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Comment: A brave new world for GMFA

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Reader comments

  1. Try operating as a charity should, with volunteers. I am assuming you Matthew take a salary from this organisation?

    Maybe if you gave this up and just took expenses, it may survive

    1. Or better still, sell your home and become a martyr to the cause

      Nope, thought not, that takes balls.

  2. Interesting article, Matthew, particularly with regard to “sexualised drug-taking” and the anonymous and unmoderated way that gay men can now hook up, via Grindr, and suchlike.

    Will email you with some suggestions.

    1. asuggestion 12 Apr 2013, 2:46pm

      Maybe a merger with Stonewall might be in order, given the new name of HEALTH EQUALITY AND RIGHTS ORGANISATION and not GMFA?

  3. factsandfigures 11 Apr 2013, 2:21pm

    What is the expect drop in grants/funding to GMFA to the coming year/s, if known?

    Does GMFA have around £330,000 in reserves to accomodate and loss in revenure, of so, what coverage period? 1 or 2 years?

    1. factsandfiures 11 Apr 2013, 2:33pm

      I note from the published 5 years figures on the Charities Commission website, a surplus of £340,000 is availbe to the organisation. I have also included within the published accounts 2012, a surplus figure of £877,562 is shown.

      How will this be used in the thinking/development and future of Health Equality and Rights Organisation ?

  4. Why should your HIV prevention contracts have been renewed, Matthew?

    You infer a sense of entitlement that requires a brutal reality check.

    GMFA has failed the gay community over and over in its endless nauseating proselytising of PC as the panacea of all out ills, when PC has demonstrably served only – over and over – to fuel a hedonistic culture that has rained havoc and destruction on our gay scene like a wild, untamed fire.

    Your reign is littered with the casualties of those your messages failed to impact upon, or which incentivised the very behaviours you were tasked to prevent.

    It’s a mercy and blessing you’re no longer a recipient of easy cash for failure after failure.

    Yet even in your hour of desperation there’s no hint of contrition:- only the threat that you are determined to go on come what may.

    In an age when even NAT openly laments your wanton failures, a common sense approach to HIV prevention is what gay men need right now:- your time is long gone.

    1. Someone has a massive axe to grind – bitter much!

  5. Gary Leigh 11 Apr 2013, 6:58pm

    I would like to state for the record that there is nothing much that is brave about Matthew Hodson’s world. Indeed the list of things he proposes to put right after years of wilful negligence, frankly, leave me speechless. His generous offer to start listening to what outsiders – us – have to say about HIV prevention and to finally tackle the scourge of crystal meth among gay men are all very well, but one does need to ask why is he only now speaking out on such matters with begging bowl in clenched hands? Why didn’t he address these issues properly years ago when the funding was on tap and the coffers were full?

    Anyone could have predicted that, left unchallenged, the threat of crystal meth and associated HIV infections would afflict our fellow gay men. Based on firm anecdotal evidence on what was happening in gay communities and ghettoes across America I tried to rouse Matthew and his THT coterie into taking action over crystal meth a decade ago yet I was, in turn, derided, belittled, ridiculed and berated for my efforts. In 2007 I urged Gaydar to respond to the alarming increase among its members who were soliciting one another to “meth up” and “party”, yet my attempts to persuade Gaydar to roll out meth awareness banners were actively thwarted by an intransigent and reluctant Matthew and his THT associate Will Nutland – who maintained that meth was neither a problem nor correlated to HIV infection – at a meeting at Gaydar HQ in Feb 2007; with sad irony just one day before one of Gaydar’s co-founders jumped to his death in a drug-induced fit.

    In 2009 I wrote a hard hitting polemic on the failures of the HIV prevention sector for Pink News, tacitly titled ‘Killing Us Softly’, and many of the outcomes I prophesied have since materialized. Yet no notice was taken; indeed I was crucified for daring to speak the truth on these critical issues by Matthew and his HIV cohorts.

    No, Mr. Hodson, I will tell you what bravery is: bravery is having the courage of your convictions and battling on in the face of invective, hostility and ridicule to get the true facts about major health threats out into the public domain no matter what; bravery is selling your own home to finance your battle when those who are funded millions of pounds to do such work refuse to fulfil their mandate to protect gay men’s health; bravery is self-funding independent market research to back-up your claims, as I did at 2009’s Soho Live event but which, again, were trashed by an HIV sector caught out like blinded rabbits in the glare of a car headlight…

    No, Mr. Hodson, your behaviour this past decase is the epitomy of a spineless coward, and your gesture to put things right only now – when your back is against a wall and sources of funding are drying up – should be treated with sheer contempt for the feeble posturing it really is.

