did too. You should recall she legalised homosexuality in the UK or did that slip your mind? Small steps were made, some good, some bad, and whilst i do not declare her a saint of the united kingdom, I do believe that she should be respected in death and allowed her to rest in peace, more so than mocked by a trivial song.

        1. Being as unpopular as she was she didnt do much for the idea of women in powerful positions.

      2. I thought she described feminism as a ‘poison’?!

        1. She supposedly said “The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison.”

      3. Indeed, Robert! Is he FOR REAL!

        As Polly Toynbee said last night on QuestionTime “Thatcher was QueenBee . . . she pulled the ladder up behind her”. She loved being the only female amongst the males, the centre of attention, the one in the glorious gowns and dazzling coiffure.

        And as Glenda Jackson so superbly said in the debate the other day Thatcher’s model of “womanhood” was one of ruthlessness, sharp elbows, and a lack of warmth and compassion. A cold-blooded sort of canine, in fact.

  3. I must sound like a really crotchety and grumpy person right now but for some reason, I really, really find this to be in poor taste.

    Not a week has passed since somebody who tried her best to improve my country has died, and although I was never her biggest fan, this seems entirely below the belt. What a vitriolic way to mock somebody who can’t fight back. I can only imagine the impact this will have on those mourning her loss.

    1. Sounds like the bleating of a couple of self-loathers above. This woman approved a law which demonised gay people FOR YEARS.
      You should be more supportive of your own community and less of those who would see us put to death. I wonder who you’ll support when the christian Taliban try to re-introduce the outlawing of homosexuality …?

      1. It is sad that you see it that way. I am not a self loather, nor do I dismiss my community, however, the fact of the matter is, we are celebrating a death of someone’s mother. How can we hate, and mock a death? That in itself is a lack of our own humanity. Do you feel it is justifiable to group ourselves purely on sexual orientation? Whilst some like to categorise ourselves into the LGBT bracket, they are just binary terms. To achieve equality, our point, we need to stop discriminating ourselves with titles and actually focus on real life events, not just homophobia or homophobic behavior for 20 years ago. If we act in hatred like those who hated us in the past, then how will we ever learn and true equality be met? Extremism is never needed, and until the argument of equality is plain and simple of HUMANITY, we should not live in extremist views. It’s your call on what you believe, but lets focus on real world matters like the environment and NK rather than on one politician’s death.

        1. Nick Atkinson 11 Apr 2013, 3:27pm

          “There is no such thing as community”, What’s worse, celibrating a death for reasons which have been documented or distroying lives?

          1. Did she have any one put to death for their sexuality? Now i do not wish for this to be a springboard for teenage suicides, depression, suppression etc – Let’s be reasonable, she did not have anyone killed. She did decriminalise homosexuality. 20 years later we have the ability to adopt our own families, have a civil union, soon to be marriage, and the freedom to live. She was voted in for three terms, she was an inspiration who admittedly did not do everything right, but she tried her best. Whilst our ‘community’ (and yes there is such a thing as community) are split on her, how about instead of mocking, jeering and looking Neanderthal in our reaction, let’s do a good thing and move on.

          2. @matthieu: if you don’t think Margaret Thatcher ever had anyone killed, I don’t think you have read much about her foreign policy, which was largely based on the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” doctrine – she provided moral, economic, and even military support to many murderous regimes and rebel groups (including Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, Pol Pot, and apartheid South Africa) just to annoy the Soviet Union. She was only “voted in for three terms” because of our asinine electoral system, which tends to give governments near-absolute power for decades without them ever attaining majority support – the highest share of the vote the Tories achieved in a general election under Thatcher was 44%.

            Not wanting to imprison LGBT people just for being ourselves is the bare minimum we can expect from a decent human being, not something worthy of praise. It’s also worth noting that same-sex and opposite-sex sex acts were not put on an equal legal footing in the UK until last decade.

        2. This isnt extremism, its only a song, this is just people getting closure over a person they hated for destroying jobs, families and lives and holding back an entire section of society for the best part of 20 years. Yes we have near equality now, but with Section 28 keeping us as second class citizens that might have happened a decade ago or more.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 3:23pm

        They are acting like apologists for those Tory MPs who don’t think opposing equal marriage has anything to do with discrimination, homophobia or bigotry because the have gay ‘friends’. I won’t forget and never will forgive Thatcher for Section 28. It will live in infamy and hang around the neck of the Tory party like an albatross no matter how some of them try to move on. Unfortunately, the majority of them haven’t and won’t.

      3. Self-loathing has nothing to do with it. It doesn’t justify dancing on her grave. She was a human being, not a cockroach to be squished. How can we possibly claim to be so outraged and persecuted and discriminated against when people say such filthy things about us if we so willingly do exactly the same to other people?

        1. Its not just gay people celebrating her death. She IS responsible for the deaths of some gay people who were bullied because of the effects of section 28. She IS responsible for destroying families in mining communities, some of whom killed themselves because they lost everything. She IS responsible for deaths during the poll tax riots. Need i go on?

    2. Oh, dear, Matt, were you not yet born during Thatcher’s premiership? Or were you alive but sleeping? You are clearly NOT AWARE of what she got up to.

  4. Nothing but an act of spiteful hatred.

    Shame on her for Section 28 and other policies

    Shame on the majority for voting for her despite them.

    Shame on those who speak ill of the dead.

