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Ed Miliband: Gay people were left ‘stigmatised’ by Margaret Thatcher’s Section 28

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Reader comments

  1. It stigmatised bi and trans people too.

    And let’s remember Ed’s Labour party supported it in the early days and chose to delay its repeal for several years. Thus it was abolished in 2000 in Scotland where there was a Lib/Lab coalition but in England and Wales it carried on blighting our lives for several more years.

    1. The labour party tried to repeal it in 2000 – but the attempt was defeated in the house of lords – twice – by tory peers. And let’s remember the labour party finally managed to repealed it in 2003 – even though the vast majority of tories voted to keep section 28 in place – including the majority of the current cabinet and our current prime minister David Cameron who until 2004 always voted against gay rights.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Apr 2013, 7:03pm

        Yet they never even bothered with the Parliament Act. Just shows how much the Tories were against it. Many still are.

        1. Well a clear majority of Tory MP’s are extremist bigots opposed to legal equality for LGBT people.

          Just look at the large majority of Tory MP’s who voted against marriage equality.

          Horrible party, horrible people.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Apr 2013, 6:45pm

    He forgot to mention too that CPs stigmatise people as second class citizens. No other group of people in the UK are relegated to a legal non-marital union but gays and lesbians because we happen to be a minority. If the shoe were on the other foot, I don’t think any of them would stand for it not with all the inadequacies and inequality of such unions once you step outside the UK where they are virtually meaningless.

  3. I don’t feel that Ed really hammered home the appallingly diminishing power of Section 28 on us all back then, but at least he referred to it.

  4. Don’t miss this archive footage from New Zealand of the vicious ruthless bitch! It really demonstrates how she operated with people.

    1. Wow! she sure packed a “scorpion” like sting in that interview! Looking back at all the years of activism and opposition she faced over her policies, there was a great degree of hypocrisy in one of her replies…

      “I think there are times when your defending freedom, you have to confront those who are diminishing freedom! What does confrontation mean? You fight for what you believe against those who believe something different!”

      Yet despite that comment and the opposition and activism of millions of Britons, she stood defiant! She eroded peoples freedom, and destroyed lives, family unity, industry and regions of the UK.

      The world will memorialize her with what she accomplished, But! Britons can’t and shouldn’t forget the negatives she influenced, destroyed or the family members who took their own lives our of their despair!

  5. Liam the God 10 Apr 2013, 7:04pm

    I preferred Glenda Jackson’s speech. MUCH more honest! ;)

    1. Every word that Glenda Jackson was SO true! And it was extraordinary to watch her speak so passionately, because I believe that Thatcher modelled herself upon Jackson’s magnificent portrayal of Elizabeth I in the 1970s BBC series “Elizabeth R”.

      The video of Glenda’s magnificent speech can be found at The Mirror website, and probably other places as well.

      1. John Bercow was pretty impressive, too…

        1. Yes, he was too.

  6. .....Paddyswurds 10 Apr 2013, 7:05pm

    Now I really am getting sick of the eulogising of the vile murderer Maggie Thatcher. Enough already. The devil has her and no amount of praise for her is going to persuade him to give her back, even though he is already sick of her bossiness…. She wants to shut the place down ffs…lol

  7. the lost dot 10 Apr 2013, 8:07pm

    I agree and I think the RC church as well. I notice today a very sympathetic article on a Goth who was beaten up as a result of hate crime. I would be pleased but for the fact that I’ve never seen the BBC do that for anybody LGBT. The BBC does not represent or even recognize it should include everybody.

  8. Yes indeed we were Millipede.

    So stop insulting us years later by using this fact for blatant political mileage.

    Next you’ll be telling us you love us.


  9. What a spineless wimp Miliband is.

    Gay people were left more than ‘stigmatised’ by Thatcher’s evil law.

    Section 28 seriously damaged a lot of youth while they were at their most vulnerable.

    Glenda Jackson’s speech was far more eloquent and truthful than Miliband’s bland nonsense.

    Thatcher was scum.

    But she is gone.

    And the fact that the taxpayer has to pay for her funeral (instead of her arms-smuggling son) means that parties and protests are legitimised.

  10. well.. I went though the years of “Thatcherism” – and a lot of what happened was ” in her name” :- make no doubt what Is happening now is by her acolytes
    :- her policies caused the” big bang” which caused the City of London to be the betting shop it now is
    Why this country has had to fiscally prostitute itself for those “financial eagles” within the M25 is singularly beyond me

  11. Some good news though.

    ‘Ding Dong The Witch is Dead’ by Judy Garland is a definiite top 10 (and possible number 1) next week.

    1. And if Judy Garland (!) gets to number 1, then there’s a certain poetic justice about it.

      Urban legend has it that the Stonewall Riots in New York in 1969 (and hence the modern gay rights movement) were inspired by Judy’s death – when the police raided the bar that night, the griefstricken gays decided that enough was enough and fought back.

      Imagine THAT being number 1 on the week of the funeral of the Section 28 prime minister.

  12. I am definately with Glenda Jackson in terms of her fighting equality and speaking the truth. I had an issue a few years back and as my local MP she represented me and was truely genuine. She is definately for gay people and I think she would be a good leader for the labour party…

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