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Denmark: Copenhagen bar apologises after kicking out gay couple for kissing

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Reader comments

  1. The more freedoms we achieve, the more cautious we must become. A backlash is always possible. That’s why we must fight, through the courts if necessary, every occurrence of this nature.

  2. There are doormen who make poor decisions in every country I imagine, even in places we all think of as havens of tolerance like Denmark. What is interesting to see is the way even other patrons were quick to involve the police and, of course, the swiftness of the bar’s unconditional apology.

  3. Tom Cotner 11 Apr 2013, 2:50pm

    The Danes, while very open sexually, do have funny and perhaps strange quirks, at times.
    Many years ago, I was sitting on a park bench in the main square in Copenhagen, about 8 in the evening, and a very polite policeman came over to me, recognized by my dress that I was American, and told me that if I were looking for a boy, I should go to the Cosy Bar. This was in 1957, and I was a bit taken aback — but pleased that he had not arrested me, as I would have been in America, at the time.

  4. Copenhagen I’d a fabulous city in a wo deregulation country so we can’t generalise from this specific incident. As has been said, the response is thoroughly encouraging but, as has also been said, our freedoms are fragile. They were hard won and they could easily be lost. Never lose vigilance or the strength that comes through community.

    1. Oops. Wonderful should have been in that first sentence. I’ve no idea how wo deregulation got there…

      1. And is rather than I’d. Should I start again?

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 11 Apr 2013, 5:55pm

    Might happen anywhere ! Denmark is very gay friendly.Even 45 years ago- it was heaven to go to Copenhagen from “rural Norway”.

  6. A hate crime? Really??? This is why I can’t get behind the gay rights.

  7. Several months ago in Copenhagen a straight couple went to a gay bar and did the same as the guys here… tongue kissed and felt each other up. They were asked to leave the gay bar. The story can be googled in Danish. I too, years ago, in San Francisco, I was yelled at and called names by a gay man who was very drunk. I was in a gay bar that did not say it was for gay men only on the door. In fact, I am sure there were other women in the place, but I didn’t look like a dyke, I guess, and for whatever reason he decided to pick on me. I wasn’t doing anything sexual, just minding my business and talking with a male friend who is gay who I had come with. The man got very loud, and obnoxious that the bouncer came over to see what was happening. Instead of asking bully man to leave I was asked to go. Logically, who wants a slobbering loud angry foul mouth bully in the building instead of a quiet person just having a drink and minding their business? Apparently … the gay bar did.

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