    1. Yeah, mustn’t speak ill of the dead. Not Hitler. Not Shipman. Nobody….

      1. de Villiers 11 Apr 2013, 5:20pm

        Hitler killed or tortured six million Jews in addition to the disabled and gay people – and waged war across Europe. Harold Shipman seems to be the biggest mass-murder in English history.

        1. Thatcher’s policies killed. She also ordered the sinking of the Belgrano, an Argentinian ship clearly in retreat, and then deliberately ignored Articles 12 & 18 of the Second Geneva Convention, to go back and rescue survivors. The ones who were rescued were rescued by the Argentinian Navy.

    2. to not speak ill of her is to allow the sycophants to white wash over her history

      I respect her victims – the thousands, millions – who suffered under her. I refuse to disrespect THEM by respecting the one who persecuted them so brutally

    3. V, you need to get politicised, matey, and stop obediently doing what you’ve been told good boys do: being “nice”.

      If a human being chooses to do things which are evil, then do not forget it, whether they are alive or dead. And when they can absolutely no longer have any further power to do evil, then celebrate!

      Negative emotions and positive emotions have equal value and both can be empowering and forces for good.

    1. Nick Atkinson 11 Apr 2013, 4:30pm

      Thankyou, brought :-)

  5. I stole this off a FB comments page on the same subject. I says perfectly how I feel about this.
    ‘This is what gets me. If you can say ‘it’s poor taste to openly celebrate the death of someone’ out of respect for their family, etc.. how can it not also be in poor taste to openly celebrate the same person’s life (in the way that we are doing in a lot of the media)… to focus on the good… when that person did so much harm to so many for so long?’

    1. de Villiers 11 Apr 2013, 5:21pm

      Good manners, I suppose, and personal kindness.

    2. Exactly – she caused so much evil. To ignore that and allow people to whitewash over it is to disrespect her victims

      1. Spanner1960 12 Apr 2013, 1:40pm

        “Evil”? “Victims”?

        You make it sound like she ran extermination camps.
        She was the longest continually serving PM since the war.
        You don’t stay in that long by pissing people off.

  6. Nick Atkinson 11 Apr 2013, 3:47pm

    Every LGBT person should read this
    So then it’s just down to party politics .

  7. Nick Atkinson 11 Apr 2013, 4:23pm

    And here is why it is essential to speak out against this whitewasing

  8. …what is obvious is Margaret Thatcher was an ignorant racist and even a fascist so it’s no surprise she alienated loads of people in her job and the public.

  9. In truth this woman that everyone despises died a long time ago, so it’s pointless to rejoice that she is actually dead now.

    What isn’t pointless is to protest against the reams of endless shite written about how great a person and Prime Minister she was. Her politics were divisive and awful and if the current government is going to ride on the tide of this Thatcher love in, and introduce even more Thatcherite policies, I think it’s important that people stand up and say that she was not God’s gift to humanity.

    Also since her funeral shall be state funded, (something apparently Thatcher didn’t want, which is disrespectful in itself if true) I think anyone who pays taxes has the right to protest.

  10. ColinJones 11 Apr 2013, 5:16pm

    If Thatcher was so great as the Tories now claim then why did they kick her out?

  11. Entrenched poverty, inequality and unemployment;
    Destruction of an export-based manufacturing economy and the shift from productive to profiteering casino capitalism;
    North Sea oil revenues used to fund unemployment instead of industrial renewal;
    Skilled highly-paid jobs replaced by casualised low-paid work;
    Profits of the rich increased and most other incomes depressed or stagnating;
    Neglect and suppression of social housing with rents and house prices consequently grotesquely inflated compared to incomes;
    Utterly supine cooperation with the most destructive US foreign policies;
    Open lionisation of social atomism and selfishness;
    Legal demonisation of lesbian and gay people;
    And on and on. All this began on Thatcher’s watch with her complicity or was actively created by her. I can revile all this and also condemn tasteless rejoicing over her death or that of anyone else.
    Let us just let her go now in silence and address ourselves to resisting her poisonous legacy.

    1. Bravo, Riondo! A splendidly written list of Thatcher’s worst deeds.

  12. Radio One could be placed in a difficult situation if it is made to play the song on Sunday’s chart show.

    Why? It is not their job to choose. It is their job to play the number one. Whatever it is. Otherwise give up that programme from the schedule.

  13. Mumbo Jumbo 11 Apr 2013, 7:51pm

    Great article here on the Daily Mail the BBC and alleged “BBC Anti-Thatcher Bias”.

    1. Because of the way you phrased that I thought you were linking to the daily mail website so I almost didn’t click, however that was an entertaining read. I love a bit of mail bashing.

  14. postop girl 11 Apr 2013, 9:00pm

    She didn’t do anything for womens rights, not even for equal pay for women, she brought in clause 28 which demonised gay kids and this led to suicides and unneccesary deaths through lack of knowledge of safer sex methods, she wouldn’t support trans rights either, even now one tory back bencher recently expressed a desire to bring that hated clause 28 legislation back, shows how that political party has changed since Thatcher’s day, it hasn’t moved much, as if you want to know how a party really ticks by, look at its back benchers and its lords members and if you do this you’ll see many thatherites in those positions of influence to this day.

    Her legacy is one of intolerance, a lack of understanding, and a particular dislike of Northerners, she split this country down 2 lines, North and South and rich and poor, she was by far the most disliked Prime Minister of my lifetime.

  15. It is often remarked that one should only say good things about the dead.

    Fair enough.

    Margaret Thatcher is dead. Good.

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