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Margaret Thatcher, a controversial figure on gay issues, dies aged 87

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  1. Like her or hate, she will always be remembered for the negative. And for the LGBT community it will be Section 28 but it must be remembered that she voted for de-criminalising homosexuality.

    She also gave this country the kick up the ar*e that was much needed and she stood up to the then very powerful unions

    1. And in the process destroyed British industry.

      1. And produced a nation of selfishness and greed, a nation in which Thatcher claimed there was “no such thing as society”, a nation which produced the giant callous corporations that dominate us all today, the bosses with multi-million-dollar bonuses, the vile, sterile, glass-and-concrete monstrosities for suits to be found in Canary Wharf and The City.

        1. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2013, 1:48pm

          Would those be the same monstrosities that have paid for this country time and again since our manufacturing collapsed?

          Where the hell do you think we make our money?

    2. Not sure why this has been marked down. What part of it isn’t true?

      And I couldn’t stand her.

      1. Not sure, twitless? Read comment immediately above this in expanded-view and then proceed to read downwards. Some of us are older and have good memories of bad things.

        We need to fortify ourselves with reality before the deluge of gushing crap that is going to spouted in honour of this anti-gay and otherwise establishment-loving dead politician.

        1. It says “she will always be remembered for the negative”

          She voted for de-criminalisation of homosexuality and she stood up to the unions.

          I repeat, what of this isn’t true?

          I certainly wouldn’t describe it as a deluge of gushing crap.

          Let’s just get some perspective. I never voted for her and you don’t know how old I am.

      2. My thoughts exactly! I didn’t like the woman personally and was young when she came to power.

        My father’s business suffered at the hands of her government but one thing for sure, she had more balls than all the lot in Parliament today!

        As for destroying industry, that may have been the case but the unions also need to take a lot of responsibility for that for it was the unions who got greedy forcing a lot of industry to go elsewhere!

        1. Now they’re marking you up. I think they need to make up their minds what they think.

          1. True!

          2. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2013, 1:50pm

            I actually don’t think they know.
            Classic lefties that go purple and blow a bloodvessel at the mere mention of the woman’s name.

    3. “it must be remembered that she voted for de-criminalising homosexuality”

      Well, *partially* decriminalising it. Even in the last decade, you could be convicted of sex crimes that would be perfectly legal if the other person was the opposite gender. And I can’t really bring myself to see this as a positive. Opposing the criminalisation of homosexuality is surely the least we can expect from people – even many of the most extreme anti-LGBT campaigners today don’t go as far as calling for us to be locked up.

    4. hate her. passionately. but then i don’t take my instruction from a favourable news report (why?!) – i remember her as a lower middle-class person who thought of herself as royalty, and a man (overcompensating for the fact she was a woman – she did nothing for women’s equality)! and she didn’t give the country a kick up the arse, she stabbed it in the back repeatedly, until her own cabinet chucked her out! but everything looks good through the rose-tint.

  2. “A controversial figure in gay rights”????

    Jesus wept!

    1. My thought entirely – as if you could argue either way! Even her Tory successor, Cameron, had to apologise for her!

      1. Bury the bitch next to Judas.

        1. didn’t exist. sorry. this is a topical news story in this country, and apart from thatch’s scottish sermon on the mount bears no relation to bibble sh!t.

          1. Good one, pwnage. I stand corrected. Throw her out with the trash then.

    2. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2013, 1:51pm

      Yes, she was.
      Controversial : “Giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.”

      What part of that sentence is not true?

  3. RIP Margaret Thatcher. Ashamed that alot of my left-leaning brethren are being so vile about the recently deceased. I don’t like alot of the things you stood for, but my gosh you were iconic, brave and stoic. You did a lot wrong, and a lot right. Affording you the respect you deserve should be a no-brainer. TLDR: don’t speak ill of the dead.

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2013, 1:54pm

      Indeed it amazes me that the ‘left-leaning brethren’ scream about who were the nasty party yet clearly show themselves up to actually be nasty people themselves. Something taught from there own leanings, one thinks!

      1. it’s a human trait, mr trap! it doesn’t amaze me that humans do human things! perhaps the conservative brain has 2 meanings!!

    2. I remember the miner who had a paving stone dropped on his car. I bet she didn’t shed a tear

    3. Liam the God 8 Apr 2013, 2:32pm

      When you HATE someone you don’t STOP hating them because they’re dead! All this “I didn’t agree with her policies BUT….” bollocks is really getting on my tits! She’s dead, she was 87, her children are a female homophobe and an arms smuggler: Grow a pair and tell the truth!

      1. Spanner1960 10 Apr 2013, 12:04pm

        Yet you are probably the same sort of liberal that rants on about “hate crime”.
        Hatred is a vile emotion, and should not be directed at anybody, no matter your opinion.

        1. Hating someone is not a hate crime (if it was it would be a thought crime), so I don’t really see the point of your first statement, except that you love to play the divisive game of left and right, liberal and conservative that Thatcher was quite fond of.

          Hatred is pointless though.

    4. I wonder how old you were, whether you were a mature thinking adult, at the time that Thatcher pushed into force her draconian legislation to make it a CRIME for any teacher in any school in England and Wales to say ONE WORD that was positive regarding homosexuality or homosexuals.

      I was a teacher at that time and like 100s of other gay and lesbian teachers Thatcher made my life a hell. I remember clearly now that class of youngsters in inner-city Manchester who said to me one day, “Are you gay, sir? You ARE, aren’t you!” and Thatcher had effectively forbidden me to answer in any positive way. In fact her legislation was so insidious that it was dangerous to even answer the question for fear of some child going home and telling a homophobic parent (and there 1000s of them) that “Sir, told us he’s gay and you could tell he was proud of it!”

      Thatcher’s insidious legislation meant that any parent had only to call the tabloids and you were finished, in the centre of a storm.

      1. Paul Brownsey 8 Apr 2013, 4:56pm

        Well said, Eddy.

        She had a very nasty impact on gay people’s lives. Some of the people writing on this board seem to think she was just a bossyl version of Edna Everage.

    5. nixiotemba 8 Apr 2013, 2:53pm

      at least I’m glad that the “terrorist” Nelson Mandela outlived the witch

    6. Yeah, let’s not speak ill of the dead!!!
      “Hitler – a controversial figure on Jewish human rights” etc etc.

    7. Bruno. One should talk of the dead the way we talked of them when they were alive. And alive she was a rancid, nasty old right wing troll,(in my opinion) her death doesn’t cange that for me.

    8. “iconic, brave and stoic”. Sounds like Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Kim Jong Il, Attilla, Vlad the Implaer etc. RIP? Rot in Hell.

  4. “It is an ever-fixed mark,That looks on tempests and is never shaken”
    The “morality” of the direction of her convictions are all up to perspective BUT it cannot be argued that, not regarding the direction, she certainly did it with magnitude! And in the most male dominated profession too! ~ R.I.P Margaret Thatcher. A benchmark to all.

    1. “…not regarding the direction…she certainly did it with magnitude!”

      If that’s your standard then you must be a REAL fan of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Edi Amin and others who followed their convictions with magnitude.

    2. “Love… is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken”

      You cannot appropriate Shakespeare’s sonnets and twist them into an ode to Margaret Thatcher. It’s unconscionable. Frankly you’ve just made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

      1. And, Joss, how does one square Thatcher’s piously and unctuously reciting “The Prayer of St. Francis” (Where there is hatred, let me sow love . . . ) on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street upon her coming to power, with the legislation that she pushed through signalling a green light to all those who wished to continue the age-old hatred of LGBTs!

        1. You can’t square that. It’s a circle, a never ending loop of wtf?

  5. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2013, 1:51pm

    Didn’t always agree with her but love or loathe her, she stood up for Britain, what she believed and was the last leader that seemed to make the UK a force to be reckoned with in the world.

    RIP Maggie

    1. Jock, it was Thatcher who introduced into the UK the ethos of “me, me, me!”. It was Thatcher who promoted selfishness and greed, under the guise of “working hard”. Thatcher made Britain into a hard and a grim place. Her ethos produced the vulgarity and excessive consumerism of today.

      Next time you cross a public car-park and see some enormous, vulgar, totally unnecessary 4×4 vehicle with 2 obese parents & 2 obese kids inside it, consider that it was Thatcher who triggered that whole trend of “growth and wealth at any price!” It was Thatcher who triggered the creation of a thin top layer of vulgarly wealthy people in the UK, leaving others, particularly in the north, poorer than they had ever been before.

      1. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2013, 3:01pm

        Do you remember the frequent power cuts, the rubbish building up, the dead bodies being left etc, etc, etc that was before 1979 and why the Tories got in. I do as a child. Labour had led us don’t the road to ruin (sounds familiar!) and the country needed someone to stand up to the destructive unions Labour had let take over and rule.

