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Sydney: Gay rights campaigner pleads not guilty to police assault charge

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Reader comments

  1. I wouldn’t hand over any “evidence” to the police. The police over here are more than likely to try to destroy it or tamper with it.
    NSW Police in particular are corrupt little buggers who can’t be trusted with anything.

  2. jonnielondon 6 Apr 2013, 12:05am

    Talk about the fox policing the chicken coup!

  3. Sorry, but having watched and read the background to this I have some sympathy for the police. This so called `gay rights campaigner’ (whom I had never heard of before) disobeyed a simple police request (they are trying to deal with large crowds of people and traffic at Mardi Gras for heaven’s sake), then abused the police and resisted arrest. We seem to be living in a world in which is OK to thumb your nose at any sort of authority.

  4. You are meant to show RESPECT for authority, I respect police at all times. When they say jump – you immodestly ask how high and that is all you have to do!

    Australia the “land of the fair go”


    Just like America the “land of the free”


    Even gay marriage is still illegal here, can you believe that – when other western nations have or are going to allow gay marriage…

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