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Lord Carey: I will continue to oppose plans to ‘redefine’ marriage

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Reader comments

  1. violets49 6 Apr 2013, 7:51pm

    ‘Dialogue’ is when two or more people are talking. This sounds more like a monologue.

  2. Oh for pity’s sake Carey, learn that sometimes it’s best just to shut up.

    Persecution, indeed! But in any event, isn’t it what’s supposed to strengthen Faith?

    1. How this idiot can equate people who are executed in islamic countries for their religion with people who get cheesed off about what someone else does with their lives, is beyond me.

      He is a shameful example of the c of e and what it has become. That his easter message was not about christians being murdered in Pakistan but was about trying to control civil marriage.

      And he thinks we should bring all the “faiths” together. The only common ground all the “faiths” he wants to bring together have is hating gay people.

  3. dorset bob 6 Apr 2013, 8:06pm

    The plight of christians in the UK ? I would have said that they are given way too much influence for a minority religeous group. I dont remember voting for any of them so why do they have a say about anything ? All of Carey’s arguments are based on the bible, dosent mean a thing to me, I prefer rational discussion.

    1. Oh, for the persecution of having 26 representatives in the House of Lords (just one example)…

      1. There are 26 Bishops plus Carey and plus a lot of other religious reps…all the ex bishops get included in the HoL not just the current ones!

        1. Does Carey really have a seat in the present HoL independently of the 26 bishops? Are you sure? That’s a horrifying thought!

          1. Yes he does. So does Rowan Williams. They got made into life peers on retirement. It occasionally happens to other bishops, e.g. Lord Harries who was once the bishop of Oxford. Thankfully it doesn’t happen to them all. Heads and notables of other religions sometimes get made lords on an ad hoc basis, e.g. the Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, and several others. Religions really can’t claim they don’t get special treatment in this country or are ignored as Carey so often claims. He’s a windbag who’d be more use pumping gas.

          2. Of course, thanks – I wasn’t thinking, it’s only the hereditaries who are limited these days, isn’t it?

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Apr 2013, 8:17pm

    Don’t worry, he’ll be dead soon, diggin his own grave a lot faster than he thinks on this one. Nothing is being redefined. if it is, then no more straight people would bother getting married. All the law is doing is expanding it to include same-sex couples. It doesn’t change marriage one bit, it simply changes the lives of those having a same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, straights will continue to marry, some will procreate, some won’t and some won’t be able to. It’s always been that way and it’s not going to change one iota. The sooner they learn that god and the CoE cult didn’t create civil marriage the better.

    1. Robert, out of the countless comments on this topic, via any social media site, I commend you on your brilliant comment. That is so totally true! With all the hype globally, regarding civil rights, marriage equality etc, it was highly refreshing to read your comments. I’m a Canadian and my country, recognizes same sex unions, heck, you can get married here!

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Apr 2013, 9:05pm

        Why, thank you, TK, much appreciate for the compliments. You would think that eleven countries where we can marry would be sufficient proof that marriage hasn’t changed one bit wouldn’t you? It’s not good enough for these old dinosaurs stuck in their ways. He knows he’s outnumbered but would never concede it. Its coming whether he likes it or not, so his comments are irrelevant, nobody pays attention to him. The man is a laughing stock. I mean, just look at him! The CoE wonders why its numbers are dwindling rapidly with people like that mouthing off the most ridiculous nonsense.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 12:17pm

        Beyond his grasp, Spanner but thank you for posting that. Succinct and self-explanatory. You would think with fewer heteros wanting to marry, they’d welcome us with open arms into marriage. If anything, we would enhance and strengthen it.

  5. keep on taking the tablets, dearie, and Matron will be along in a minute to change your padding….

    1. Nurse ,! he’s out of bed again ! -get the sensibility straps and the anti-stupidity enema,!!

  6. Good for Lord Carey, the law of attraction says that what you concentrate on you bring more of it into your life…you always get more of whatever you are concentrating on whether you are concentrating on something you don’t want or whether you are concentrating on something you do want.
    It looks like a lot of redefinition of marriage is going to be heading Lord Carey’s way.

  7. Auntie Babs 6 Apr 2013, 8:22pm

    I wasn’t aware his opinion was being sought, or more importantly required.

  8. Let’s face it, banging on about same-sex marriage is the only way ‘Lord’ Carey gets any attention…very sad…

  9. How can the fact that SSM is coming in, have any bearing on Christians feeling persecuted. Marriage isn’t ‘theirs’!!!

  10. Regarding the Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury, Mark Davis, (a.k.a “Dark Mavis”) I suggested to my partner this afternoon that we cross the road and go into his puny little structure dubbed a cathedral on the Town Wall of Shrewsbury, just to have a decko at how utterly DULL and devoid of architectural beauty it is.

