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Iceland PM asked to meet with gay rights activists in Chinese visit

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  1. China…China,,,isn’t that the country that for decades has had laws limiting the number of children couples can have due to overpopulation? Recognising gay couples could help with this, no? and they could adopt children also. The expression, “Cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face” comes to mind

  2. She declined, saying that her schedule was too busy. She’s retiring in a couple of weeks, so one would imagine she could shift a couple of things around in her diary. Parliament is no longer in session, due to upcoming elections and she is no longer party chairman.

    The bottom line is that she has declined every single request or invitation from domestic or foreign LGBT organizations and media. In fact, she has never been a spokesperson for LGBT rights. Her ministry put forward the marriage equality bill, but that was a non-issue anyway and was passed unanimously. She even declined to comment on the law.

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