        I didn’t agree with a lot of her stuff but I feel it wrong to be jealous of the fact he helped people do better. That meant getting people who never though they could buy their own home do so. She encouraged people to do things for themselves.

        Whether we like it or not every government since has lead by her reign regardless of Labour or Conserative/Lib Dem.

        Unlike those that followed she didn’t become a poodle to no-one and stood up to those she disagreed with including the US.

        She was our last Great leader to stand on the world stage. Love or loathe her she made this country something to be proud of.

        1. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2013, 3:02pm

          Sure she made mistakes but what person, what PM doesn’t? Where all human after all.

        2. Liam the God 8 Apr 2013, 3:25pm

          I remember that, Jock. I also remember the 3 day week introduced by the Tories. You should also remember that Wilson was a lying two-faced sack of shit that had his own agenda, so he allowed the Unions to run amock. Thatcher swung the balance of power so far back into the favour of “Big Business” that when we NEEDED people to fight back they either couldn’t (because of law changes), or wouldn’t (because they believed the Propaganda against the Unions).

        3. Jock, I remember a UK pre-1979 (when Thatcher became PM) in which there was warmth and compassion, a UK that my parents were so proud of, an NHS that was astounding for its caring doctors and nurses.

          You imply it was good she allowed council homes to be sold off to those who occupied them. Wasn’t it she then who triggered the ridiculous hunger for better and better properties that has engulfed the UK, with people never being satisfied anymore with just having a roof over their head. No, now everyone has been brainwashed into thinking their home should look like the inside of some flash and vulgar hotel!

          You say she wasn’t a poodle to anyone. C’mon! She couldn’t wait to wriggle up Ronald Reagan’s arsehole and be seen as equal to the President of the United States. Remember the dazzling gowns she wore at The White House.

          I disagree with you that she made this country something to be proud of. As one knowing female politician said at the time, Thatcher was in love with herself.

        4. With all due respect Jock, the issues you speak of in the 70’s were the direct result of disastrous financial policies in the US under Nixon; the same policies and financial nightmare that Jimmy Carter inherited.

          And simply giving her credit for having passion for and standing up for what she believed in opens the door to excuse all manner of despots and scumbags of history who stood for what they believed in passionately. Europe had a few that come to mind just in the last century.

        5. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2013, 1:43pm

          For once I agree with you.
          Most of the little lefty prats weren’t even born when she came to power. I lived through the power cuts, three day weeks and saw the stranglehold the unions had on us, with rubbish bags piling up and the army replacing the fire service.

          I agree a lot of Thatcher’s legacy is not good, but equally, she had more guts than any politician I have seen before or since, and that has to stand for something.

    2. Such turgid crap you spew at times Jock.

    3. Jock, shouldn’t you be over at The Daily Hate website, weeping with all the other Tory Middle-Englanders over the passing of The Iron Lady?

      1. Jock S. Trap 9 Apr 2013, 12:21pm

        Prehaps you should learn to read comments before changing ya name to suit you Very misguided comment.

  6. I do not feel in any way inclined to eulogise a woman who introduced section 28 which gave statutory legitimacy to homophobia. I don’t give a toss about Matthew Parris’ recollection of her “kindness” to him. She and her government caused a great deal of real misery to many of us. The only sadness: 30 bloody years too late. Strength itself is not a virtue.

    1. Yes, indeed, regarding Matthew Parris. Parris is a Tory toady, a sitter-on-the-fence who gives me the shivers every time I hear his oily voice. I always turn him off when he comes on. Can’t bear the arse-licking little flatterer.

    2. People seem to forget that some of the most hateful homophobes currently and throughout history have/had close openly gay friends, assistants and employees who would speak of their “kindness” and “lack of real homophobia”. Hell, some of the world’s most notorious homophobes were gay themselves.

  7. violets49 8 Apr 2013, 1:58pm

    Thatcher? ‘Gay Icon’ is that meant as a joke?

    1. Hopefully it was more ironic than iconic!!

      1. hopefully, more ironic and moronic?

    2. Hopefully more ironic than iconic!

    3. She is among a certain type of semi-closeted gay man / social wannabe — they usually hang around Westminster and would give their right arm to be some kind of right-wing social policy researcher or a Tory MP’s secretary.

  8. Amazing how far back you had to dig for something positive. She was negative, negative, negative for gay people. We still reap the seeds sewn by Section 28. I’m in my 40s and remember how horrid life was for the gay community in the 79 to 90 era. Thankfully Cameon is trying to push the Tories forward, but I could never bring myself to vote for them after s28.

    1. Philip Breen 8 Apr 2013, 2:15pm

      MT put her perception of respectability before common sense. Towards gays, MT showed herself even cruel. Only now are we beginning to ride back from the further generation of homophobia clause 28 promoted. Otherwise, MT could be impressive, there is no doubt about that. I suppose her firmness of stature is what the country will want to remember. Still, let us hope the new filtering regulations, to be put to parliament by the Home Office, allow the quaint and deeply offensive old homophobic convictions that MT could have got rid of a generation previously, will finally be filtered by the eagerly awaited CRB/DBS changes.

      1. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 11:14am

        Stop living in the gay ghetto. You are part of a full society as well and have responsibilities to that as well. No one owes you anything. Work for it be it an income or gay rights
        (Clearly this site is not for me and I am a gay activist – sad really – I’ll stop commenting leaving you all to wallow – bye)

  9. violets49 8 Apr 2013, 1:59pm

    Thatcher? ‘Gay Icon’ Is that meant to be a joke?

  10. “Children are being taught that they have an inalienable right to be gay.”

    I can hear Thatcher’s shrill voice uttering those hateful words as well now, in my memory, as I did when she uttered them back in the late 80s.

    I remember how Thatcher so angered all of us LGBTs with her plans to gag every teacher in the land with regard to saying ANYTHING positive about homosexuals or homosexuality in the classroom that we hired special trains to transport thousands of LGBT protesters from London to Manchester for the first big anti-Section-28 march and rally there.

    I feel absolutely no sorrow whatsoever that this individual is now dead. I hope that we are not to be afflicted with a “Day of National Mourning” or hours of TV coverage of her funeral with lashings of old dinosaurs stepping forward to claim how wonderful she was.

  11. Spanner1960 8 Apr 2013, 2:01pm

    I don’t think I have ever seen any person that evoked such a following, and such hatred in equal measure.

    Personally, I think she was the right person at the right time, but unfortunately later on it all went a little bit to her head. I just wish more politicians would have the balls that woman did.

    1. There was a number of gay men at the time, usually Tories, who fell on their knees before her for the role she gave them of the Dominant Mummy.

      At the same time, however, it became known in media circles that the only interviewers who could stand up to Thatcher in an interview situation and NOT be browbeaten by Dominant Mummy were interviewers who were PROUD GAY MEN.

      It’s the gay men who weren’t proud of being gay who loved Dominant Mummy, and who adored Dominant Mummy telling what to do!

    2. no, she’s the one figurehead of hatred towards your kind, spanner, yet she allowed you to buy your council house so let’s love her instead? she had passionate hatred/dislike/mistrust for the common working man – hey, probably scroungers in your opinion – so let’s evaluate the whole, not think her a working mum who had dementia etc, she was a vile creature that drove a wedge into the very heart of britain and was prepared to sacrifice the common people for odious, middle class bankers who brought us to the brink of collapse in the late 90s!!

      1. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2013, 1:55pm

        “My kind”?
        I can assure you I have never lived in a council house, let alone ever wanted to buy one.

    3. Oh that’s extremely eloquent. What a well thought out reply. Tsk!

  12. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead !!

    Gay Icon I think not !!

  13. At last. The earlier posts here made me despair.

  14. Section 28 effects are bing felt today. Schools are hell if you’re gay. It wasn’t like that in the 80’s when I was in school. Fuk dat ho

  15. Hops riddance to evil rubbish.
    She was homophobic scum.

    1. Dancing on someone’s grave says indicates a twisted mind – I pity you

      1. Very well said – it is very sad that many PN readers / commentators are incapable of showing any basic respect to a grandmother & a mother who has just passed away. Regardless of politics many of the comments here are utterly disgusting & confirm to me that some PN readers use these unmoderated comment pages to attack individuals in the most cowardly way.

        The majority of you sit here bitching about LGBT issues, yet I would wager that very few of you get involved, it is easy to be critical, much harder to get stuck in & get your hands dirty – truly shameful!

  16. This lady is not returning !!

  17. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Apr 2013, 2:21pm

    And don’t forget, the Anglican cult supported Section 28. All of the clerics in the Lords voted for it.

    1. Yes, Thatcher was hand-in-hand with the religious cults, as well as royal parasites. Remember when she inadvertently used “the royal ‘we'”, giving away the fact that she thought herself assumed to the highest level of human existence: royalty!

