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American Decency Association: ‘Television shoves homosexuality down our throats’

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  1. Barry G. Wick 10 Apr 2013, 5:59pm

    What I always find amazing is the number of people obsessed with homosexuality like it was important for them. If they are so godly, then they shouldn’t have to worry about it in their lives, their friends lives or the lives of their families. It’s not catching as far as I know…and if it doesn’t involve them why worry about it….but worry they do and they make every attempt to diminish others through their missives and through government involvement. They have no faith that god will deal with it if it were a true problem…which it isn’t…at least for me.

  2. Just like all the millions of TV and radio programmes in the world since TV and radio were invented that had no gay characters shoved heterosexuality down OUR throats.

    If simply existing is “shoving down your throat” get used to it.

    1. and the deeper the better I say

    2. I recently watched an episode of Quantum Leap with my family where the victim of murder was engaged to a man. The murderer was her female lover. The victim had turned her life around and decided to get married to a man she loved, leaving her girlfriend, who, in turn, murdered her. We’ve been on the air for YEARS! We’ve just always been the jilted secret lovers, the angry child, or the rebellious delinquent. One way or the other, we were ALWAYS the victim or the villain, NEVER the hero. My mother lamented, “They were even on TV even back then?!?” I responded similar to here. That shut her up.

      1. One of the many grim parts of Vito Russo’s excellent The Celluloid Closet is the appendix with a chronological list of gay characters in film, and how they died or are killed off. Even to this day the gay characters in cinema are often seen as the dispensable ones, which is infuriating.

        1. The Celluloid Closet is an eye-opener for sure, and proves that T.V. plays a huge part in social development. It proves that T.V. doesn’t just act as mirror to what society holds true, it influences said society to reflect the views of television on their own life.

          Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that Will & Grace and even Modern Family haven’t shown homosexuality on screen in the form of actual sexual contact (not even a peck on the cheek)

          The inclusion of positive LGBTI role models on T.V. wether factual or fictional will prove invaluable in the struggle for equality.

  3. Chester666666 10 Apr 2013, 6:21pm

    1 – there’s nowhere near as much homosexuality on tv as there is heterosexuality
    2 – many of this organisation are probably dying to get to shoved down their throat etc if they admitted the truth
    3 – they could turn the tv off or switch the channel but that’s too easy

    1. What these self-haters loathe more than anything is having to confront their inner-fears head-on. So, a gay character is likely to incite unbelievable wrath in a closet case. Homophobia is DRIVEN by self-loathing. People who are secure in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic. It is precisely because homophobes cannot handle their inner same-sex feelings that they lash out in such a hate-filled manner at those they see as being open about their sexuality. What their homophobia really expresses is their utter self-loathing. Just remeber this phrase: “Show me a homophobe; I’ll show you a closet case”

  4. Well, “American Decency Association”, you need homosexuality shoved down your throats until such time as you get over your phobia, your horror, your totally ungrounded fears!

    Get used to it. More on the way!

    You want to pretend we don’t exist? Tough!

  5. Paging Dr Freud, there’s something unintentionally funny about the phrase “Television is shoving homosexuality down our throats”.
    I see many things on TV dramas.
    For example I’ve just worked my way through the first 4 seasons of “Breaking bad”.
    By Bill Johnson’s logic this will compell me to cook crystal meth in the back of a winnebago and go into drug pushing, leaving a trail of slaughtered rival drug barons in my wake.
    This “monkey see, monkey do” notion probably says a lot more about Mr Johnson’s fragile grip on his own sexuality/ reality than it does about the average viewer at home.
    Genuinely secure straight people don’t watch gay people on the box and think “I might just give that a whirl”.

  6. They must be completely devoid of any sense of irony.

  7. Surely God’s “hand of protection” was lifted when he let the white man on to the continent.

  8. Simple solution: don’t want television. Idiots.

  9. Sorry, American Decency Association. I am not interested what porn you watch on television to get you in the mood for deepthroat. Some thing people really need to keep to themselves.

  10. Religion spreads its love once again. Dreams and imaginary friends are not solid enough testimony, I’m afraid.

  11. lukefromcanada 10 Apr 2013, 8:16pm

    so the mere fact that networks acknowledge homosexual people exist and treat them more or less as ordinary people is some how an affront. these people would only be happy if they were treated as pedophiles or murderers. in other words they want tv from the 50s and 60s to still exist and be the norm.

    1. Yes – but don’t you see? It’s not gay people they hate … it’s themselves for harbouring gay thoughts. These are the same people who will tell you that being gay is ‘a choice’. The ONLY way someone can state that as a fact is if THEY have MADE a choice NOT to be gay. And so, it is easy to see that homophobics are really self-haters who just spew that inner venom outwardly in order to rid themselves of their angst. “Dave can’t be gay. He HATES them”. People who are secure in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic. And don’t give me that old ‘bible’ crap. Homophobes use the bible simply to justify their bigotry.

  12. The ramblings of a crazy man. I think Americans should guard the doors of their madhouses more carefully, to avoid the mentally ill of running away.

  13. I find it fairly amusing that these anti-gay groups are so obsessed with having things shoved down their throats.

    1. Envy. They probably are not getting enough. The more vigorously and obsessively someone denounces and attacks something the more he secretly craves for that.

  14. If we couldn’t laugh!

    No wonder we parody the propaganda… because it is what it is!

    @1:26 read the banner on the TV screen

  15. Want to understand this so called “American Decency Association”? Just rent the old movie entitled “Porky’s II: The Next Day”. Raunchy but very accurate indeed.

  16. johnny33308 11 Apr 2013, 6:18am

    Um…..I’ve seen television and if anything is being rammed down our throats is most assuredly is heterosexuality….day in and day out all TV seems to be is lots of HETEROSEXUAL SEX!! It’s rather disgusting to see the heterosexuals hanging all over each other, deep kissing, groping….makes one think all heteros are sex fiends! And they are completely obsessed with gay sex! WTF? There is something wrong with them! There is no homosexuality being forced down anyone’s throats, it is by far the opposite….yuck! lol!

  17. If these wingnuts had their way they’d pitch up at the hairdresser’s with a blindfold on to avoid the possibility of ever making eye contact with anyone gay.
    Though of course they don’t notice the number of times in the average week they encounter gay shopkeepers, gay accountants, gay lawyers, gay doctors, gay workmen, gay sportsmen etc, etc.
    Newsflash Bill Johnson, we’re everywhere… and rumour has it we sometimes disguise ourselves as human beings!

  18. … and where exactly have you been shoving religion? The hypocricy of these people is breath taking! The deference and indeed superstition people once had over religion, is gone. Evangelicals, like the lovely Messrs. Phelps and Fischer, are an embarrassment. They have done far more to destroy religious belief than any ‘gay freedom’ could ever do. So, keep up the good work, guys!

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