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Anti-gay US-born Israeli terrorist jailed for killing two Palestinians

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Reader comments

  1. We have our own nutters…but look what we are surrounded by: it can attracted such odious individuals.

    But this man is far from the norm in Israeli society. Which is why he wasn’t granted his own form of martyrdom by the courts for religious zealotry and outright bigotry are, but not always, mutually exclusive.

    When the 2008 attack occurred in Tel Aviv, the Prime minister stood in the Knesset and said NO attacks on ANY Israelis for being different is acceptable. And that the Basic Laws are there to protect all, especially GLBTI youth and that no one must forget this.

    1. *attract, not attracted.

    2. Maybe not, but among his fellow settlers, that’s another story… and the polling figures on attitudes in wider Israeli society toward Arabs (to say nothing of black Africans), speaks volumes. You are aware these are the people he murdered aren’t you? This wasn’t an attack on gay Israeli jews.

  2. “In a bid to declare him insane, Tytell’s lawyers quoted him as saying he had been on a “mission from God” and that an “angel” had controlled his actions.” Funny isn’t it? When the ‘religious’ are spouting anti-gay rhetoric, they claim it’s because god says we’re an abomination. But when they want to get away with murder, they claim they are nuts because they arte on a mission from god. So, are ‘the religious’ nuts too? All a bit confused, hey? Proves to me ‘religious belief’ is all about self-delusion …

  3. While the Israeli government and society take crimes against Palestinians seriously and punishes them, the Palestinian governments and society do not when Jews are attacked or murdered.

    Instead they are treated as heroes.

    Without a shared view of what is a minimum amount of tolerance, fairness, towards the other side, there can be no foundation for peaceful coexistence or an end to the occupation.

  4. Liam the God 11 Apr 2013, 3:10pm

    Anti-Gay, eh? I hope he doesn’t drop his soap in the shower……

  5. Ted Fields 11 Apr 2013, 8:23pm

    This is more propaganda. First they were pinkwashing, then they were free speech-washing Israel and now they’re lawwashing.

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