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London Tory MEP welcomes progress in North Cyprus gay ban repeal

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Apr 2013, 4:31pm

    Keep up the good work, Ms. Yannakoudakis, well done.

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 10 Apr 2013, 4:54pm

    And at the same moment an project of same-sex partnership law is introducing in the parliament of Republic of Cyprus (or “South Cyprus”). Even new elected Conservative president is in favor of this, at least formally. But I still am sceptical on both bills on both sides of wall in Nicosia. Is progress of gay rights really possible in this island, if Nicosia has never ever his own Gay Pride, and religious communities in Cyprus have enormous power, especially Orthodox Church ? Can an Conservative government make gay unions legal and became financial aide from Church (who is very rich) at the same time ? Sounds too good ..

  3. Northern Cyprus should consider the political and economic cost of thumbing it’s nose at all the European Community members.

    Some day it may have to negotiate it’s future with the EU.

    The religious parties in Turkey may also not be in power at that time

  4. Such refreshing comments, from a Conservative… Actually no see!

  5. Northern Cyprus should be returned to Cyprus.Turkish occupation is illegal.

  6. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Apr 2013, 2:49pm

    2013 the year of tremendous progress for us all gay men and lesbians!

    Cyprus will soon overtake Australia on LGBT rights, what a total joke our Closet Communist Prime Minister JuLIAR really is!!!!!

    66% of Aussies SUPPORT same sex marriages, what part of you both Tony and JuLIAR, that you do not understand or get?????!!!!!!!

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