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Apple CEO Tim Cook tops Out Magazine’s Power List for third year, despite not being ‘out’

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  1. Should they really be outing people without their consent? It seems invasive and trashy.

    I personally have no idea who he is, but I’m sure that’s simply because of ignorance on my part rather than lack of reputation on his. Surprised he’s more famous than Ellen, though.

  2. Tim Cook is the CEO of one of the richest companies in the world. Apple is arguable also the most famous tech company in the west. What a role model for gay teens.

    I respect his private life, but I really do wish he would come out. It’s very likely that he is gay (because close sources have said so) but it would be nice to have confirmation from him.

    1. some people struggle with their sexuality. Leave him alone to come out in his own time

    2. “I respect his private life, but I really do wish he would come out”

      That’s nice of you, unfortunately the media don’t respect anyone’s private life. I remember seeing pictures of Steve Jobs coming home from the hospital in the press. Was that in the public interest? No.

      If this man comes out there be a desperate rush to find out who he’s sleeping with. No one will actually care but I’m sure the pap who paps the Apple CEO with his boyfriend will get a pretty penny, because the papers who peddle pap will pay them.

      It seems to me he is out to his family and friends and they are the people who matter.

  3. In light of this PN article I think its ok to ‘OUT’ him. Seems its ok for the company he heads to be homophobic while he remains tight lipped about his sexuality. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2013/04/10/apple-criticised-after-banning-comic-because-of-gay-sexual-images/

    1. It really behoves Pink News to update their article of yesterday. Apple did NOT ban anything. CosmiXololgy has clarified the situation. Apple are getting a lot of undeserved heat for this.


      1. Thank you for this, I’m really glad to see Apple had not banned this.

      2. Thanks for the clear up Blazer. Phew, thought I was gonna have top dump my iphone in protest LOL! !

        1. There are plenty of other reasons to dump your iPhone in protest.

  4. I’m shocked that George Takei didn’t make the list. Honestly, I read his FB posts every single day.

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