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Poll: 6% of British people think Section 28 was Margaret Thatcher’s biggest failure

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if that result would have been higher had a better paper carried out the survey?

    Section 28 was certainly a huge failure! One of her many.

  2. Why is Pink News pushing this lie that she was ‘divisive’ for the gay community.
    She was almost universally hated by our community for Section 28.

    At least the fact that taxpayers have to pay 10,000,000 for her funeral means that the pickets and protests at her funeral are entirely justified.

    As we have to pay for this it is a public event that can be protested.

    Shouldn’t her arms smuggling son pay for it?

    1. So you think of yourself as the representative of all LGBT people? Please do us a favour and speak only for yourself. The Left does not have a monopoly on LGBT individuals. We can decide ourselves what to think about Mrs Thatcher. We don’t need your advise.

      1. I know you don’t need my advice.

        And I know that the Left does not have a monopoly on LGBT people.

        Although it should be pointed out that in the 2010 election, only 9% of LGBT people voted Tory (and this was 20 years after the witch was kicked out by her own party).

        I grant you that a small minority of LGBT people support the Tories though.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Apr 2013, 1:35pm

    6% is an extremely low figure which proves homophobia is still entrenched in our society, especially in the Tory party. Many of them pretend to be for equality as long as it means we can’t marry and many of them who voted against CPs, now conveniently say they support them. She was a token female who was just lucky enough to get elected. Had nothing to do with women’s rights or equality of women. We won’t see another female PM in our life time. She was just a ‘one-off’ and a very bad one at that.

    1. Yes, a YouGov result of 6% shows little empathy or understanding on the part of the general population with what Thatcher did to us back in 1988.

  4. damned filth 10 Apr 2013, 2:24pm

    Universally hated……because SteveC says so.

    Don’t forget the thousands of gay people who are alive now because they didn’t catch AIDS in the 1980s due to the most effective advertising and information campaign in the western world proposed and approved by Maggie.

    Britain had one of the lowest HIV infection rates in the western world for years since the 1980s after the “don’t die of ignorance” campaigns – culturally we probably should have had similar infection rates to USA – all due to Maggie, a chemist, understanding the threat and approving a fact-based, non-emotional campaign which prevented a lot of infections and premature deaths.

    1. She created section 28.

      She was scum.

      1. Grow up, SteveC.

        1. I am perfectly mature.

          A leader that allows something as disgusting as Section 28 to become law is scum.

          That was an evil law. Utterly abhorrent, Completely indefensible.

          That is not up for debate.

          (See Vladimir Putin and Russia’s attempt to introduce their own Section 28.)

          By the way do you condemn the extremist bigotry of the majority of Tory MP’s in 2013 who still believe LGBT people are 2nd class citizens.

          Any MP who opposes marriage equality is extremist scum
          This is a perfectly reasonable position by the way.

    2. Your depiction of her role in this is not how someone who was there remembers it:

      Quote from Norman Fowler, Sec of State for Health at the time “I think it’s an advantage it wasn’t done at No 10. It wasn’t a natural subject for Margaret Thatcher.”

      I remember her for Section 28, a policy which took the country nowehere forward and only served to persecute a section of the population for which she had no liking. It significantly helped make my teenage years more difficult coming to terms with what my sexuality meant for me.

      Given that she showed zero compassion and maximum hate when implementing and defending that policy and given that you should only speak good of the dead I say this; Margaret Thatcher is dead. Good.

  5. Barrybear1980 10 Apr 2013, 3:26pm

    Was anyone here surveyed by youGov on this? I wasn’t so who are the 6%

    1. “Keith, moral instructor to deviants “, why have chosen such an unfortunate name?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Apr 2013, 4:24pm

        Immoral instructor and he would know a thing about deviancy wouldn’t he, he’s one of them. Religious nutters are the worst offenders of all. History has proven that and will continue to prove it. America has produced more immoral religious deviants than any other.

      2. Guglielmo Marinaro 10 Apr 2013, 4:33pm

        Not only an unfortunate name, but a totally inappropriate one. There is nothing remotely moral about any of the sentiments that Keith has expressed on this blog.

    2. Well, you are correct about this, but I don’t think you understand polling either if you think that “6% of British people think Section 28 was Margaret Thatcher’s biggest failure” is equivalent to “94% thought it was a success” (from your other comment below).

      To other people reading this – you only need to survey around 1000 or so people to be pretty sure that the results match the results you would have got if you surveyed the whole population to within a few per cent, provided your sample is representative (ideally, you want everyone in the population to have an equal and independent probability of being selected – generally the big pollsters seem to be reasonably good at achieving this).


