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US: Electronic Arts notes anti-gay campaign as reason for ‘Worst Company in America’ award

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  1. And winning those ‘awards’ have done no damage to the company at all!

    Well don EA for continuing to support the LGBT community and the fight for equal marriage!

  2. I think they won the award because they are indeed an awful company that kills off their studios and force their PC gamers to use Origin.

  3. Claiming their unpopularity is due to anti-gay consumers is just EA damage control, most people are voting for EA in these awards because of their business model:


  4. Londinium 8 Apr 2013, 6:18pm

    I am surprised PN left out the most positive part of EAs statement.

    “This week, we’re seeing posts on conservative web sites urging people to protest our LGBT policy by voting EA the Worst Company in America.

    That last one is particularly telling. If that’s what makes us the worst company, bring it on. Because we’re not caving on that.”

  5. This is nauseating. They’re trying to co-opt our support against attacks which have nothing to do with homophobia and everything to do with ruining beloved franchises and selling broken games.

  6. This has nothing to do with an ‘anti-gay campaign’ and everything to do with the fact that they are a truly awful company.

    I’ve had the displeasure of having to use their ‘customer services’ in the past. I use that term loosely as they offered very little in the way of service and obviously couldn’t care less for their customers.

    Added to that I am a PC gamer and being forced to use their Origin service is beyond a joke.

  7. Ugh. Please don’t be taken in by this. EA is extremely unpopular for a variety of reasons, particularly for taking over popular game franchises and ruining them, and for selling half-finished games at full price and expecting players to shell out again for “downloadable content” that should have been there in the first place. Just look at the length of the “Criticism” section in the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EA#Criticism. I’m sure some people are angry at the for featuring same-sex relationships in a couple of their games, but that is clearly not the main reason they win awards like this.

  8. That_Matt 8 Apr 2013, 6:53pm

    I saw this on IGN recently. They also released a ‘hate is not a game’ video aimed at the lgbt community. It’s clever: stand up for the minorities and pull that card when people hate your company.

    LGBT people are a part of the mass consensus that hates what EA has done to their games recently (generally speaking). If you were genuinely pro-lgbt, you wouldn’t feel the need to gloat about it every time people heckle your company.

  9. Right wing Christians don’t buy computer games. They sit at home writing letters of complaint, reflecting on a very old book they’ve never read for themselves and thinking about how gay men have sex. They are on the wrong side of history.

  10. I totally appreciate their inclusiveness and stance on equal rights, but, I’d still vote them for worst games company because their games are appalling, released half-baked, and their micropurchase model is frankly offensive when you’ve already shelled out a small fortune for their titles

  11. I’m gay and I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE EA!!!! I’m also REALLY REALLY REALLY PISSED that they would use LGBT issues as a way to detract from the REAL reason they suck; they make incomplete games (or broken ones), sell them at full price and expect you to pay for the rest of it not later, but on the day its released! AYFKM!?!? I thought it was cool I could make LGBT couples in the Sims, and sad that people hate EA for this, but seriously!? EA sucks because they’re opportunistic thieves and scammers. They’re also assholes for using us as a distraction. For every 1 bigot, there’s 9 people who hate EA for what it REALLY is.

  12. PinkNews this headline is quite misleading.

    EA did not state ant-gay campaign as the reason for it being nominated ‘Worst Company in America’.

    You have placed emphasis on that one section of a long interview and not quoted the full passage. I know cause I read the whole script on another website a week ago and it featured many complaints that Peter Moore contested.

    “We’ve seen mailing lists that direct people to vote for EA because they disagree with the choice of the cover athlete on Madden NFL. Yes, really…” he said.

    “In the past year, we have received thousands of emails and postcards protesting against EA for allowing players to create LGBT characters in our games. This week, we’re seeing posts on conservative web sites urging people to protest our LGBT policy by voting EA the Worst Company in America.

    “That last one is particularly telling. If that’s what makes us the worst company, bring it on. Because we’re not caving on that.”

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