      Loads of people adored her because she was rather like Glenda Jackson playing Queen Elizabeth I: imperious, never to be outdone, a Boadicea haranguing the “lily-livered Britons”!

  18. Liam the God 8 Apr 2013, 2:29pm

    Section 28, selling off the State Owned Industries on the cheap, the Minders Strike, Poll Tax, Welfare cuts, increases in unemployment highest since the 1930’s, Boom and Bust economics. What a CV! Even Stalin would have been proud of that list of destruction of the nation!
    She’s dead: GOOD! What a shame she didn’t die 35 years ago!

    All the best, Evil Bastard.

    1. Liam the God 8 Apr 2013, 2:29pm

      That should be “Miners”, not “Minders”.

    2. Absolutely. It wasn’t just us who she hurt. It was anyone who stood in the way of her demonic project to destroy the state and eradicate all obstacles in the paths of the greedy and self interested. Her legacy lives on. Hopefully this won’t give her ideological heirs a boost. Tonight my partner and I, as we’ve promised ourselves we would, will toast the passing of a profoundly nasty individual.

      1. Thanks for that idea, Michael. My partner and I will shortly do the same!

        As for your fear of her death giving “her ideological heirs a boost”, it very well could, unfortunately, unless all of us, and many others, RESIST the great call there is going to be TO MOURN.

        We all need, RIGHT NOW, to make it clear to Cameron that the nation is not “in the mood” for wailing and the gnashing of teeth upon the death of Margaret Thatcher. If they get that message quickly, then they’ll reduce the splendour of the funeral plans. Otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t give the old bat something akin to the extraordinary send-off they gave Winston Churchill. I bet that’s the model that hard-line Tories want to see followed, and while it happens they’ll be hoping that the whole nation gets a layer of whitewash, of brainwash, that we’ll all see the error of our ways and take a turn towards the Tory right.

    3. Baroness Thatcher was one of the best leaders we had. She crushed the unions who were squeezing the life-blood from our economy and built a much stronger Britain we can be proud of. her death has certainly brought out all the trots from under their stones. Anyone that can wish another human being, least of all an 87 year old woman in failing health to be dead 35 years ago is a poor excuse for a man. Never wish on others what you would not wish upon yourself.

      1. Jason, beware of behaving like exactly the kind of passive sucker that Thatcher thrived on dominating.

  19. Dear God, get your head out of the Tories ass, Pink News!

  20. Anyone who thinks Thatcher was a gay icon must either be stupid or self-hating.

  21. I’d have much prefer if her legacy had died rather than her. Instead with nasty Tories such as Iain Duncan Smith we are seeing a similar ruthless, bullying approach to the unemployed and most vulnerable in our society. I’d never stoop so low as to celebrate the death of an individual but I find Thatcherism an odious and repugnant ideology.

    1. Now, if it is appropriate to wish death on any person then Iain Duncan-Smith
      certainly fits the bill. That ‘man’ is the most utterly worthless piece of EVIL shit that even the Tories have produced. He is a living embodiment of the ‘nasty party’.

  22. ColinJones 8 Apr 2013, 2:49pm

    Today’s greedy ,selfish society starts with her and continued with New Labour-it was Thatcher who deregulated the banking sector in 1986 and that policy spread to America which eventually caused the financial crisis of recent years. Hopefully her economic policies will be remembered as the folly rhey were.It’s interesting to see her supporters on this site revealing themselves.

  23. I’d have much preferred it if her legacy had died rather than her. Instead with nasty Tories such as Iain Duncan Smith we are seeing a similar ruthless, bullying approach to the unemployed and most vulnerable in our society. I’d never stoop so low as to celebrate the death of an individual but I find Thatcherism an odious and repugnant ideology.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Apr 2013, 2:52pm

      Iain Duncan Smith, like him or not, voted for equal marriage on February 5th.

      1. ColinJones 8 Apr 2013, 3:13pm

        Robert, they are all “supporting” SSM in order to appear modern and liberal. Iain Duncan Smith is a nasty right wing little git who wants to create a U.S. style welfare system.

      2. casparthegood 8 Apr 2013, 7:13pm

        frankly as far as IDS is concerned I couldn’t care less if he grew pink feathers and danced round Piccadilly Circus at midnight he would still be an odious twat

  24. Section 28 wasn’t repealed in 2000

    1. Yes, it was repealed only in 2003, meaning that Thatcher’s insidious method of demoting homosexuality and LGBTs to the unmentionable was in force for 14 years. During those 14 years Thatcher’s anti-gay legislation did massive and untold harm in every school in England and Wales. During that period no teacher in any school dared say one positive thing about LGBTs or homosexuality in general for fear of prosecution, losing one’s job, and so forth.

      When you look back on this and put it in perspective Thatcher’s vile legislation against the LGBTs of the UK was not unlike Hitler’s enactments against the Jews of Germany and other European nations.

      I remember the anti-28 rally in a park in Kennington (London). The police were on HORSES and they were PICKING off those of us who were on the outer edges of the vast crowd. The American comedienne who was speaking suddenly urged everyone to huddle closer towards the stage.

      1. Tim Hopkins 8 Apr 2013, 10:28pm

        If I remember rightly it was Robin Tyler who spoke at that demo, Eddy. I’ve got photos somewhere!

      2. Tim Hopkins 8 Apr 2013, 11:29pm

        Actually it might have been Linda Gerard

        According to my preserved Guardian report of the demo (assuming it was the demo on Sat 9th Jan [1988], which I seem to remember it was), she was there at the front of the march. It might have been one of the later ones – the Feb demo in Manchester, or 30th April in London – that Robin Tyler spoke at!

        1. You were right the first time, Tim. Yes, it was Robin Tyler. Thanks for reminding me of the name! Remember when she grabbed her partner and gave her a very long snog to the cheers of the crowd, shortly before or shortly after she had urged us all to gather in closer because the policemen on horses were attacking those of us who were on the fringes of that enormous crowd. It was terrifying. There was a young guy near me and we spoke about what the police were doing and he was clearly beside himself. Unfortunately he decided to let the police win and he swiftly made his way out of the crowd by way of an area where there were no police. The rest of us stayed huddled together and stayed put.

          It was Thatcher who was behind the behaviour of those police on horses who were attacking us as we demonstrated against Section 28.

    2. Tim Hopkins 8 Apr 2013, 5:42pm

      It was repealed in 2000 in Scotland; 2003 in England & Wales.

  25. Pavlos Prince of Greece 8 Apr 2013, 2:50pm

    “Friend” of gay rights and Francis Bacon dies two months after party crossing vote for same-sex marriage at the Commons. Symbolic.

  26. I can’t wait to piss against her tombstone!

    1. Liam the God 8 Apr 2013, 3:21pm

      It’ll be like that bit at the end of “Carrie” with the hand bursting out of the grave.

      1. Thank you for hilarious image of Thatcher’s aged hand suddenly shafting out of the ground, grabbing Jamesh’s dick and wrenching it off! Followed by a hysterical subterranean cackle of “I hated all you gays back then, and I’ll hate you FOREVER!”

        Piss on her gravestone! It’ll never happen!

        1. If there’s ever been room for some black humour, it’s today, on the day of Thatcher’s demise.

          We would have preferred her dead back in 1989. Today she is so. Black humour is in order.

    2. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:01pm

      She seemed to be aware that that was a possibility so she is being cremated….

  27. Christopher Coleman 8 Apr 2013, 3:22pm

    Thatcher and Reagan are responsible for the world we live in today. Not a good one, by any measure. Yes, the Lefties were quite stupid in the late 70s, but nothing can excuse Thatcher for destroying the best and most generous aspects of British society and culture. I mourn only the fact that she ever existed. Iron Lady, RIP: Rust In Pieces.

    1. RIP: Rust in Pieces. Excellent. Well done! My feelings entirely.

    2. Ricky Wilks 8 Apr 2013, 4:50pm

      I’ve always equated Thatcher with Reagan and was shocked to see her called a “gay icon.” I threw a party when Reagan died – and it’s good to see my grasp of recent history isn’t as bad as I feared.

    3. BlokeToys 8 Apr 2013, 6:48pm

      Yes, lets forget all governments since, and blame them for the failings of every bought and paid for politician since then!

      I agree with much of what has been said already, but the stupidity of blaming one person for the damage done by hundreds in politics since is astoundingly simplistic and stupid.

      Labour and Tories have both failed consistently. She may have used capitalism as a tool to get us out of a post-war collapse (people seem to easily forget how bad this country was BEFORE she was elected), but all politicians consistently watered down legislation, took bribes, were paid off and did plenty of dodgy dealing to get us in the mess we’re in now. Whatever you think of her on other issues, she was not a bought politician bending over for bankers, like we have now.

      1. Bloke Toys, I don’t think this country was “bad” before she was elected, and I don’t think this country became “good” because of her election.