      1. The only other thing you have to be careful about is how they asked the question – they appear to have listed several policies and asked people to choose which “two or three of them” were Thatcher’s worst failings, with a small number choosing “something else”, “none of these”, or “don’t know”. Except for section 28, all of the other policies are about economics. Obviously that skews the results towards the particular policies they chose. Along with LGBT stuff, I’m slightly surprised how little criticism there has been in the mainstream media of Thatcher’s foreign policy – I mean, she provided military assistance to Pol Pot and called Nelson Mandela a terrorist.

        1. excellent point James

  6. Paul Brownsey 10 Apr 2013, 3:52pm

    The headline is out of synch with the story.

    The headline doesn’t mean people thought it a bad *policy*. You can think it a good policy but still her worst *failure* in that, you think, it didn’t succeed in doing what it set out to do.

    Alternatively, you might think it a dreadful policy but alarmingly successful in that it did, as she intended, put the brakes on pro-gay policies and attitudes.

  7. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 4:05pm

    My goodness is that all we care about. Fine she got that one wrong one of a number but she turned this country around.

    I’ve spent 35 years turning companies around all over the world and boy can I tell your living standards today are very much higher because of MT. If the country had continued as it was we would be worse than the current crisis in Cyprus. NHS would have gone, no help for disabled, old people living in complete shacks of houses with almost no income. You are living in a fantasy world.

    1. She turned the world around, all right, Colin. She introduced the market economy and privatization, she set self, money, and profits as the goal. In effect it is Thatcher who is responsible for the excessive consumerism and affluenza that is still evident today, despite the recession, and wreaking horrendous damage to the planet.

      Thatcher brainwashed the masses into believing that if they owned their home, if they could retire at 50, and if they could jet all over the place having endless vacations, then they would have achieved happiness. She was the Queen of Materialism. And what did she produce? The vulgarity, the obesity, and the selfishness that has produced the current crisis.

      Cameron and Osborne are still shrieking “Growth! Growth! At any price!”, wanting to carry on with what Thatcher began and New Labour continued. This planet, our Earth, is in serious danger right now. The house is burning but so many people are ignoring the smoke.

    2. Living standards if anything went down for the poorest decile. She did improve the living standards of the upper middle class and the upper class considerably, though.

  8. PN why dont you spend some the advertising revenue on someone who can block this IP. I find it quite distasteful that I have to endure this idiots posts.

    You really should be ashamed that you allow this regular abuse.

    Shame on you pink News

  9. ““But if you look at issues like nuclear weapons, secret ballots for strikes, and privatisation, which once divided the country, the fact that these issues are no longer widely debated and that Thatcher’s positions are now so often the political orthodoxy demonstrates that she won not just many public opinion battles, but arguably also many public opinion wars.”

    Wrong. The fact that certain issues are not debated in parliament and in the media does not show that people are not interested in them or that Thatcher won over public opinion. Public opinion is often at variance with Parliament and the mainstream media.

    1. Agreed. The mainstream media is everyone’s best friend isn’t it?

      Let’s not forget she was best buddies with that paragon of virtue Rupert Murdoch and handed him the ability to consolidate his media empire into the all-powerful beast we are now wrangling with taming

      What a joy and comfort her support of him has been to Britain over the recent past eh?

  10. floridahank 10 Apr 2013, 7:57pm

    Does anybody have a “perfect” politician to name? Maggie was better than most and I would have welcomed her as a US citizen if she would have requested. All politicians have good and negative qualities and decisions. But she was better than most.

    1. She hated gay people.

      She hated the poor, old and vulnerable,

      She regarded Nelson Mandela as a terrorist.

      She was chums with murderous dictator Pinochet.
      She was a coarse, hate-filled appalling person – the US would have been welcome to her.

  11. I was fortunate enough not to live through Thatcher, although her policies hindered my mother, who was a single parent, in trying to give me food and shelter.

    I don’t know what the other poll options were, but I can understand why Section 28 may have only polled at 6%. It’s not like there wasn’t a whole host of other controversial measures she implemented!

  12. Lady Thatcher was an enigma. She was courageous, decisive, patriotic, determined, usually seen as virtues, but she divided a nation and alienated sections of the community, usually the poor, through her policies.

    Re. Section 28, was supported by many at the time, because it did what the headline stated as it was felt needed – ban the promotion of homosexuality in schools. It was in hindsight a sledgehammer to crack a nut and anti-education insofar all views should be considered – but sadly the pendulum has swung too far the other way and what section 28 sought to stop is now happening and children are being anti-educationalised into accepting wrong values (in the opinion of some parents).

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