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US: Louisiana Democratic Senator personally for marriage equality but won’t defy the state line against it

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Reader comments

  1. This us an interesting argument.

    Forgive me if I’ve got this wrong, but isn’t the role of politicians to modify and adapt the law to society’s needs.

    Enforcement of the law is the job of the police.

    By this argument, the law would never change. Am I confused or is she?

    1. She is in a *very* conservative state (59% against same-sex marriage, 29% in favour, according to a poll this year) and is up for reelection next year. This is really the best we can hope for from her. It’s not like the US Congress is going to pass a same-sex marriage law in the foreseeable future anyway – that would require something like 7 more supporters in the Senate and about 40 in the House of Representatives.

  2. Her conviction is in support of sms. But she would rather support bigotry.Interesting choice. Too bad Gay people dont have that freedom , of choice.Or maybe they do, to dump her in the next election.

    1. Charliej95 7 Apr 2013, 1:14am

      If she does open up to the people of Louisanna to her support for marriage equality then they will vote her out of office. Replacing her with a hard core conservative republican.

      (i understand what your saying, but i think Landrieu is brave in even suggesting that she personally supports marriage equality.)

  3. Why are you even in politics? Stand up for what you you believe in or roll over and nod like a donkey…hee haw to contribute, take it your paying back the wages!

    1. Jonathan Wright 7 Apr 2013, 11:30am

      The problem with that issue is that many politicians stand up for ‘what they believe in’ against the wishes of many they paid to represent: They end up going with God because ‘that’s what they’re supported to do’.

      Look how many Tory MP’s seam to claim they know every gay in their village and not a single one of them every wants to get married. A very weak excuse and plainly obvious they are refusing to listen to their constituents.

      As much as I disagree with her stance, I admire her conviction in that she’s willing to represent what her people want from her even if it goes against the choices she has made in her personal capacity.

  4. That_Matt 7 Apr 2013, 2:22am

    This is staggering. Would she say the same thing if people in her state overwhelmingly opposed interracial marriage? It’s a manipulative move: she gets to shove the blame for her ‘no’ vote onto her people rather than take any credit for the failure.

    Why did she choose a career in politics if she intends to blindly ignore her own views in grim determination to cater to the mass like a sheep? Was it her dream to submit in subservience whilst given the option and power to directly influence the path of the country?

    It reminds me of a child being pressured into bullying somebody. When he’s caught and taken before a teacher, he says ‘I know it was wrong, but I wanted them to like me.’ It simply will not do.

  5. the only thing that changes in the south is their underwear.

  6. BlokeToys 7 Apr 2013, 1:54pm

    So the people there now know that they elected a spineless woman who will not argue any case in furthering their state, equality and quality of life, because she doesn’t want to rock the boat?

    Is this woman for real?

    She doesn’t seem to understand the point of her job! She should be removed from office immediately. She’s just admitted to the people that she is deliberately being ineffective in her job.

    This is like a doctor refusing to treat people. It’s this woman’s job to represent the people who elected her based on their views and her convictions, and she has openly admitted that she’s just a “yes woman”, agreeing with whatever for an easy life.

    This is worse than a right wing conservative! At least some of them have the spine to stand by their beliefs, however deluded they are. This woman does not deserve the job she has, and should be removed immediately.

    1. And when she’s removed she’ll be replaced by a hard-line Republican who will proudly stand against all that is fair and just in this world.

      While it’s frustrating that this senator hasn’t gone the whole way in terms of politically supporting marriage equality it is (sadly) understandable. There is very little room in politics for the earnest, eternally principled person.

  7. instead of focussing on what the law is now, perhaps she should be looking to gather the current views of her constituents?

  8. She should grow a conscience and do the right thing, vote for marriage equality. That weak argument was used by politicians who said they disapproved of slavery but couldn’t vote for its abolition because of economic concerns or local views. Human rights says vote for equality, so do the Democratic Party’s own policies. She should look to Obama for the courage of convictions if she has none herself.

  9. Steve of Reno, Nevada 8 Apr 2013, 8:06am

    I am single and straight and support gay marriage and I am too straight and boring, but not narrow-minded and so does my best friend who is a lesbian and my brother is gay!
    My brother should have equality
    It is high time for equal rights for gays – such as gay marriage and not civil unions and 100% Equality in 2013!!!!
    If gay marriage is a sin [as Conservative Lawmakers always say] and will “lead to the end of the world and cause incest or beastality”, etc – and other stupid shit they say [when they are clearly smoking pot or weed], then why is gay marriage not legal in Nevada then – when clearly 24 hour gambling, 24 hour divorce, 24 hour casinos, 24 hour alcohol trading are all allowed in Nevada – then why is gay marriage not legal here???

    Gay marriage is NOT as sin then hey!!!!

    Domestic partnerships are legal here by the way, just like Oregon and California the two states next door to us!!!

    If America is ready for gay marriage, then surely Nevada is ready for it too!!!

    1. Here Here!

      So very true Steve!

      If gay marriage is or was a sin, then gay marriage would be legal by now in Nevada!

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