        She introduced monetarism, go-getting, hunger for profits, privatization, and she detested LGBTs so much she drove through legislation forbidding any positive word to be said of us in any school in England and Wales.

        She was a kind of Mary-Whitehouse-in-Parliament.

      2. Liam the God 8 Apr 2013, 9:29pm

        Before she was elected people were protected by a PRO-ACTIVE police service. When I was a kid there was a local bobby that knew everyone on the estate BY NAME, would often stop by and have a cup of tea and a chat, and looked after the local area! Likewise the “Nuclear Family” thrived: Father going out to work, mother looking after the house and the kids. They could afford a car and even go on holiday once a year, even if only to a local coastal resort (Clacton and/or Southend in my case). The NHS was well funded and well respected. The clouds on the horizon were excessive “Vested Interests” in government and with the ear of them, and the idiocy of many Militant Unions in the early 1970’s going on strike because the toast in the canteen was cold.
        Maybe it’s “Rose Tinted”, but it wasn’t as bad as now where BOTH parents work and still can’t make ends meet!!

      3. Christopher Coleman 9 Apr 2013, 4:50am

        It might seem simplistic, but one has to point to the people who pushed the ideas that others followed. They were the leaders and must take the blame. That does not excuse the stupidities of those who came after and willingly followed in their footsteps. Major, Blair and all the rest are equally vile and despicable.

  28. My parents taught me to speak well of the dead.

    She’s dead. Well, well, well.

  29. I remember the old bag but I cannot remember her ever being referred to as a ‘gay icon’. I doubt we’ll see many rainbow flags at her funeral.

  30. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead. Hurrah, Hurrah!”

    But oh dear now we get all the praising and eulogies, from the usual suspects, and a few that should know better perhaps (Labour politicians for one(s))
    And of course, the public money wasted on a state funeral for the old Section28 hag.
    I’d rather the money went on a state bye for Dame Vera Lynn (did more for the Uk, than desroyer Thatch ever did)

    Sing as you demo her the old bag bye,
    Sing if you hated her reign.

    Sing if you’d dance on her grave,
    Sing for her dropped down an old mine!

  31. To the PN editors.

    You do a great job but you’ve misjudged the mood here. Our history did not start when you came out. Please try to understand it. It matters.

    1. Bang on, Michael. Well said! I’m going to press Report on your comment to make sure that this gets brought to their attention, just in case they’re all in floods of tears and aren’t aware of what the LGBTs of the UK think!

    2. I agree with your sentiments completely, and your earlier comment (assuming you are the same Michael) is superb.

      However I do think any impartial news organisation has a tricky job to do when someone of Thatcher’s standing dies, and I think the author of the article has done it well. By scrabbling for a few positive things to say about her, Pink News has made the article immune from being hauled through the mud as appalling journalistic behaviour when someone has died. By including the relevant facts about the 1987 party conference and the Section 28 legislation, plus quoting Peter Tatchell’s excellent comments (possible added after you commented), the author has ensured that we all get the true picture.

    3. Liberalcynic 8 Apr 2013, 10:19pm

      Oops – I accidentally marked your comment down. I quite agree…to younger guys who came out post-2000 she may just seem like a game old bird who was played by Meryl Streep, but to those of us who lived through her time in office it was a ghastly experience, never to be forgotten

    4. Thanks to everyone for the responses. They’re much appreciated and yes, this is the same Michael who made the earlier post.

      I take the point about PN needing to maintain journalistic standards and agree that overly negative comments made so soon after a death could be used by our opponents as evidence of our “dark side”. I think I depart from that view slightly though. I think that even now and amidst all of the praise there is room to record the damage done to us. I’m also not entirely sure that PN should strive to be impartial as an organ that has emerged from an oppressed community.

      1. Colin (London) 9 Apr 2013, 10:27am

        Michael and others i struggle with this. I did live through Thatcher and met Sir Ian McGregor. He spent 5 hours with me on a plane telling me about his fights with Thatcher. I come from a rough Scottish council estate of Motherwell. (Coal mines and Steel) My family took the opportunities that the Thatcher era opened up, housing, education, job opportunities. We moved around the country and world. Today I’m 51 own home in London and retired. My 4 sisters all own their own homes and their kids are all working and earning well. My mums family sat back took redundancy and drank it in pubs. They are still on the estate with no options. My family have loads of options and I travel when and where i want. A different view perhaps and no doubt I’ll abuse for saying this.

        I agree she did nothing for us gays. Tony Blair should be in jail with Bush to me. I vote on policies not parties. I also hope you do maintain a degree of impartiality or why read you. I don’t want to live in the gay ghetto.

        1. Colin, is travelling around the world, “when and where” you want, the measure of a good life?

          Is ceasing employment and ceasing to contribute to society as a worker at the very early of 51 the measure of a good life?

          Is possessing your “own home” the measure of a good life?

          Thatcher encouraged the misguided belief that held that a good life DOES consist of the kind of things you mentioned.

          Many of us, however, believe that a good life is composed of other far-more-worthwhile elements. Retiring early, owning the place where you live, and polluting the planet with endless travel do not constitute a good life.

          What about working happily and contentedly till you drop? Millions of continentals live their whole lives in rented accommodation. Being involved in your own community and society is far more rewarding than jetting from hotel to hotel.

        2. I’m the first to concede that it’s complicated. I can’t criticise you for taking the opportunities offered to you, or indeed for making your own opportunities but remember that her successive administrations laid waste to vast swathes of our country and our manufacturing industry as well as sowing the seeds of the selfish kind of capitalism that we now see failing. We’re similar ages. I grew up in the North East. That area is yet to recover. What she did most damage to, as I see it, is the notion of the value of collectivism. She did that in many ways but one of them was through the sale of council houses. After that people’s interests stopped at their garden gate rather than the edge of their estate, village or town.

        3. Can I take it, Colin, that you’ve dedicated at least some of your retirement time to helping those less fortunate than yourselves to access the advantages you had, or helping those who for reasons of health or ability, could never access them at all?

  32. If anyone is describing her as a gay icon, they can only be fatuous idiots who don’t know, or don’t care, about the dark times that Thatcher brought to our lives throughout the ’80s. She passed nothing but harmful legislation during her term as PM and set the tone of greed and confrontation that made life so difficult for many of us. Her legacy lives on in the Tory party now.

  33. Joseph Patrick McCormick has been rather generous to Lady Thatcher in this article, with regard to how she and the Conservative Government treated gay and lesbian people when they were in power. Life was made much, much harder for us, and they blocked even the most reasonable measures for reform.

    I write this as Conservative. (I wasn’t then.)

    Pink News had to write something, I suppose, and the day someone dies is not a time to put the boot into their memory. And she did good in some other areas.

    But I hope PN will follow this up in due course with an article that tells the full, dreadful story.

  34. Amazing politician, brilliant human being.

    Yes she was a product of her times on gay issues, but she was the best peacetime British Prime Minister and I will mourn her for that!

    1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 5:23pm

      She murdered nearly two thousand Argentinians over the Malvinas and nearly 1500 Irish because of her stubborn views on Ireland which she considered a British as Finchley. She was a vile twisted harridan and I cannot for the life of me think why or where you got your rose or rather blood tinted glasses…..Peace time; really? She spilled a lot of unnecessary blood…….She will go down in Irish folklore alongside Oliver Cromwell.

  35. Adolf Hitler was a painter and was deeply interested in art. He just had controversial views that’s all.

    1. Good comment, Jamesh. I see your point, but I sense that some other readers haven’t.

      If I am correct you are saying that Thatcher’s negatives, particularly with regard to her vehemence against LGBTs, greatly outweighed her positives.

    2. James – you need to post ‘WARNING – may contain irony’ if you’re going to use irony. Americans use this website.

      WARNING – may contain irony

  36. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 4:33pm

    As Peter Tatchell said we should not rejoice at a death but for the vile warmongering homophobic Maggie Thatcher we can make an exception. No one here in Ireland or indeed in Argentina will mourn her passing. As a atheist I am only sorry that Hell does not exist or that we don’t have an afterlife, because if there were this vile and twisted woman would surely qualify for a very hot corner of it. She only voted the way she did in the sixties because of overwhelming support for the reform Bills and she did not then wish to besmirch her ambitions. She should have been tried as a war criminal for the murders of all those people she sent to their deaths on the AS Belgrano during the ill advised war over the Argentinian Islands The Malvinas, and indeed her steadfast refusal to compromise in the North of Ireland. If she had several thousand lives could have been spared, not least those of the hunger strikers.

    1. Many of the Mail readers gloat when a left wing politician dies, I don’t want to lower myself to the level of those spiteful tossers.

      1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 5:27pm

        Even the Queen hated her and she will put up with just about anyone.

