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Bryan Fischer to caller: ‘Get out of gay-friendly church before it destroys your family’

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Reader comments

  1. The homosexual hysteria of these nob heads is totally perplexing. How can this man make such comments with such certainty and not be locked up for hate speech? If he was saying similar things about racial matters, wouldn’t the pollice be round to arrest him? It’s time we stopped affording ‘religion’ such deference. They say these things because they have always got away with it – by burning dissenters at the stake – and they think they still can. THEY CAN’T!!!

    1. This is a USA story. Hate speech is not a crime in America; it is protected by the First Amendment.

      But Bryan Fischer is definitely a peculiar, obsessed person.

      The good news is that he is now encountering callers to his radio show who have (apparently unintentionally) joined a gay-friendly church. Such churches used to be thin on the ground; now they are so common that a Bryan Fischer fan might accidentally join one. Further proof that Mr Fischer and his unpleasant organisation are losing.

  2. Was he wearing a poly-cotton shirt?
    Tut tut.

    1. douglas in canada 8 Apr 2013, 2:07pm

      Yes, they refuse to acknowledge the law in Leviticus. You mention Lev 19:19.
      I also like Lev 21:16-24, which prevents the following people from approaching god: the blind (does that include those who need to wear glasses?) and lame, people with a broken foot or hand, scabs, an itching disease, or even crushed testicles!! (I wonder what prompted that one to get into the list.)

      Superstitious beliefs mark these christians more as nutcases than anything else.

  3. I dislike this man as much as the next person so I ask Pink News to stop giving him the attention he so desperately craves!

  4. He should have said, ‘Get your children out of ANY church as it destroys young minds – makes them prejudiced, bigoted and divides otherwise happy societies’.

  5. “because if they believe that, and they act on that, it will destroy them.”

    Yeah, because everybody who believes that gay people are just people like everybody else that deserve the same respect and dignity as heterosexuals will automatically turn gay.

    Bryan Fischer is a raving lunatic. His homophobia is pathological.

  6. Quite right. Join the Catholic Church. They oppose homosexuality. Your children will be perfectly safe there. Why not drop them off with the local priest while you do some shopping?

    WARNING: comment includes irony

  7. That There Other David 8 Apr 2013, 3:16pm

    He just oozes the air of a self-hating closet case, doesn’t he? I hope for his sake he never goes near any airport toilets or hires someone to carry his holiday luggage.

    1. Hahaha. Exactly! “The bigger the homophobe, the bigger the closet case”. Why does no-one ever confront these irrational people and ask them WHY they get so hot under the collar about this issue? Why doesn’t he froth equally about all the other nonsensical biblical ‘sins’? If ONLY they realised just how much their obsessive gay hatred says about themselves, perhaps they’d be less likely to spew out their vile rantings …..

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