    1. Another individual with an axe to grind presumably because THT, GMFA & Gaydar would not stump up the funding & infrastructure support you were interested in obtaining. We therefore have to assume you are just here to promote your website which is full of cherry picked, carefully crafted sound bytes to make your point with very little up to date empirical evidence to support your position.

      Had you been as industrious & focused on putting together a coherent proposal to those who hold the purse strings (the then PCT’s & Department of Health) & garnering support from the gay communiyt then perhaps you may have received the support you continue to look for.

      It is easy to criticise but much more difficult to put fine words into action!

      1. W6_bloke by any other name!

        Didn’t you recently state you wouldn’t be ambushing PN boards any longer with your agenda-driven verbiage?

        Or does using your real name – Chris Williams – for once somehow entitle you to backtrack on your word?

        For the record, W6/Chris W runs a Twitter feed and hosts an HIV forum in which he pushes his HIV-related agendas while hobknobbing with the HIV sector glitterati.

        He only ever comes on to PN to shill for the sector and Big Pharma, oh, and to hurl abuse and insults at PN contributors who dare criticise their failings.

        It’s no surprise he would snipe at Gary Leigh, creator of Life or, whose tireless efforts in raising awareness about the dangers of crystal meth – as well as chronicling the appalling catalogue of neglect and indifference in the field of HIV prevention – puts the likes of Matt Hodgson to shame.

        At least have the courage of your own convictions, Mr. Williams, to honour your word and stay away from these boards.

        1. Errr WTF! Yes my name is Chris, but Williams is not my surname, get back in your cage tw@t

          1. …clearly not here, we must assume, just to promote your incestuous Twitter account and the HIV forum on which presumably you also pontificate and lecture others with your loaded, cherry picked, carefully crafted, agenda-driven sound bytes then.

            And let’s not be so shy about it, eh, Mr. Williams, particularly being the looker you are:-


            Come on now, stop being so bashful!

          2. I am not Chris Williams, that certainly is not my twitter profile, why would I want to impersonate someone I don’t even know? I don’t think you are right in the head. Your anti-psychotics need a massive increase in dose.

          3. So now we know W6/Chris Williams lies as easily as he breaks wind.


          4. You are a complete nut job accusing people of being someone else who you have an obvious problem with – grow up!

        2. factsandfigures 12 Apr 2013, 4:39pm

          Samuel, if ChrisW, says he is not W6_bloke, you take him for his word?

          1. Not when the trademark nastiness, vindictiveness and vicious one-liners as well as the name – ChrisW – are one and the same.

            With all due respect, I would have thought your penchant for facts and figures would have worked that one out.

            After all, who else even comes close to shilling so loudly for the HIV sector as W6/ChrisW?

            Erm, nobody!!

          2. I could even, if I had too much time on my hands as W6/Chris clearly has, wade through acres of his past postings and extract ad nauseum classy phrases that he has copyrighted, such as “Bitter much” and “Errr WTF”, to name but two which are liberally sprinkled above.

            Need I say more?

          3. factsandfigures 12 Apr 2013, 6:12pm

            Samuel on this occassion, I can’t find any reference to a ChrisW on Pink News search, ?

          4. With all due respect, factsandfigures, is this a wind-up?

            Never heard of an alias stroke monicker stroke nom de plume stroke doppelgänger…?

            If you recall, the last we heard from W6 was a mortal vow to cease trolling these boards and exploiting them for his own ends while hurling abuse at all and sundry, as the good Sister Mary and Eddy would testify.

            Of course he isn’t going to use his W6 alias and look like a first class weasel into the bargain, so enter ChrisW to air his dirty laundry incognito instead.

            Now aren’t we due a few stats around now, there’s a good chap…

          5. I would further add, factsandfigures, that if you cannot find a track-record of “ChrisW” posting on PN on Google search, then your finding only strengthens my argument that this handle has been created specifically as an alias to enable W6 to continue hurling abuse at others on these forums having recently pledged never to set foot here again.

            As well as being an arch agitator and agent provocateur, we can now add master manipulator to that dubious roll call.

            Furthermore, I can easily appreciate why, when exposed, “ChrisW” needs to maintain the pretence that he is not W6:- after all, the latter does run a Twitter feed and HIV forum that is supposed to set an example having set himself up as the unelected authority on all things HIV drug related.

            He can hardly continue to conjure the respect he demands from his captive audiences when his credibility and integrity lies in tatters elsewhere.

  6. I think I have stepped into a parallel universe, how bizarre that my identity is being questioned lol.

    How very amusing

    1. Anyone note the, ahem, “absence” of the one individual who would otherwise be stomping their feet all over this debate and throwing their toys in all directions if I really was wrong in my surmation?