        1. Irrespective of that there’s enough crap left over from her legacy for us to be “celebrating” anything. I’d rather focus on the disgusting welfare cuts and the current breed of twats we have in parliament. No amount of thumbs down will make the truth go away.

    2. She liberated British people from a foreign occupying force in the British Islands the Falkland Islands. She will also be remembered here in Northern Ireland for her strength in her refusal to compromise with terrorists intent on killing us.

      1. Is that why Paisley had so much fun leading demonstrations where her effigy was burned? If so why are there parties being held to celebrate her death?

  37. I lived in the US during her PM’ship. Reagan over shadowed her on the subject of GRID/AIDS/HIV so much that I’m not familiar with what she did during the early years of the epidemic. Can some of you enlighten me on her contributions? Was she as devastating as Reagan? (PN will never run a truthful article on the subject, but I know some of you remember.)

    1. Mark, under Thatcher those last years of the 80s and early 90s were bad news for people suffering from HIV or AIDS. Thatcher’s response to HIV/AIDS, in tandem with her driving through the legislation criminalising any positive said by teachers regarding homosexuality or homosexuals, encouraged an atmosphere where all gay men became highly vulnerable to prejudice. I remember going for my annual dental checkup and being “asked” by the receptionist “Are you sure you’re with this practice? We can’t find any records for you.” I assured her I was with the practice, and had long been so, and I suggested they have another search. I then sat for two hours in the waiting-room. In the end I had to demand, with some force, to see a dentist. All along I knew what was going on. They had simply pulled out the records of all men “suspected” of being gay and decided to turn them away. That’s what was going on. Under Thatcher you were continually on thin ice.

  38. GingerlyColors 8 Apr 2013, 5:13pm

    Margaret Thatcher may be remembered for bringing in Section 28 but she did vote for the decriminalization of homosexuality in England and Wales in 1967 and overturned the ban on gay sex in Scotland and Northern Ireland during her tenure of 10 Downing Street.
    We also got to remember her uncompromising stance over the Falkland Islands which saw the downfall of the military junta in Argentina, a country which has enjoyed democracy since then because of her – and now they have full marriage equality.
    People will debate the legacy of Margaret Thatcher until the cows come home. Perhaps if I had been raised in the coalfields of Durham or Yorkshire instead of Middle England I would be celebrating her demise. I had to go from being at school under Thatcher through higher education to finding work which meant I was unemployed for a time myself but I realise that I could have ended up a lot worse off.

    1. ‘…We also got to remember her uncompromising stance over the Falkland Islands which saw the downfall of the military junta in Argentina, a country which has enjoyed democracy since then because of her – and now they have full marriage equality…’

      if she knew that her warmongering would result in full marriage equality she would never go to war

    2. Tim Hopkins 8 Apr 2013, 5:47pm

      The Thatcher Govrnment did not decriminalise gay sex in Scotland – it was a backbench amendment from Labour MP Robin Cook.

    3. The Thatcher government only ended the ban on gay sex in Northern Ireland after the European Commission ruled that it violated the European Convention. She appealed the initial ruling and forced the entire court to vote on it. I suppose she gets some credit for following the treaty finally, but had it been left to her Northern Ireland would still be sending people to jail for having private consensual gay sex.

  39. JackAlison 8 Apr 2013, 5:20pm

    Magaret Thatcher, like her friend Reagan set back the quick and timely intervention against the HIV pandemic that claimed so many lives. Thru inaction, despondency and downright hatred she callously let HIV become a national ‘gay cancer’ and an excuse for whipping up homophobia that ruined and scarred the lives of many. Gay men in the 80’s were airbrushed out of a timely national health response to HIV and this led to many deaths and much misery. Action only came when there was genuine fear that the virus would rapidly transfer to the straight population, Section 28 is a direct result of trying to gag not only gay ppl. but the connection Thatcher perceived btw being gay and HIV. She was a sinister creepy piece of work and it makes my skin crawl how she quoted St. Francis of Assisi upon wining office and then went on to decimate the needy and the vulnerable in society. There is no strength in such actions….just cowardice and calculation.

    1. Well summarised, Mr. Alison. Thank you. I remember attending a protest at a Tory MPs surgery and we heard him answer a question about HIV and the Torys MP’s response was “Ah, well, HIV only affects homosexuals”, meaning “So we don’t really need to worry too much about it!”

      Red rag to a bull, that was. We let the bugger have it. The meeting quickly came to a close.

  40. finally a piece of good news

  41. Londinium 8 Apr 2013, 5:35pm

    The thing that upsets me most is that she died peacefully.

    1. this must be the most vile comment on here

    2. I wish the same onto you – what a despicable and vicious comment

  42. Have just visited The Guardian website and observed that since her death four or five threads were enabled for readers to post their opinions.

    Within hours of Thatcher’s death each thread reached over a 1000 comments and most of them deride her and speak of celebrating her death. A couple of threads very quickly went over the 3000 mark in number of comments posted!

    And as of this moment only ONE of the threads is still open. The Guardian’s moderators have rushed to close all the rest! This is unheard of. It’s usually seven days, or a few days at the least, before a thread is closed for discussion.

    Margaret Thatcher is clearly still a reviled and hated figure amongst many. That’s what Thatcher’s behaviour earnt her from so many different sections of society.

    1. You must revolve in a very narrow circle of socialist worker lovies – the Guardian has a very low readership – broaden your mind and read other papers and you will see a huge out-pouring of sadness at her passing ad a recognition that she was a truly great lady and the best leader we’ve had for decades.

      1. The Guardian has a “very low readership”?

        Please know this: The Guardian is the world’s most respected progressive newspaper. Millions read it right around the world.

        It’s YOU who appears to reside in some kind of bubble.

    2. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2013, 12:55am

      How blinkered can you be?
      It’s a left-wing paper, you prat.
      Try checking out the comments in the Telegraph or the Mail and you will see totally the opposite.

  43. So much disrespect for the dead, yes she did lots of things people didn’t like but that shouldn’t mean we lower ourselves to be so horrible, everyone was very happy with the Falklands outcome. Show the world were better than that. Please remember she has children that can see this.

    1. David, what about the effects of her horrible actions or non-action on gay people during her reign, especially against gay children. Do you think she care or thought about those children at the time. She unconsciously delighted in the power and her behaviour as a leader made her an abuser against them- a child abuser not much different than the RC priest and nuns. Don’t think she will go down in history as the most concerned or conscious person in the history time.

      1. Why don’t you ask her daughter Carol Thatcher what she thought, after all she is a lesbian.

    2. The kids hated her too.

    3. She has been out of power for 23 years, all I’m saying is that you don’t have to agree with her policies but to celebrate the death of someone for doing her job is a bit over the top. It’s very easy to only remember bad things and nothing else. everyone in power has to make difficult choices, she was in power in a very different Britain. The hate towards a woman who has been out of power for so long is quite erational. We have to deal with people saying erational things about us daily. Why can’t we be a little more dignified.

  44. ColinJones 8 Apr 2013, 6:05pm

    I won’t bother with the news tonight as the sycophantic drivel will be nausaeting, instead I’ll be watching “The Hobbit” on DVD which came out today, childhood memories of the 70’s before Maggie came to power.

    1. I’ve tried watching Al Jazeera news today. The coverage about That Woman is much more balanced.

  45. Seems to me that the majority of the individuals posting utter bile about the death of Margaret Thatcher do not beleive in democracy – she was in office for over a decade & was re-elected by the British people for 3 terms……………….politics aside I find many of the comments here utterly shameful & distasteful!

    1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 7:18pm

      28% of the electorate elected her…hardly democracy. Good riddance to a vile evil murdering homophobic harridan. She destroyed British Industry, and opined there was no such thing as society as far as she was concerned. She left over 5 million unemployed and at on point the interest rates climbed to 17.8%. . Other that the interest rates the current incumbents in Downing Street are not a lot better.

      1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:25pm

        other than…**

    2. Perhaps it’s worth reminding ourselves how it was she managed to gain and maintain power.

      Squabbling in the Labour Party led to a split and the formation of the SDP, which later merged with the liberals to become the Liberal Democrats.

      In the first past the post system that we still have, this effectively gave her a free pass, despite the overwhelming majority being to her left.

      Amusingly, history will repeat itself in reverse in two year’s time as UKIP splits the Tory vote giving Labour a free pass.

      That’s democracy for you!

      1. Succintly said,Wingby.

        I remember the exasperation, the sheer vexation we all felt when yet again Thatcher managed to scrape through and win an election by the skin of her teeth.

        She had the moronic followers of the Daily Mail behind her of course.

        1. Succinctly said!

    3. well said chrisw.
      theres a level of intolerance amongst some of the bedsit posters on here which wouldnt be out of place in a fascist blog

      1. except there is fascist mandate here, rodney. only happy gay people who realise what malice she brought to us. i, myself, live in a fully detached little number (hate the neighbours! yawn-some) that i work hard for… stick that in the back of your van, rodders! cheap comments galore indeed!