    Now my partner is not the activist that I am and so has not been following Dark Mavis’s vitriole regarding Equal Marriage, so I found it very telling when we entered the “cathedral” and my partner came face-to-face with a large colour photograph of Mavis just inside the door, presumably welcoming everyone to the building.

    “That man’s a homosexual, if ever I’ve seen one!” whispered my partner.

    Mavis is pictured in full golden regalia, the gown, the golden mitre, the staff, the lot! But it’s the close-up of Dark Mavis’s face that rather gives the game away.

    1. Funny, I thought that when I first saw a photo of him.

    2. What an appalling thought. I really don’t want those rabid homophobes to be secretly gay, even though I know the chances thereof are high. Quite frankly, I don’t want them on my side of the fence, any more than I want the Keiths of this world, even though I understand the probability is depressingly high.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 12:45pm

        Rehan, I totally understand that, but there’s also a silver lining in having them outed. It will make a lot of young men who are considering the priesthood to abandon it altogether. Vocations are at an all time low since the molestation scandal erupted around the world. They don’t want to be stigmatised and live with guilt by association any more than those who are already concealing their orientation behind a dog collar, priests, bishops and archbishops, and now cardinals. It used to work at one time, but no longer. Without sufficient priests, churches can’t function which would mean some would have to close. That’s a good thing. Bring it on, I say and eradicate all of the deeply self-loathing closet cases once and for all. It will reveal the moral bankruptcy of an immoral, corrupt cult.

    3. Not surprising really – most people all along have realised that the Dowager Pope is most likely deeply closeted – read about it in Angelo Qattrocchi’s The Pope Is Not Gay. And we recognise the mechanism whereby self-hating homosexuals with the most to hide often shout the loudest with the recent outing of Keith Cardinal O’Brien. When we get ecclesiastical homophobia we can certainly also get a whiff coming from a self-loathing closet.

    4. Not surprising really – most people all along have realised that the Dowager Pope is most likely deeply closeted – read about it in Angelo Qattrocchi’s The Pope Is Not Gay. And we recognise the mechanism whereby self-hating homosexuals with the most to hide often shout the loudest with the recent outing of Keith Cardinal O’Brien. When we get ecclesiastical homophobia we can certainly also get a whiff coming from a self-loathing closet.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 12:28pm

        Indeed. I also find it extremely revealing why the Catholic hierarchy has gone into a deafening silence after O’Brien’s debacle and have practically withdrawn from the equal marriage debate in recent weeks. Archbigots Smith of Birmingham and Nichols of Westminster especially so. I’m hoping more men will step forward to out a few more of them. I suspect that’s why their silence is so noticeable. They’re probably waiting for it to blow over, delusional at best, then resume their hateful rhetoric when the third and final vote in the Commons takes place. They’d better be very careful from now on. They’re on notice. We will be watching them very closely and so too will their victims. It’s also very interesting why O’Brien hasn’t surfaced. Nobody seems to know where he is.

    5. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 12:34pm

      Eddy, your partner’s reaction was mine when I first laid eyes on him at PN. A screamer! It would be interesting and amusing I’ve no doubt to find out the origin of his pet name,’Dark Mavis’. I wonder if someone in his ‘inner circle’ has the dirty goods on him? If so, I admonish whomever to reveal it. Out all of the hypocritical mendacious buggers.

  11. All “christians” have the “freedom of” nastiness. We only expect those doing jobs in the public sector to keep it to themseleves whilst doing those jobs and to get on with those jobs like everyone else has to…

    SSM doesn’t alter that one iota…

  12. Dear old Lord Carey is lucky he wasn’t Archbishop of Canterbury when Henry VIII nationalised the Roman Catholic Church. Had he been, he would have been burnt at the stake for questioning redefinition of marriage.

    As it is, marriage in the UK has been redefined many times since the Reformation, most recently by allowing 18, 19 or 20 year olds to marry without their parents’ permission, and by recognising rape within marriage as the offence it truly is.

    1. Good point. Maybe if Henry VIII had been gay we’d have had marriage equality years ago. As it happened, though, Henry VIII was quite anti-gay.

  13. Barry WilliamTeske 7 Apr 2013, 1:20am

    ” he linked marriage equality to persecution”
    The answer is obvious Mr Carey
    What goes around comes around.
    Now you have an idea what millions have had to endure in the form of Christian teachings.
    All I can say is it will get better.
    Once you let go of that hate thing that is you.

