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Crystal Palace Football Club Foundation says it will deal with homophobic fans

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Reader comments

  1. If teams and the FA are serious about Homophobia, then it is it time for them to act against it!

    The numbers of LGBT football fans supporting home and away games are likely greater than people think. Instead of talk and rhetoric, start doing some thing which is visible with tangible results!

    It is a long shot… but surely it won’t hurt if local teams showed colors by support participating being a visible part of the parades as do corporations..

    The FA should consider “ALL” the local LGBT teams during their pride festivities by hosting a game at the home ground with proceeds to charity. People may say rules and regulations would be a hurdle… if some one leads other will follow! Dialogue only goes so far! actions speak louder than words!

    Teams also need to start donating at least 2 minutes per game! during homophobic chants, or during televised games for electronic leader boards around the pitch to announce “Homophobia and Racist conduct will result in a life time ban by this team”

  2. Fans of both sides need to get camera and phone video footage of the changers and get it on to YouTube. Devices are small enough to capture good quality recordings so people can identify the perpetrators and shame them nationally. ‘Just do it’.

  3. The FIRST thing they should do is ask their homophobic fans what it is about ‘gay’ which so inflames them? People who are secure in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic. So, doesn’t that mean the more homopbic you are the more likely it is that you are simply projecting your inner-concerns and your self-hatred, outwardly?

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