      Maintain the pretence ChrisW by all means, because the more you keep digging your hole in maintaning not to be W6, the less likely we are to be subjected to the obnoxious outpourings of your alter ego…

      1. PMSL

        This gets more bizarre as time goes on! In your psychotic mind, I am no longer W6 but his alter ego???? Why are you so obsessed with this W6???? Why can you not accept I am not W6 or Chris Williams & the twitter page you link to is not mine?

        Going on your wild theories none or us posting here are who we say we are – you have some serious issues!

  7. So where is Mathew Hodson to respond to Gary Liegh’s serious accusation that he actively conspired with the tht to prevent awareness and info about the dangers of tina being diseminated to gay men? Can we have an explanation please or are you as spineless as is being suggested? Why did you not act when the alarm was raised 10 years ago? Perhaps had you done we would not have the sex n drug culture that a large part of the out scene guyz have got sucked into….. Answers please……

    1. Ritchie, not only did Matt conspire with THT not to provide adequate, half-decent education to gay men on the scene about the known potentially lethal dangers of crystal and its significant correlation to HIV infection, according to they sat on reports detailing the serious consequences it inflicts on the immune systems of those already infected:- namely that crystal overrides the effects of HIV drugs and accelerates progression to full-blown Aids.

      Indeed such is the vast toll crystal can afflict on the addicted that even those without HIV can develop the same immuno-suppressive traits of those in the full-blown stage of HIV infection.

      The biggest outrage is that the sector betrayed its own client base as many pulled into the hedonistic, weekend long, non-discerning sex party scene which crystal facilitated had spent years on HIV drugs keeping full-blown Aids at bay, and those who were neg invariably converted ensuring clients for THT’s HIV services division.

      1. I doubt you will get a rational answer from Samuel B the guy is obviously psychologically damaged & needs help

        1. W6/ChrisW, let us be clear:- I am not the one who comes to troll PN boards merely to snipe, criticise and hurl abuse at anyone who rightly points out the shortcomings and failures of the HIV sector.

          It is you and only ever you who behaves in this manner.

          It is actually now proven in psychology that such people who hide out in cyberspace to do just that are those who loathe aspects of their own personality and feel too trapped and helpless in their own minds and bodies to do anything about it.

          The only relief they get from their inner torment is anonymously abusing and insulting others by projecting their inadequacies at all asunder.

          Now, I can recommend a good psychiatrist who could attempt to help you and make you see the futility of your behaviour, but as you have set yourself up as some self-appointed oracle of pharma drugs I suspect you have inside knowledge of – and easy access to – quicker fixes of your own.

          I’d opt for the more holistic option, personally.

          1. You are the person hurling abuse on this thread; you alone – grow up

            If it helps, I can be Margaret Thatcher, the Pope or whoever else your psychosis is demanding I be.

  8. Polarity63 13 Apr 2013, 6:53pm

    An amusing yet odd thread to say the least, each to their own!

    Moving on, I wonder if gay men or the wider LGBT community would be prepared to support organisations like GMFA as a result of the cuts in public expenditure, via donations & fund raising activities?

    Returning to a more traditional model of a charitable organisation would enable GMFA to undertake the work they want, unhindered by commissioners & prevention contracts.

    Very difficult to survive without some form of public funding so, I m really not sure what the future holds for organisations like GMFA.

    I suspect we will see another round of mergers & sadly some charitable organisations folding; this only limits choice & moves further towards the THT model. Time will tell I guess.

  9. The problem is that people misuse the term “charity” today. Many “charities” have, through public money, become Third Sector service providers. When the money was flowing the campaigning activities were tamed so as “not to bite that hand …”. Of course now the money is no longer there, many are seeking to become reborn – as the very charity they once were and as many understand what a charity is. Alas the damage to the integrity has been done. Maybe its no bad thing that the HIV third sector shrinks, this may then allow grassroots organisations the space to fight for those they do represent through a shared lived existence.

  10. At 31March2012,HEROhadunrestrictedreservesof£832,145ofwhich£594,150representsfixedassets,includingtheleaseholdpropertyvalueofournewpremisesinAngelWharf,Islington.Therestrepresents approximately three months’ operating costs

    “At 31 March 2012, HERO had unrestricted reserves of £832,145 of which £594, 150 represents fixed assets, including the leasehold property value of the our new premises in Angel Wharf, Islington.”
    Erm, so why are you bemoaning the loss of taxpayers’ funding your services (which clearly haven’t had much impact on HIV rates anyway). Sense of entitlement indeed. It sickens me, when people are losing their DLA and other benefits, that he can moan on about losing funding for a magazine. Do we know if anyone actually changed their behaviour by reading it?

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