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UK: Judges accused of asking lesbian asylum seekers ‘inappropriate’ questions such as ‘Have you read Oscar Wilde?’

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  1. I am Canadian, now live in the UK, in my forties, white, partnered for over 15 years, have travelled half the world, have never attended a gay pride and have only recently read my first gay authored book. However, I have straight friends who have attended gay pride. What is wrong with these idiots? I swear, they are only doing this to humiliate people.

  2. That_Matt 5 Apr 2013, 5:51pm

    One the one hand, you can imagine a lot of people faking homosexuality as an excuse to get a free pass into the country. It’s almost impossible to tell if someone is legitimately LGBT or not based on testimony alone. On the other, these questions are ridiculous and insulting.

    I think it all reeks of desperation. Officials have no idea how to separate the liars from the genuine LGBT people, so they’re trying to flush out the rats any way they can. There’s also an obvious element of mockery, however, and that is pathetic.

    1. friday jones 6 Apr 2013, 12:04am

      “One the one hand, you can imagine a lot of people faking homosexuality as an excuse to get a free pass into the country.”

      AKA, the Jack Tripper Gambit. He fooled Misters Furley and Roper, but can he fool the Immigration court?

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Apr 2013, 2:16pm

      “One the one hand, you can imagine a lot of people faking homosexuality as an excuse to get a free pass into the country.”

      No I can’t because the price of failure is getting deported back to a country that will potentially persecute/torture/abuse/kill* (*delete as appropriate) you the minute your plane lands when you are sent back as a failure asylum seekers who ‘claimed’ to be homosexual.

      Personally I think the ‘risk of death’ element puts people off that type of Russian Roulette.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Apr 2013, 6:22pm

    People fleeing oppressive homophobic regimes such as Uganda and elsewhere I don’t think would deliberately lie they are seeking asylum because they are gay knowing that in most cases, they would be deported back to an unknown or certain fate given our track record in the UK. Who in their right mind would undertake such a thing knowing it could well fail and in most cases it does? If there were hundreds of thousands of people all seeking asylum because of their sexual orientation, then perhaps that might put a different slant on it, manipulating the system. I don’t think that’s the case though.

  4. Jason Feather 5 Apr 2013, 7:02pm

    My partner is from Malawi, I had to fight hard for his asylum in the UK (14yrs in jail for being gay in Malawi) to the extent that when he was asked for photos of us having sex I faxed them to the detention center to embarrass them. He was out the next day as they know full well they should not be asking for such intrusive evidence. UK immigration judges are often xenophobic homophobes. The way we treat asylum seekers in the UK is disgusting & as a country we should be ashamed.

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Apr 2013, 10:02pm

    Yet another proof showing how discriminated LGBT-People are. This fact, where judges
    are behaving like children, should be focused on by The Interior Department.

  6. Seen the film with Stephen Fry under duress for educational purposes but to be honest reading and watching stuff about homosexual men is not exactly on top of my list. Not that their is anything wrong in that, its just not to my taste and not of my intrest. I know other women of my purseuasion – not all, who have no inclination to read, research or watch anything to do with Oscar Wilde. My Dad and my Sister however, both straight love his writings

    This line of questioning is demeaning and embarrasing. I know we need to find the “real” cases and remove the “fake” ones but this dubious reality and this type of inqusition is very upsetting and quite puerile

  7. ColinJones 5 Apr 2013, 10:29pm

    I once read a theory that Oscar Wilde is responsible for creating the modern image of gay men as being effeminate.And exactly how was he gay anyway? He had a wife and kids which means he was bisexual.

  8. Name these homophobic ignorant judges and shame them

  9. friday jones 6 Apr 2013, 12:00am

    I’m not sure if it’s better for Oscar Wilde to be talked about too much in court, or not talked about at all. Not sure one bit!

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