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Stephen Colbert mocks Jeremy Irons for equal marriage incest comments

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  1. “Alan Cumming, 48, who entered into a civil partnership with his husband in London in 2007 and then married him in New York last year, also criticsed Irons for the comments, tweeting: “I hate when people say they don’t have strong feelings about something then proceed to spew offensive and ignorant ones. Jeremy Irons.””

    PinkNews writers, please stop refering to Civil Partners as husbands or wives. Civil Partners are Civil Partners.

    Only when we achieve Marriage Equality
    will we gay and lesbian people be entitled to refer to our husbands and wives.

    That’s what we’re currently fighting for.

    1. I have referred to my husband as such for 27 years and don’t see why I shouldn’t, thankyou very much.

      1. That fine by me Brian. Just be aware that that’s your perspective, and the rest of the world doesn’t see your relationship that way.

        1. And thumbing down my comment doesn’t change the bitter truth of it one iota.

          I think of my 15-year relationship in much the same way, but I’m not fooled into thinking the rest of society shares my view. And that’s why I’m doing what I can to get this Equal Marriage measure through Parliament: for me and my partner and for everyone else in the future.

          I really have no time for this “bugger you Jack, I’m alright” attitude. Shame on you!

    2. Am with you Eddy. Half measures gained us nothing. I am offended by the many who say husband and wife when in fact the law doesn’t permit it. Semantic equality please.

      Call each other what you like me dears, but know that someone has NOT given you the right to marry. That choice should be mine.

      1. Here in Philippines, there is an encompassing description for ones partner be it he or she. The term is Asawa and can be either sex. problem solved LOL

        1. Solved in law too? I didn’t know that.

    3. The statement is factually correct. Alan’s husband is his husband as they married in New York.

  2. @Eddy, yes your are right, full semantic equality please.
    And for those who call your other half wife/husband or whatever, fine – do that but know that you really not equal to straights.

  3. Kelvin Beer-Jones 6 Apr 2013, 11:09am

    I think Jeremy has a point. soon we will all want to be female, gay, black, disabled, poor and an immigrant, just because of all the special privileges these will bring

    1. Quite right! If we’re not allowed to marry, we should at least get a blue badge to park the car.

  4. Jean-Paul 6 Apr 2013, 5:01pm

    Kudos to Colbert !

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