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UK’s first youth crime commissioner urged to resign and apologises over homophobic tweets

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Reader comments

  1. UglyGeezer 7 Apr 2013, 4:38pm

    I’m not defending the putrid language she used in those Tweets, or any motivation behind them, far from it in fact.
    But these tweets were made when she was 13-14 years old. More than likely I said some equally vile things at that age, I imagine most 13-14 year-old teens do.

    Again, it’s the vileness that is the Daily Mail has gone digging through this girls Tweets from 3 years ago just to cause harm.

    I just heard her apologising and crying on the radio, still sounding like a child (I could happily argue that at 17 she is).It dis put the story into more of a context for me and make me think differently about the story. This morning I wanted her sacked, this evening I see her as a victim.

    1. Geezer , With all due respect. Yes she is just a teen 17 to be exact. But you don`t just put someone in a position like this without some sort of backround check. It is obvious this was not the case , the police here dropped the ball. Now the politicions are trying to make every other parent of any teen responsible for her actions. Because they too are culpable, In appointing her to this position. Lay the blame on someone else.The political blame game.The only thing that will come out of this is, more youth feeling alienated and victimized by the system. This fu-pa will create more division than inclusion. If she stays on she will be seen by some as the lackey of the system, if she resigns she will be seen as a victim of the system.All in all a great PR example of what not to do when you appoint someone to a political position.I believe those responsible should be the ones to resign , but lets face it when it comes to taking responsibility for something. Don`t look to politicians.

      1. If you were running a background check on someone who was being considered for an obscure local political role (it sounds as though her job was basically to go round talking to young people and report back on what they had to say), would you really look at what they said on Twitter when they were a minor?

        1. James, yes you are correct. However in todays politcal climate, you would think someone would have done this to protect this young girl, before she was thrown into the lions pit of politics. I,m not suggesting she should be held accountable for her attitudes from an earlier time. just that those adults who placed her in harms way should have atleast given her a heads up.

        2. employers will google you to find out what comes up and if that kind of thing comes up then people associate that person with your establishment and those views with it too.

          Everything you put on facebook, twitter or other social media leaves a papertrail and must be managed (by not saying anything objectional)

        3. She is still only 17, so ‘being a minor’ is only 4 years ago for her. Turning it around, are you saying that a politician should not be held to account for tweets (s)he made only 4 years ago? And if her role was essentially pointless – why bother? This entire farce was doomed from the start.

    2. I guess if you grow up in e gutter then this language is normal. Most polite people would be shocked to hear language le that

      1. Most polite people would be shocked to hear some of the language you come out with on a regular basis. Isn’t c**t one of you favourite retorts?

        I doubt she picked where she grew up

    3. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2013, 7:55am

      Actually she said it was between the ages of 14 – 16. We’re not talking about what some had done 5, 10, 15 years ago in their youth but up to 1 year ago as she is only 17 now.

      Were they silly mistakes or were they what she feels but has been found out? Has she changed her view in such a short spaces of time.. we’re talking months after all. All good if she has but I don’t think she is deserving of this role.

      I do feel that the journalism of the Daily Mail do need to be put into question, in this case it has been yet again appalling but also add that I remember Maidstone Very well, it is a very homophobic place and lets notforget who their MP for many years was… Ann Widdecombe!

  2. diva Doll 7 Apr 2013, 4:41pm

    I think that the kid was pretty out of control as a young teen, but in the face of the media, has stepped up nicely and faced massive hostility. It would be bullying not to give her a chance.

    1. B. Allan Ross 7 Apr 2013, 8:25pm

      Not actually ‘bullying’ to fire a paid public servant. She wouldn’t claim that I’d bet. Criticized harshly in a very public, public relations position? They swear she’s been vetted all she needs to be. Language won’t kill her. She is/was a teenager acting like a teenager, and she’s the nation’s new representation of ‘a UK teenager’. She practically HAD to show her street cred, IMO. Her former language & the shallow points of view it represents in MOST ‘regular’ (not professional) teenagers were just burnt off. She’ll be fine.

