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Wheatus criticise The Wanted for ‘hateful and homophobic’ tweet about One Direction

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Reader comments

  1. What are the chances that they have a new single/album/tour out soon? This reeks of jumping on the bandwagon for the purposes of gaining publicity.

    1. No idea why people are giving this a thumbs down ?

    2. Leigh Hamilton 8 Apr 2013, 5:57pm

      Pull the cynic stick out of your arse for a little while, at least. It’s rather tiring.

      1. Harsh!

        I was simply observing that we haven’t heard from Wheatus for quite some time, and now there’s a “twitter war” they come out of the woodwork. I don’t mind the being thumbed down – that’s the whole purpose of the system – but I think abusive language is a bit much.

  2. sylvatica 8 Apr 2013, 5:17pm

    I’m sure 1D have heard worse, however it’s rather petty of The Wanted. Jealousy is an ugly trait.

    1. I think it’s the use of the #itgetsbetter to tease someone about sexuality that is particularly riling.

  3. That_Matt 8 Apr 2013, 6:51pm

    Yeah, let’s let’s use a campaign aimed at stopping minorities from killing themselves to put people down.

    What a loser thing to do.

  4. Oh ffs. I actually wasted 10 seconds of my life looking at the history of this….

    …..and another 10 seconds writing this comment – I’ve seen better fights between primary school girls in a the playground.

    If I look into my crystal ball I can see Tom from the unwanted coming out with an apology in a few days and say he didn’t mean to offend anyone about their sexuality, that he has lots of gay friends and fans, and that homophobic bullying is not justified in any context – he may even delete his twitter account.

  5. Likely a PR stunt gone too far.
    Many twitter users did see the Narnia tweet as outing Louis even though most press have mainly focused on the petty attacks about Louis’ talent.
    Obviously One Direction management from the beginning has done their best to quell gay rumors about all the boys and especially Louis. Harry is seemingly allowed to be thought of as bisexual but not gay and certainly not in a relationship with Louis. Louis jokes about not being able to shave his beard.
    Many have commented on how Louis’ “gf” is promoted heavily even more then Louis. Is he REQUIRED to hold her hand, touch her ass, or put his hand between her legs when they are in public? Awkward.
    I don’t believe that people should be outed against their will but there have been MANY close friends in the past that have outed both Louis and Harry Styles so it’s not a rare occurrence.
    Fans see the silence as an example of how their management company is about to control the media messages about it’s clients.

  6. Mean tweet.
    If he is Gay he should come out.
    It will be harder for those people to be snidey.

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