  14. “I will continue to oppose plans to ‘redefine’ marriage”, says former leader of an organisation that was created with the sole purpose of redefining marriage.

  15. Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor of St
    Paul’s Cathedral, said of Lord Carey’s Easter
    statement: ”I think it’s a very peculiar Easter
    message. I think Lord Carey is obsessed by gay
    sex and really ought to get over it.”

  16. Carey’s predecessor, Robert Runcie was a great man who successfully negotiated the introduction of women priests in the CoE. He would have done better than any of his successors in dealing with the issues of gay acceptance in the church and gay marriage. Carely is a buffoon, who as Giles Fraser rightly said, is obsessed with gay sex.

    1. Spanner1960 7 Apr 2013, 10:35am

      I still doubt Runcie would have gone that far.

  17. PeterinSydney 7 Apr 2013, 6:39am

    Carey should go and join the Phelps Family. That is where his views belong. In total irrelevance.

  18. The CofE still owned slave plantations in the 1850s – and many of them backed slavery. You think they’d have learned from history.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 12:19pm

      The cult also vigorously opposed the right of women to vote.

  19. Robert White 7 Apr 2013, 8:38am

    Traditional Marriage has been steadly redefined over the years as Marriage shifted from an exchange of Chattels (a man bying a woman from her father) into a contract between Peers. This change has been going on for about two hundred years now in The West.

    Get over it.

  20. Spanner1960 7 Apr 2013, 10:33am

    I can respect the man for standing by his principles, however wrong they may be, but it won’t help him.

    Same-sex marriage is becoming one of the bellwether indicators of civilised society, and one is likely to find in maybe 20 or so years time, it will be the countries that *don’t* have it are the ones considered to be backward and uncivilised.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Apr 2013, 12:18pm

      Totally agree with that.

  21. Jock S. Trap 7 Apr 2013, 11:00am

    He can continue I guess but he on the wrong side of history and will be seen as such. He will put people off joining their faith and hopefully improve society.

    The only thing that bothers me is him and people like him will be at the fore front of the continual debating od us even when we have marriage etc.

    There will be no end to it, to these people. They will always want to stand up for hatred and discrimination and find any weakness in any law so they can exploit it!

    It’s shameful but that’s religion for you.

  22. Off topic, but looking at that photo Carey appears to be slowly turning into Father Jack…
    One of them is a dishevelled reprobate in a dog collar with a lopsided grin who embarrasses those around him with random incoherent outbursts. The other one is Father Jack.

  23. Time to go home Lord Carey and stop scratching for publicity. You are talking nonsense. You can ‘oppose’ all you like at home away from everyone else and in silence. Away you go…..You have had your day now it is time to move on….

  24. “I will continue to oppose plans to ‘redefine’ marriage” and it will make no difference whatsoever!

  25. I thought when an AC stepped down they were to remain quite so as not to get in the way of the acting AC. Everytime I turn around this man is mouthing off on some conservative rant. I think he is rude. Don’t you all still have a Tower of London? :)

  26. well at 77 he hasn’t many years left of bigotry to spew – roll on the day this fecker drops!

  27. Carey is becoming more and more deluded as the days pass by!

    You are a sad miserable old man with nothing better to do, move on please!

  28. Diva Doll 7 Apr 2013, 4:48pm

    “Here’s a health to the Protestant Minister
    And his church without meaning or faith
    For the foundation stones of his temple are The bollocks of Henry the Eight.”

    Carey is a numpty.

  29. Twisted Sister 7 Apr 2013, 5:07pm

    I wonder what Carey thinks about Christianity’s brazen misuse of the Easter myth to redefine death?

    1. pretinama 7 Apr 2013, 8:22pm

      Love that.

  30. He’s 78 – hopefully the bigotted old cretin will be dead from old age soon.

  31. pretinama 7 Apr 2013, 8:23pm

    Didn’t the C of E get set up initially because of a desire to redefine the marriage contract anyhow, and make it possible to get out of?

  32. Christopher Hobe Morrison 8 Apr 2013, 2:45am

    What he is saying is a load of garbage! When was marriage definitively defined, other than in the imaginations of jerks like him, carried on by other jerks in the name of tradition.

  33. So R. E. T. I. R. E. now
    You silly old puffed up twit
    Cos when you open your spiteful mouth
    All that comes out is SHIT!

    How’s that for a spontaneous ditty?

    1. Christopher in Canada 8 Apr 2013, 8:14pm

      There once was a lord named “Carey”,
      Who stated his views would not vary.
      He shouted a lot,
      But folks heeded not,
      Because ideas like his are quite scary.

      Anyone for Haiku?

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