    2. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2013, 8:00am

      She’s still a young teen!!

      Yes we all do things in are teen years that we regret but like I said above we’re not talking about 5, 10, 15 years ago… time to reflect we’re talking months ago. Even as a teen I find it hard to believe you’d write such stuff and change your mind a few months to a year later.

      She is too immature to do this job. I feel there are more deserving, intelligent young minds out there deserving of the £15,000 a year role.

  3. Pretty sure if I had twitter at 14 you could rake up a lot of things that would embarrass me. Poor girl. There’s not much point selecting a youth crime commissioner who was squarer than square as a teenager.

  4. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2013, 4:49pm

    Teenage Crime Commissioner…? Don’t make me laugh. She needs to be gone and the quicker the better.

    She’s clearly too immature to take up such a position.

    1. I heard her on the radio telling us that she would let the police know what kids want.

      Time we concentrated on what kids need not what they want. We don’t need to ask THEM what they need, we know what they need. We have known what kids need for thousands of years.

      What they WANT is immaterial, and part of the problem we have found ourselves in, and she is the perfect example.

      We now have a generation of kids who think they are adults whose only life experience is looking at a screen

      1. While I partially agree with your point we’ve hardly known “for thousands of years” what “kids” need. One generation after another infecting the next with religious mumbo jumbo, thankfully that now is finally starting to be broken. Children need to be guided but also taught to question, tell a child how much bullshít there is in life is one of the most important things you can do.

        Your last sentence is a bit of a sweeping generalisation, I know plenty of younger people who are active, inquisitive and intelligent.

        1. But yes, she was far too young for this role and I don’t agree with the role of “Teenage Crime Commissoner”

        2. Religion apart, we have been parenting children since we were apes. Apes still parent their young.

          We don’t parent any more. Parents don’t want to be disliked by their kids so they become their friends. Then they wonder why they have no discipline or respect.

          Children aren’t born civilised, it is society that civilises us. With no example set, our kids are becoming less and less civilised. Then we are surprised at what is happening.

          I agree with your point that part of parenting is teaching children how to question things.

  5. There’s a mind-blowing article in today’s Observer magazine about Scottish priests raping boys through to anal intercourse at the highest levels of the Vatican!

    Contact the journalist Catherine Deveney if you have information to share.

    1. Apropos of what, exactly, Eddy? What’s the agenda you’re seeking to push on us here? Your post has sod all to do with the story upon which we are commenting so keep your own interest in ‘anal intercourse’ and rape for where it belongs.

      1. Rufusred, forgive me if I have missed your name before now, but I haven’t noticed it before. Please know that there is quite a large group of regular, or even daily, posters on these threads who regularly communicate regarding a number of important issues. One of these issues has been the outright corruption and hypocrisy of the Christian cults. The story to which I refer has not been picked up by PinkNews, at least yet, and may not be picked up at all. I simply wanted to ensure that others who have been following this issue here know about it.

        1. Precisely, Eddy and thank-you for the link; I read it with great interest.

          And Rufus, pet, go take a hike.

          Like the on/off switch on your telly, if you don’t like what’s on offer on these pages, you switch off / turn over / or, in your case, just bugger off altogether.


          1. Hello Eddy and Keith. first, thanks eddy for the explanation. I can see what you mean now and I hope to follow these ‘inserted’ threads from now on. I don’t comment much here (I usually just enjoy reading others’ opinions) so you will easily have missed my name, but thanks for pointing up this issue. Keith, learn from Eddy and treat yourself to some manners.

    2. Off topic, but there’s nowhere to post on stories not covered by PN.

      Thanks for drawing our attention to this article, Eddy. Truely sickening. I’m sure there’s more to come…

      Let’s not forget, this is the very same organisation tgat is lobbying so hard against equal marriage.

    3. Wonder if Frankie will be any better than Bennie?
      Ice-cream, anyone?

      Let’s hope he makes a clean sweep.
      Let’s hope first, however, that he is LET make a clean sweep and isn’t bumped off first, always a distinct possibility for toe-treaders.