        1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:33pm

          Same here Rodders. I live in a 4 bedroom country house, hardly a bed sit. I doubt many of the commentators on this thread live in bedsits. We are a bit long in the tooth for that. It is those who don’t seem to know their history that probably live in such accommodation and they are few, fortunately.

          1. Ditto, says Wingby from his second home/country estate. South of France. :-0

          2. Wingby, that’s interesting. Partner and I have toyed with the idea of relocating to somewhere near Montpellier. (Today’s report of extraordinary homophobic violence in France, however, causes one to pause!)

            Enjoy your warmer temperatures! The on-going cold here is ridiculous.

          3. Don’t be afraid Eddy, it’s fine! And it’s warm and sunny today!

        2. sorry, meant to say no fascist mandate… damn these adverts!! actually went on several anti-fascist protest marches, such is the vileness of self before others… can we please have EDIT function PN, pretty-please-with-bells-on-it!

    4. Hitler was elected.

    5. spiritbody 8 Apr 2013, 10:21pm

      To all outraged Thatcher sympathisers:
      A long 12 years in office, some decisions were bound to be good, some were bound to be bad.
      It just so happens that the bad decisions were SO bad, SO catasrophic to so many peoples lives, that those injustices and personal attacks (which is what the experience of the Thatcher years WERE for many people) are still very much felt by those people today, still raw, and they feel like they’ve never had justice for what was done to them and their livelihoods. You HAVE to allow them to mark this occassion (her passing) in the way that they see fit. No matter how distasteful it may seem to you.

  46. Thatcher despised gay people through and through and she let us know it at every opportunity.

    I’ll shed no tear now she’s gone.

    1. Good riddance, just Tebbit and Widders to go.

      1. Oh, I’ve got a much longer list than that.

  47. She was a vile hateful woman, she used the police as strike busters during the miners strikes, she devastated british industry, she made the lives of LGBT young people a misery, she turned greed into a thing to be proud of. Those who were around at the time remember the high unemployment and lowering of the general standard of living, and the chants of Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, out out out during the poll tax demonstrations.Good riddance to her.

  48. In case one has forgotten all the harm she did to gay people, refresh your memory here.

  49. Georg Friedrich 8 Apr 2013, 6:40pm

    One old important women of Britain has died, but another has rest. I wonder, for how long ?

    1. Georg, hi. What do you mean? Which other old important woman are you referring to? Our parasitic queen, perhaps? She’s just been a nobody, a nothing, never mentioned the word “gay” once in her whole reign, but she didn’t wreak the destruction and hatred towards LGBTs that Thatcher did.

      1. Georg Friedrich 8 Apr 2013, 8:42pm

        Yes, of course, I understand this perfectly. The Queen and Prime Minister – its very different forms of power in the British state, with different legitimacy, competences and mission. However, I have absolutely no compassion with Mrs. Thatcher – and so will be one day too, when “German Thatcher”, Mr. Helmut Kohl, will die. At least British Conservatives are much more gay friendly as they was in the 1980-es. In contrary, our Conservatives, Christian Democrat Party (CDU), still live in the 1960-es. .

        1. Thanks for the reply, Georg. Sorry to hear your Conservatives don’t at least have a subsection of gay & lesbian MPs, as ours now do. It took out Conservatives a long time to start modernising and they’ve clearly got a long long way to go. For all we know the death of Thatcher could trigger a revolt against Cameron and a take-over by backbench Tory hard-liners.

  50. Section 28. Nothing more needs to be said – (although there are pages of other hateful things she did)

    D(o). N(ot). R. I .P.

    The gay men whose lives she attempted to destroy have not lived in peace. Seriously evil woman.

    1. Not everything is a gay issue , she ened the cold war with president ronald reagan. Ok !!! Not everything a gay issue !!

      1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:43pm

        …But on a gay news site it is Sam. She did not end the cold war Gorbachev did. She had absolutely nothing to do with it. The Russians detested her as did the rest of the world. She also destroyed British industry and toadied up to the bankers and the City and interest rates shot up to nearly 18%. She tried to bring in the Poll tax and she destroyed the Mining industry. Unemployment was at an all time high of nearly 6 million when the cabinet finally had enough and sent the bitch packing. Either you weren’t there or you had your head up her vile arse like a lot of Uncle Tom gay at the time…

      2. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:47pm

        …But on a gay news site it is Sam. She did not end the cold war Gorbachev did. She had absolutely nothing to do with it. The Russians detested her as did the rest of the world. She also destroyed British industry and toadied up to the bankers and the City and interest rates shot up to nearly 18%. She tried to bring in the Poll tax and she destroyed the Mining industry. Unemployment was at an all time high of nearly 6 million when the cabinet finally had enough and sent the biatch packing. Either you weren’t there or you had your head up her vile arse like a lot of Uncle Tom gay at the time…

      3. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:48pm

        …But on a gay news site it is Sam. She did not end the cold war Gorbachev did. She had absolutely nothing to do with it. The Russians detested her as did the rest of the world. She also destroyed British industry and toadied up to the bankers and the City and interest rates shot up to nearly 18%. She tried to bring in the Poll tax and she destroyed the Mining industry. Unemployment was at an all time high of nearly 6 million when the cabinet finally had enough and sent the witch packing. Either you weren’t there or you had your head up her vile arse like a lot of Uncle Tom gay at the time…

      4. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:49pm

        …But on a gay news site it is Sam. She did not end the cold war Gorbachev did. She had absolutely nothing to do with it. The Russians detested her as did the rest of the world. She also destroyed British industry and toadied up to the bankers and the City and interest rates shot up to nearly 18%. She tried to bring in the Poll tax and she destroyed the Mining industry. Unemployment was at an all time high of nearly 6 million when the cabinet finally had enough and sent the witch packing. Either you weren’t there or you had your head up her vile backside like a lot of Uncle Tom gays at the time…

        1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 9:00pm

          Absolutely no idea what happened here. Sorry folks.

  51. She was just a vile prime minister overall. Only represented the upper classes interests, vehemently anti gay and couldn’t give a toss about NI.
    I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Good riddance!

  52. section 28 was one of the most vile and hateful acts of law ever passed. suddenly gay people were vilified, bullied, punched up, spat on – but hey, we’re gay and we all deserve it, eh?! the falklands war was only ever a war because thatcher needed re-electing and didn’t have a platform with which to brag (because of how unpopular she was…). the sinking of the belgrano is a total war crime, outside the exclusion and going in the wrong direction and thatcher gave the permission to sink it. school playing fields anyone? school milk? art at school being lost for maths, chemistry and physics?! there’s an impromptu party at my house i can tell you!! rip thatch… we have no manufacturing industry now, but hey, we do have fridges and microwaves! (joke but look it up!!)

    1. You should see the celebration there was last night on the falls road in Belfast. Over here she is universally hated

  53. Legislation much like Section 28 still exists in many states in the U.S., sadly. More on that here:

  54. i stood with striking miners at power stations.
    Marched with the steelworkers
    I donated part of my wages each week to the strike fund.
    Marched a few times against section 28.
    Met lots of good people who were motivated to protest because they believed in something.
    how sad that thirty years on belief in something has been replaced by bitter insults.
    there again for the middle classes it was always about personality rather than politics.
    Politics based around lifestyle choice is always doomed to be reactionary and no substitute for class based belief

  55. I was talking to my friend about her. And the first thing i said was “i hope that gay websites if they write about her don’t make it a gay issue not every thing is a gay issue”. And of course this pop’s up. She and president Ronald Reagan ended the cold war, now that important the 1980’s gay rights where not the number 1 issue. geez not everything is gay.

    1. sadly, this is a gay news website… what did you expect?! other than being gay, i grew up (too quickly) because of her vilification of gays (knee-jerk reaction to tory media pressure (so much for the balls of iron) imho). ma i mas, is your name backwards, as you are, it would seem.

      1. W/e to be honest i really don’t give a shit about her or how you felt you grew up to quickly, Im from the states so i have no reason to criticize a dead women. And this website vs other’s like The advocate or The Huffington Post gay voices many times has a extreme view’s on many things either gay or homophobe. poorly written articles, always extreme views that if someone is not for gay marriage they are homophobe’s. And plus i get 9 dislikes maybe even more but at least if i give someone a dislike i tell them way. And not by saying their views are backwards. OOOOO burn. You can sashay away

        1., sorry but we lived with her form of government for too long and laughed heartily when she was finally shoved! but you have no reason to presume that we are being predictable in our criticisms on her passing or any other such person of esteem who espouses and enacts laws that limit the freedoms of one portion of society (as applicable). i do not allow news services to dictate to me to the truth of any matter, i read several such services (freely) and decide on the truth of the matter for myself. i, myself, do not give a flying f@ck for equal marriage nor criticise you or anyone else of homophobia for not really feeling it, and i do not deny others from seeking it but feel the need to criticise religionists who shove their freedoms down my throat with malice, masquerading as love. thanks for the sashay comment, sadly not being effeminate myself, i do demand the right to do so, if I so wish!

