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Snoop Lion: ‘In the rap world, I don’t know if being gay will ever be acceptable’

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Reader comments

  1. Who fecking cares – rap is dead.

    His comparison with football teams is dumb. Like all rappers, he’s smoked too much weed.

    1. Did you read the interview. This is a “bad” day for him since he’s only smoked a few cigar sized spliffs as opposed to 25-30 that he smokes on a “good” day. Can you imagine the drivel that comes out of his face on a “good” day?

  2. ColinJones 7 Apr 2013, 5:53pm

    Rap artists get away with their blatant homophobia because they are black and nobody will say anything as they will look racist for daring to criticise.

    1. Yeah rock concerts as so much better

      1. I don’t know if you’re trying to infer that rock=white and rap= black or that rock musicians are not homophobic?

        1. I would prefer to go to a rock concert with my man

    2. That’s a load of shit. Plenty of people criticise rap artists. They “get away with it” because people keep buying their records.

      This is a problem with society, why is it acceptable to buy into this homophobic, misogynist, Neanderthal bullshit? There are rap and hip hop artists out there who make music that doesn’t hate on women and lgbt ppl.

      Black people are not the only people who make or buy rap music.

      White people are not the only people who criticise homophobia in rap and hip hop.

      This is not my first comment on Pink News and there is nothing in my inbox

      1. Oh wow it didn’t tell me off for swearing. Ignore the last part the

    3. Metal is often pretty damn homophobic. Ironic given how damn homoerotic it can be.

  3. Brett Gibson 7 Apr 2013, 6:20pm

    One day no one on this earth will be homophobic. Hip hop and rap are dead. They had their time but the music industry has moved on now. You still get these black artists trying their best to cling on to fame by releasing dance songs, snoop dogg included. Obviously rap and hip hop will live on but they won’t have the influence they once had.

    1. Yeah rap is the last bastion of homophobia once ra is dead we will all live in peace

  4. At one time people would have said, I can’t imagine a time when blacks will be accepted in white society. Times change, rap artists will either adapt or fade away.

    1. Yes all black pepople like rap it like heir bible

  5. Aryugaetu 7 Apr 2013, 8:28pm

    It all seems fair; Rap artists believe in Gays having relationships as much as Gays believe in Rap “musicians” having talent.
    I might be too white. To me, all Rap songs sound like someone accidentally hit the “rhythm” button on their £30 Casio keyboard and a 5 year old is trying to rhyme random words and phrases. If you turn off the Casio, all you have left is a 5 year old’s terrible poem. Rap has no melody (probably created by a stoned, unemployed, drummer).
    But, I do see the talent in finding 6 minutes worth of monosyllabic words. Regardless, any Dr. Seuss book sung to a Casio keyboard would be infinitely better in, both, story and rhymes.

  6. Pavlos: ‘In the gay world, I don’t know if being a rap artist will ever be acceptable’

    1. you can’t spell crap without rap.

  7. In the rap world, I don’t think they’ll ever have an IQ over 40, if even that.

  8. Rap is for those that desire the glory of musical fame yet cannot sing. Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. AKA Snoop Lion, emulates and promotes and makes his money off of the fake hyper-masculine death culture of broken minority communities. He is no better than the vulture preachers, pastors, deacons and bishops that parasite off their flocks while living like kings at the price of these same communities. In both cases, they profit off of what they do and return nothing to the communities they take from.

  9. In spite of claims of having no problem with gay people, Snoop menagerie reveals his misogynist, homophobic rap mind set. First by implying that all gay men are not “masculine” (and by that I presume he means “macho”) and second by competely disregarding the fact that some gay people are – gasp – women.

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