      ………………………..with sincere apologies to Rufus for wandering off the subject

  6. If she’s 17, and these tweets are from when she was 13/14 – that means someone has been going back 3/4 years to try and find something on her and finish her off. That’s pathetic.

    Saying that, a 17 year old ‘crime commissioner’ – WTF is that? There shouldn’t even be one, never mind offensive tweets.

    1. 13 to 26 to be entirely accurate – probably went back a few months and found the first one(s), then decided to look back further

  7. One of the reasons why I like to read PinkNews is because of the people who comment here. The comments from readers here are smarter and more mature than elsewhere. In this instance is not true though. I’m not an UK citizen but what’s is the point of this girl getting £15000? She’s a vicious homophobic little girl. Sorry for my English.

    1. GingerlyColors 7 Apr 2013, 5:35pm

      Your English is better than that of many of my fellow citizens.

      1. ….or subjects, if you live in the UK, Canada etc etc.

        1. Yes. I know, it’s a bummer, but subjects we are!

  8. GingerlyColors 7 Apr 2013, 5:34pm

    I saw Paris Brown on the news earlier this afternoon, typical b*****dy woman, turning on the waterworks. She is the sort of vile internet troll that destroys peoples’ lives. What’s more trolling is a criminal offence. We have had more than our share of trolls here on this site posting homophobic comments so we know how it feels to be on the receiving end of such hate from those who hide behind their keyboards.
    Come on, Kent police, prosecute and make an example of her.

    1. Gaydailymailreader, to use your former moniker, why don’t you take your “typical bloody woman” comment to the daily mail forum where it will be more appreciated.

      She is not a woman she’s a girl. She was only 13-14 when she posted these things and you would like to prosecute her?

      Perhaps it takes a troll to know a troll, or perhaps you are actually unhinged enough to believe that what you say

      1. criminal responsibility starts at 10.

        1. So what? Should we start prosecuting all 13/14 year olds who use the word fag on twitter?

          1. yes.

    2. “Typical b*****dy woman”? Excuse me?

  9. Youth Crime Commissioner: as in commissioner of underage crimes? Seems like she’s got off to a flying start!

    I never imagined we’d get to the point where we have to pay youngsters 15 grand a year to break the law!

    Funny old world.

  10. ColinJones 7 Apr 2013, 5:46pm

    I heard this girl being interviewed on Radio 4 a few days ago when she was appointed and she sounded impressive and level headed for her age, what a letdown. They keep saying that 16 year olds should get the vote but I can’t believe anybody can be mature enough at that age or even older.

  11. This is typical in the culture of British people and their children. A fundamental change in their family and community philosophy would be of great benefit to produce better children, people and society. Unfortunately, the British will never go down as the most conscious people in the history of time.

    1. Where are you from? Please do let us know where this land beyond reproach is, so we may emulate your glorious utopia.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 8:01pm

        It’s probably no better than where he comes from. I can think of many worse places.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 7:59pm

      And you would know that? Where do you live?What makes you an authority on the British people?

  12. Too much, too young. It was irresponsible to employ someone in a public office at such a tender age. Yes a very silly little girl at the time but that is what growing up is all about, we learn from it. We where all young once and I think many people forget that.

    Not impressed with the Daily Mail at all the girl is not old enough to vote & barley out of school. It was a very bitter article designed to cause trouble and create a poltical bombshell, well done you succeeded.

  13. this story is so hysterical, of course she should resign! give the role to someone who doesn’t have a faceblah/twitter account or an eyebrow pencil, for that matter! what’s with the neg-thumbs for comments expecting for better for a girl so mature?! she has shown a lamentable contempt for the very society she has been asked to represent… and for this she should be removed from the role. i presume that she was drunk on duty (as it were, as duties for the role are thinner than her eyebrows) when riding baby walkers (hence ‘the best job ever’ remark) – not mature and certainly a concern for security given she tweeted this. lastly, the maturity of girls versus boys (at this age) is a media fantasy! it’s the individual who is or isn’t mature, and this girl certainly falls into the latter category.

