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American Decency Association: Magic Johnson is ‘damaging’ his gay son by supporting him

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Pedicini 7 Apr 2013, 10:29pm

    The evangelical church has lost all credibility because of their radical agenda against one specific sin out of many they supposedly refrain from. They hold homosexuality to the level of idol worship, the sin of all sins, While at the same time ignore greed, dishonesty, lack of ethics that are tearing our society and Democracy apart.

    Our Politicians are owned and paid for by major international corporations that undermine governments all over the world to increase their control and profit.

    The Church at the same time is trying to forcibly inject its doctrine in every aspect of Americans private lives and will not be happy until Christianity as they interpret it is the official state religion. Shame on them for damming and judging others for loving someone and wanting to commit their lives to monogamy, fidelity and love

  2. Scott Rose 7 Apr 2013, 10:31pm

    I’m sure Magic Johnson and EJ are extremely worried about these brainwashed gay-bashing zombies for Jesus.

    1. Hehe, zombies, like the J-man himself, who returned from the dead and even turned another person into a zombie like him (Lazarus).

      1. Hahaha,,,,hadn’t thought before that Jesus was a zombie…good point!…

  3. Bill Johnson is a dickhead.

    1. Or likes dickheads himself, like every good obsessive homophobe.

  4. johnny33308 7 Apr 2013, 11:02pm

    There isn’t even one ‘decent’ thing about the ‘American Decency Association’! Hypocrits and bigots is what they TRULY are! Magic is proving what a good father he really is. Bravo! The ‘decent’ thing to do in every situation is to mind one’s OWN business, something evangelicals know NOTHING about, obviously. They act entirely out of hatred and nothing but hatred. So much for the ‘goodness’ of religion! Totally disgusting bunch of ‘people’….

  5. American Decency Association doesn’t have the decency to keep their noses out of others lives. The more fundamentalist, the lower the intelligence of that person.

    1. Dave North 8 Apr 2013, 4:40am

      Hence the “mental” in fundamental.

      1. Christopher Coleman 8 Apr 2013, 3:26pm

        Not to mention the “fundament”.

  6. “For those who say there is no God, it’s fine to screw around, play around, commit adultery, engage in homosexuality.”

    Funny, I thought this was done only and exactly by those who say there is a God and claim to obey him blindly, specially conservative politicians and Catholic priests.

  7. Wow, after 13-14 years of existence, this great national guardian of decency has mustered 70 members on Facebook. 70!

    Surely there are more that 70 narrow-minded, low self-esteemers in the US with a Facebook page?

    We’d better watch out! This group is a force to be reckonned with (not)!

  8. They need to look up the word decent!
    It certainly won’t mention them.

  9. Standard fundie reasoning of “my imaginary despot in the sky sayz” rounded off with discredited slippery slope fallacy.
    I’m sure Magic Johnson’s son would wind up really well adjusted if his dad would simply inform him he’s a hellbound sinner and that he should be deeply ashamed of himself 24/7. Perhaps he could go through the motions of the doomed sham marriage to make the ADA happy whilst he’s at it… after all, what’s a bit of misery if you can’t spread it around?

  10. Jock S. Trap 8 Apr 2013, 10:29am

    They should be sued for having any word let alone ‘Decency’ in their name considering they anything but.

    They clearly support the bullying of, the torture of, even the murder and suicide of the LGBT community rather than any support.

    How is that decency? They are shameful people and they prove that it is religion that damages society and community. Nothing else but these pathetic excuses for humanity.

  11. SO now the so called ‘christian’ thing to do is abandon your children when they need you most – religion really is bollox people – this proud father is everything a real man should be – strong, loving and loyal. Just like All gay men. Respect for Mr Johnson

  12. There’s an American Decency Association?

    Is this about learning what decency is? Because if it is they have a lot of work to do.

    If they weren’t so nasty it would be laughable.

  13. These ‘loving’ christian organisations have some WEIRD views about ‘family values’ don’t they? They demonise homosexuals for destroying the ‘traditional family’. But when a ‘traditional family’ supports a gay son, they’re still not happy. Sick and totally hypocritical.

  14. It seems to me that these so called organisations must be named on opposite day.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Apr 2013, 2:57pm

    The Christian Institute, Christian Concern, Christian Legal Center and Anglican Mainstream aren’t so far removed from that sort of thinking either. Arguably, religion produces the most vile, ignorant and stupid people walking the earth. What is more worrying is that some of them even get elected to public office. Just look at the Tory party for starters.

  16. Christopher in Canada 8 Apr 2013, 8:07pm

    American Decency Association is ‘damaging’ its supporting by making this assinine statement. Interesting that there is rarely any Canadian equivalent to these American Prudery Organizations.

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