          1. I understand where your coming from and i understand how she influenced a time in history to go backwards not forwards. Sorry for that and for being critical of those who judge her on gay issues. She seemed like a total bitch. And of course i care if u grew up too quickly that sucks. Shante you stay !!!

        2. Sam, if you don’t care about the people who had to endure her tenure, can I respectfully suggest you go mind your own business elsewhere.

          It’s not often we get someone on these threads supporting someone who routinely abused their power over the weak.

    2. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:51pm

      …but on a gay news site it is Sam. She did not end the cold war Gorbachev did. She had absolutely nothing to do with it. The Russians detested her as did the rest of the world. She also destroyed British industry and toadied up to the bankers and the City and interest rates shot up to nearly 18%. She tried to bring in the Poll tax and she destroyed the Mining industry. Unemployment was at an all time high of nearly 6 million when the cabinet finally had enough and sent the vile harridan packing. Either you weren’t there or you had your head up her vile backside like a lot of Uncle Tom gays at the time…

    3. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 8:52pm

      …But on a gay news site it is Sam. She did not end the cold war Gorbachev did. She had absolutely nothing to do with it. The Russians detested her as did the rest of the world. She also destroyed British industry and toadied up to the bankers and the City and interest rates shot up to nearly 18%. She tried to bring in the Poll tax and she destroyed the Mining industry. Unemployment was at an all time high of nearly 6 million when the cabinet finally had enough and sent the witch packing. Either you weren’t there or you had your head up her like a lot of Uncle Tom gays at the time…

      1. .....Paddyswurds 8 Apr 2013, 9:03pm

        LOL…I don’t know how this happened folks. I’m not ga ga really i’m not….

        1. ’tis the animated adverts! on a slow(er) bandwidth (such as i) it looks like you’ve posted nothing, when in fact, you posted twice. humph…

    4. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 11:24am

      Thank goodness to read some common sense here. Totally agree … FELLOW GAY MEMBERS GET OUT OF THE GAY GHETTO EVERY NOW AND AGAIN AND OPEN YOUR MIND TO OTHER MAJOR ISSUES IN THE WORLD. Being gay is minor compared to many issues in the world.

      I clearly have one thing in common with most on here. I’m gay and thats it. BYE

  56. I really recommend this particular Thatcher “obituary” to all LGBTs, particularly those who were only young, or maybe not even born, when Thatcher wielded power.

    The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
    by: Claude J. Summers,
    8 April 2013

    (Thanks to the earlier poster who recommended this article.)

  57. Lots and lots of self-loathers and/or incredibly ignorant or naive people posting sympathetic messages for one of the most vicious opponents of GLBT rights this country has ever seen.

  58. Liberalcynic 8 Apr 2013, 10:14pm

    This is way too candy-coated. In the eighties, at a time when many young gay men were dying horrible, frightening deaths from a new disease called AIDS, she could not have been more vile towards the gay community. With Thatcher you were always either ‘one of us’ or the enemy, and she left little doubt which side of that divide she thought the gay community was.

  59. Craig Nelson 8 Apr 2013, 10:31pm

    For the period she was PM the UK had one of the worst records on LGBT equality, at a time other countries were moving forwrads. The age of consent for gay men was 21 (for everyone else 16). Various consenting gay sex acts were stll criminalised (having sex in a house where other people lived was an offence).

    On top of this, as if this was not enough, section 28 was instituted.

    Here I shall not speak of many other ways the country was harmed. But on gay issues the country was in a deep freeze. There was no forward movement and with section 28 the country took a massive step back.

    The ill effects of that regime especially s28 will be with us for some time, sadly.


  61. Ben Cohen you’re very quiet what do you think? And give us an editorial

  62. This woman was so brilliant, claimed Iraq was friendly nation, best buddies with General Pinochet and Mandela was a terroist, SPOT ON MATE, SPOT ON!

    Odius old cow promoted the evil legislation of section 28, destroyed mining towns and cities and treated the miners with contempt, she “snatched” milk away from babies, she introduced poll tax and destroyed British Industry.

    She was the devil incarnate, she makes my blood boil and all this millitary funeral bollocks she going to get makes me want to puke.

    Hope she rots in hell, although, I have heard that the first three circles of hell have been privatised all within 24 hrs of her leaving this planet.

    Please youngesters, foreigners (especially Americans) do not get pulled in to that Hollywood clap trap that she was kind brave woman, she was an immoral atrocious leader who did not care for any social implications that she created, she was only driven by money, greed and hatred.

    Good Riddance

  63. Spanner1960 8 Apr 2013, 11:40pm

    All those hypocrites that complain about hate crime should take this on board:

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.
    Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

    Martin Luther King

    1. Well said Spanner1960, sadly your voice of reason will be lost amidst the frenzied baying hordes on here who rejoice at the death of an 87 year old grandmother and spew forth their bile of hate. What they really hate is that she won three general elections and the hearts and minds of the majority of their own fellow citizens. They accuse anyone who does not agree with their narrow philosophy of being ‘a self-hating gay’ in exactly the same way McCarthy decreed anyone who didn’t agree with him as ‘unAmerican’ in the 1950s or Goebbels sought to purge Germeany of any free thinkers who didn’t toe the Nazi party line. It is their own nation and their own people they really hate, and given it is their fellow Britons and the country that made them who they are, it is they who are actually self-hating.

      1. Thomas, have you seen the frenzied baying hordes who are defending “saint” Thatcher and attacking the left? Speaking of popularity, wasn’t Hitler overwhelmingly popular in Nazi Germany? I and most of the people I know who strongly dislike Thatcher haven’t been celebrating her death, there’s so much of her appalling legacy left that it’s hardly appropriate. I’ve noticed how you’ve ignored the appalling homophobia that she promoted. Why any gay man would support Thatcher after Section 28 is beyond me. So because I dislike Thatcher therefore I’m self-hating? I don’t follow your logic at all.

    2. I do not rejoice at her death, but I will not let others use her death to paper over her crimes.

      No hate here: just making sure the truth isn’t buried.

  64. The thing is: I don’t actually give a stuff about how Margaret Thatcher oppressed me as a gay man.
    I really object to how she screwed over the rest of the country.
    I’m old enough to remember Britain pre-Thatcher and afterwards.
    Even though I’m a gay man, I objected to her because she did horrible things to all of us in the UK, irrespective of who we had sex with.
    In the late 1980s I interviewed Thatcher and some of the members of her Cabinet and they were just ignorant people. I know that asking politicians if they know the cost of a pint of milk is a bit naff, but these people didn’t even know that they could buy a pint of milk from the newsagent.
    They were that witless.Seriously stupid people.
    I’m not going to dance on her grave or anything like that -not least because I don’t want to be subsumed into the quicksand of peat and piss that it will contain – but I can’t be genuinely sorry that she’s dead.
    She did nothing to make my life betterbut an awful lot to make it worse.

  65. She introudced section 28 – she hated gays and gays still hate her forever. No sympathy for the bitch.

  66. Good Riddance. The World is a better place now she’s gone.

  67. gay activist paul mitchell 9 Apr 2013, 6:35am

    Yes good news for once, the homophobic bigoted anti-everything Conservative bitch is dead!

    I hope JuLIAR Gillard will die too I hope – along with Tony Abbott as well!!!!

  68. Colin (London) 9 Apr 2013, 9:37am

    I’ve read a number of the hate comments and agree she was against the gay cause. No leader gets it right 100%. Look at Tony Blair. He was useless and to me should be in Jail with Bush.

    If we look at our wider lives (non gay) work, housing, opportunities they were all extended under Thatcher.

    I remember getting Sir Ian McGregor on a plane from Glasgow to Boston some 25 years ago. He told me of the argument he had with Thatcher and he won that round and was allowed to take on the miners. Please remember that the national debt at that time was very high. We paid the equivilent of the Education budget in interest to the IMF then.

    I accept she was against us gays but I have to say myself and all my family own our own houses, have had an education, all work and my sisters kids are all the same. We took the good and made it work for us as a family. Others my mums brothers and sisters sat on their arses and complained. Today we have options they do not.

    1. Colin (London) 9 Apr 2013, 9:41am

      One last point. It is the conservatives that are promoting SSM in Parliament just now even although a large number of conservative MP’s are against it. I and others wrote to David Cameron who at great cost to himself personally supported us. I hope that you all can acknowledge this and show your gratitude when the bill is finally passed. Also that there are many in the conservative party who have changed since Thatchers time.