  14. postopgirl 7 Apr 2013, 8:07pm

    only apologising to stay in post so she can get an adult PCC post, if anyone posts these kinds of things they must be as they wouldn’t have typed them

  15. B. Allan Ross 7 Apr 2013, 8:15pm

    Now that she has established her street cred as an actual flawed human teenager, and if adults would pay more attention, they’d discover she’s stepped instantly into the role of the nation’s teen, that teens believe she’s been slapped hard for her former more-flawed attitudes and language. Golly gee, she acts like a teen. Let her find her way. The teens will love her for proving she is not above them or their problems.

  16. Paul Brownsey 7 Apr 2013, 8:49pm

    Do you feel confident about how she might take up gay-related matters?

  17. I’m just concerned that at the age of only 17, she has a Kelly Osbourne/Julie Burchill old boiler thing going on already.

  18. What I find absurd is that on the Daily Mail website there was a story a few months ago about the Saga Zone website being shut down due to bullying, homophobic language and racism. Saga Zone is for the 50s but the comments on the Mail Online were mostly defending the actions of these posters who had displayed bigoted behaviour. Yet compare the comments to this story about this girl on the Mail Online and you’ll see very different reactions. There’s no way of proving that the people on the Saga website were over 50 but one things for sure, the Mail readers commenting seemed to think that their behaviour was excusable because the people were only reacting to the “PC nonsense in this country over the last 30 year”. Plenty of Mail readers too make far worse comments every day than this girl and I wonder how many of them work in responsible positions, I suppose they would think its fair for them to be sacked just exactly like they are calling for this girl to be.

  19. It’s a double standard as far as many Mail readers are concerned, when an older person is being making bigoted remarks it’s the “golden generation” speaking their mind”. When a young person, mindlessly posts juvenile nonsense over the internet they are feral youth with no manners or respect. I won’t even go into the people who have said “When I was 15 I was working and acted like an adult.” I’d have loved to have had somebody record their conversations with their friends when they were teenagers or down the pub when they were a few years older, I bet plenty of them have made similar remarks in the past, but of course they lived at a time before social media. Also I wonder how many of the so-called “feral youth” of today are future Daily Mail, Telegraph or Express readers?

  20. Another chav wannabe.


  21. She may have been 13/14 when she posted these vile comments, however these are so unpleasant she has to go.

  22. All a bit of a sad mess really. My advice: your life will not be diminished if you don’t have a Facebook page or a twitter account.

  23. Spanner1960 8 Apr 2013, 9:38am

    Sounds like a silly little girl mouthing off.
    Hopefully she will grow up.

  24. That’s ok then. A compliment is it?

    1. I’m not saying that what she said was nice, tolerant language. I just think that PN is stretching the truth a bit, accusing her of ‘homophobic tweets’; for a pre-16 kid, other than indirectly enforcing stereotypes, it is barely homophobic, & seeing as it’s only one tweet from a whole adolescence, ‘tweets’ in the plural is outright false.

      I’m no fan of the police, & think even less of politicians, but surely we in the queer community shouldn’t be supporting media spin.

  25. What can we expect when we dump our teenagers in front of EastEnders & laptops & don’t talk to them?

  26. Sack her!, no excuses that she was 14, stop mollycoddling her, it will be a valuable lesson in life to her, that inappropriate behaviour will not be condoned, because of her age. Keeping her in this ridiculous role, will just send a message to other teens that racism, homophobia is ok , just do a phoney apology when found out.
    For the idiots taken in by “save my own bacon” apology, what next? let’s excuse the 20 strong gang on our estate, they are only 14, get real . Part of growing up is accepting the consequences of your actions.

  27. Well if the tweets were hers there’s no doubt in my mind that she is not suitable for the role.

  28. What I’d like to know is how Adelle manages to pass for a 17 year old?

  29. Speaking to Sky News, she (Barns) said that Brown was subject to a “proper recruitment process” and was vetted by the police force.
    All force vetting requires the applicant to disclose all social media accounts they use. So either someone forgot to declare this twitter account or vetting didn’t check. I find it really hard to believe vetting missed this.

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