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US: Neurosurgeon Ben Carson apologises for ‘poorly chosen’ comparison between gay people and pedophiles

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Reader comments

  1. What an arsehole.

  2. Ian Bower 6 Apr 2013, 3:31pm

    Really fed up with these people now. They are wilfully ignorant because if they chose to study countries which don’t have marriage apartheid then they would realise what nonsense they espouse.

  3. Translation: how much of a squirming apology do I have to make to keep my job, without detracting my hateful bigotted views completely?

    1. * retracting

  4. Flippin’ ‘eck, would have expected a little more intelligence from a brain surgeon – I’d be very wary about him operating on mine!

    But, who is this mythical ‘man and woman’ that the opponents of equal marriage keep trawling out all the time. Does this mean that they only want one couple in the world to be married ever and for them to be Ken and Barbie?

    1. Adameve I guess, totally mythical so it must be that.

  5. “there are much less offensive ways ”

    to make an offensive point.

  6. Ben Carson got caught and continues to piss all over himself with his non-apology apologies. And I thought you had to be smart to be a neurosurgeon.

  7. Wonder if he feels the same about when the definition was changed to allow inter-racial marriage?

  8. As a black man, he should be well aware of the nature of discrimination, and of the harm that such comments can do to gay people. His language is not dissimilar to that used by some people to describe the negro race as inferior to the white race.

  9. Mr. Carson showed class in his apology.

    But his previous inflammatory remarks exposed the malice and the fringe nature of so many of his supporters.

    When a politician gets caught it may be
    forgiven but never forgotten as we remember with Bill Clinton.

    1. There is nothing classy about his apology. It is new-speak bigotry of the highest order. He has no problem if his positions are a violation of our civil rights, only that his words were poorly chosen.

      I hope students stand and turn their backs on his commencement speech.

  10. I think just the fact that he lives and breaths the same air, is offensive to everyone.He should simply apologize for being born that would be more effective.and somewhat less offensive to the rest of us.

  11. BlokeToys 7 Apr 2013, 1:58pm

    So another bigoted and hateful conservative extremist makes some truly disgusting comparisons deliberately, and then does the old trick of apologizing and hoping that it’ll go away.

    Man, these people are truly pathetic.

    I’ve said it before, the only thing worse than a bigot, is a spineless bigot who can’t stick to their hateful rhetoric.

    The man is not just a disgusting excuse for a Human, he’s a spineless one too.

  12. A discriminatory and homophobic darkie, it’s truly sick-making when I think of how my parents for years used to boycott South African produce because they refused to prop up racist apartheid.

    I call this man a darkie because he has so obviously forgotten what it’s like to be discriminated against because of an intrinsic part of oneself that cannot be changed and should not have to be changed.

  13. What you said you said. The damage has aleady been done and no amount of I am sorrys is going to erase what you said. You hate gays and you should be struck off the List of Doctors.

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