  69. Jacob Dugan-Braue 9 Apr 2013, 9:53am

    As an American-born, now British national, I note how much M Thatcher influenced US politics with her astute twinning of emerging neo-conservative policy with R Reagan.

    Americans viewed her trans-Atlantic alliance very favourably and lent it their hard power support. Reduced to a gross simplification, Ronnie was Maggie’s ‘poodle’.

    She was this president’s philosophical twin poised to characterise government as the natural enemy of private initiative and freedom.

    Our task now is to bury her and her ideas and find some kind word somehow, as is our social obligation.

    But our work is to restate the good and proper place of government opposing her poisonous view of the world, based in a selfish incapacity to balance the interests of individuals with those of society.

    I can vote. I can be involved in that struggle to right her wrongs. So can each of us.

  70. Barry WilliamTeske 9 Apr 2013, 10:00am

    Thatcher was nothing more than a sanctioned terrorist.

  71. mikeysussex 9 Apr 2013, 10:24am

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. I was a young gay man in the 80s and life was really difficult. This ghastly piece of shit divided the nation and made the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

  72. Selfish and greedy folk, gay or straight, are unlikely to think of Thatcher negatively. But the rest of us know that Thatcher did indeed “implant the gene of greed in Britain”. Excellent article below.

    1. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2013, 1:47pm

      One man’s greed is another man’s ambition.
      Thatcher showed that anyone can rise to the top, but equally the world doesn’t owe anybody a living.

    2. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 11:43am

      To some of us who started with nothing we prospered. Yes we moved homes (or should I say rooms when young), worked long hours but today we are not moaning as we are busy enjoying the benefits of our hard work. You all can do that too but you have to be willing to change and go for it.

      I see opportunity everywhere I go and push people I know towards it helping them as others helped me. I love working with young people. Set the guidelines and set them to it and watch them succeed. I love it when a young person tells me to politely get lost (sometimes not so politely) as they know what they are doing and will find me if they need help. win win win. Win client, win business, win young person – skills, experience and salary. I have doubled salaries in my life. And the best thing was not profit but seeing young unskilled kids become responsible young adults. This country has so much talent. If you are not part of the solution believe me you are the problem.

      1. Thanks Colin but some of us are happy and have succeeded by “something” of ourselves but still think Thatcher is a vile, homophobic, racist and heartless scumbag. What has your rambling self-congratulatory post about self-improvement got to do with her appalling track record on LGBT rights? The fact that she helped some ambitious people fulfill their dreams doesn’t take away any of the truly nasty and evil policies she put in place.

      2. “You all can do that too but you have to be willing to change and go for it.”

        What makes you think that everyone on this board who dislikes Thatcher is in a low-paid job or haven’t succeeded in life? What an incredibly patronising thing to say.

      3. Well done Colin for giving your own comments the thumbs up.


    Dacre has declared war on the left or anybody who disagrees with “her holiness”. Most people I know who disliked or even hated Thatcher haven’t been celebrating her death, myself included. The front page of the Mail today with that photograph spread across with front page with the light glowing in her hair like a halo made me what to throw up. Nauseating, fawning shít.

  74. Mike Homfray 9 Apr 2013, 2:05pm

    Loathe everything she stood got send her death changes nothing. Evil personified

  75. I vacillate between inordinate rage at the passing of this person who caused me great pain when she ‘dissed’ me with her speeches about my sexuality and my position in society and an explosive need to ‘do something’ to make sure everyone knows how she created the world we live in now. No young person will ever be free of the debt that her deregulation of the banks has imposed on them. The price of her legacy is a new generation with so much to offer yet so little will they get. She encouraged greed and selfishness and has allowed her ideology to influence all politics after her. Britain is more unequal than ever because of her nastiness. No words can really say what damage she has done, and yet we still have people who believe she was wonderful. Look at the homeless, the poor and the underclasses and you see her legacy writ large.

    1. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 11:10am

      I come from nothing, disabled mum in a rough council estate in Motherwell Scotland. My family choose to take action when Thatcher changed things and every one of us own our own homes, educated ourselves, have good and responsible jobs as does my 4 sisters kids. I am retired at 51 and travel all over the world. So what’s so different about you and me? I make the most of opportunities, work hard and keep going. I see many who sit on their arses and complain. Or worse sit in the pub blameing everyone else to justify their lazyness. Get a skill or an education and make something of yourself. There is wealth for all if you open your eyes but you have to be willing to work for it.

      You are only poor if you are disabled in my opinion. I was there as well.

      1. Some of my family live in areas that didn’t benefit under Thatcher and their lives were ruined by this woman. Yes she encouraged people to “work hard” but at what cost? I find the smugness of your post nauseating, many of the people who I know who suffered under her leadership were hardworking too. Like a lot of people who defend her you accuse people who have fallen on hard times as being “lazy”. Do you know all these people individually? Another difference is that my family, although they worked hard they didn’t boast or try and put other people down because of it. I personally don’t think you’re offering those words of “advice” because you care about other people getting on life, you’re doing it because it makes you look like you have all the answers. Selfishness masquerading as caring might fool some people but certainly not me.

  76. Abused by police 9 Apr 2013, 8:02pm

    Ding Dong, Maggie’s Gone!!!!

    Apparently only in hell 48hours & already closing down furnaces!

    UK Steel & Coal industry all over again!

  77. Staircase2 10 Apr 2013, 3:44am

    In response to all the sanctimonious calls of ‘respect the dead’ I would say the response to this woman’s death is a reflection of the cruel and heartless behaviour that SHE exhibited towards the poor, the weak and the vulnerable during her time in office.

    It’s perfectly possible to be respectful AND honest.

    There is no ‘respect’ in lying thru our teeth about a politician whose policies exacted such an enormous human cost.

    Anyone aghast at the enormous outpouring of celebratory relief from the vast body of UK citizens needs to stop and ask why so many people feel this way?

    The press has apparently got it largely wrong. But then those elements of the press are the very same people that supported and sanctioned her policies the most and played the greatest role in upholding her twisted policies in the first place.

    Bless her, she was a cruel and heartless despot.

    1. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 4:41pm

      Unions destroyed this country by holding it to ransom. People refusing to face reality of world markets. Poland produced cheaper coal and steel than UK. Government at the time was subsidising these industries. Unions faught against change. Poland labour costs were cheaper than UK. Business went there. Then labour cheaper in the middle east so business went there. Poland employees out of work. This is ABC stuff. So every time you buy a cheap item from China or on Amazon remember you yes you are giving away jobs in Europe and the UK. It’s your families that will suffer.

      Me I’m busy moving half of my extended family to growing economies in other parts of the world. I’m off tonight for 2 months. I’m Scottish by birth but have lived in 3 different countries. Move where the business is. Britain has so much talent. It’s in your hands no one elses.

  78. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 11:30am

    I wish i could be in london for her funeral. I would wear my large gay flag around my body and stand humbly in line to mark my respect for this world class leader.

    Yes she was against gays.

    However I have benefited enormously as has this country under Thatcher. As a gay man I can recognise the good she did and accept that she did not get everything right. Has anyone ever!

    Sadly I wont be in the country.

    1. “Yes she was against gays”.

      You could make that excuse for any dictator that persecuted or attacked certain groups. Sadly I will be in the country and will have to put up with all the mindless Thatcherites fawning, I’m getting sick of it already.

      1. Colin (London) 10 Apr 2013, 4:32pm

        I respect your comment but we were hardly persecuted. Our status not advanced certainly. She achieved a lot both in the UK, Europe and on the World stage however. And we are living with those benefits today believe it or not economically.

        1. No, SOME people are living with the benefits today.

          Section 28 was pure disgusting discrimination, nothing less. My politics are certainly not right wing but I certainly do not gush over any politician on the political spectrum, left or right. Frankly it’s rather creepy.

  79. It’s pretty weird that a whole chunk of posts from about 4pm to 6pm yesterday have just disappeared off this thread.

    1. Spanner1960 10 Apr 2013, 12:08pm

      Not weird at all. Somebody has weeded out some of the really nasty and unnecessary comments on here.
      It’s one thing to state ones dislike or even hatred of the woman, but a lot of the comments were beyond the pale.

      1. Yes, but there were a couple of completely inoffensive dialogues I was part of that have vanished altogether – in fact there are no post from that time of day left at all.

      2. I don’t celebrate the death of anybody but if the comments were “nasty and unecessary” then they were exactly like the lady herself.

  80. Rudehamster 13 Apr 2013, 10:25pm

    Having read some of the hate and vitriol here, I’m more than a little depressed. I’m fully aware of the good and the bad things of Thatcherism, but I wonder how many of those spewing hate actually voted at the time of Thatcher & were politically active?
    Secondly…she left 23 YEARS AGO. Have you all forgotten the Blair & Brown fuck-up? Many of them, far worse than Thatcher’s.

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