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Son of Ronald Reagan: ‘I don’t believe in gay marriage’

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2013, 12:39pm

    Well if he doesn’t believe in Marriage Equality how can he believe in marriage at all?

    The only slippery slope is one of the choosing of religion and religious texts… they do the most harm to humanity.

    1. Look what happened when we banned fox hunting. North Korea got nuclear weapons. god told me that would happen. In a dream.

  2. ColinJones 5 Apr 2013, 12:40pm

    I don’t know if Ronald Reagan was tolerant of gay people or not but he encouraged the religious Right and started their domination of the Republican party, but he only wanted their votes and wasn’t daft enough to give them anything in return.

  3. Coal Porter 5 Apr 2013, 12:55pm

    “Davis never discussed the issue of equal marriage with her father when he was alive.”

    Aren’t the last four words superfluous? Unless you want to imply she has communicated with him since he passed away.

  4. On the other hand 5 Apr 2013, 12:57pm

    You may as well say that if you allow the religious right to dictate the laws of the country it’s a slippery slope to the return of the Salem Witch trials.

  5. OMG, it's a slippery slope! 5 Apr 2013, 1:08pm

    OMG, it’s a slippery slope!

    1. Maybe they could have a new ride a Disney called this, it would be great fun.

      1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yeah, that was fun, that darn slipperly slope. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. who care what this nobody thinks –

    1. On the contrary, a man who’s had two biological parents, two adoptive parents, two marriages himself, and with parents who had 5 marriages between them (and that’s excluding the biological parents), this man has a great deal of experience in redefining marriage. Certainly more than the Pope!

      No wonder he doesn’t want things extended even further!

  7. I thought we had done with this one.

    His English isn’t very good, is it?

  8. Paula Thomas 5 Apr 2013, 1:18pm

    I’d be interested to what Ronald Regan Jr. thinks about this. He is an interesting man, atheist, liberal, pro-stem cell research, and spoke at the Democratic Convention in 2004.

    1. He’s in favour. In fact he called Obama out last year for sitting on the fence – the day before Obama “evolved”.

    2. On the other hand 5 Apr 2013, 3:06pm

      Is that the one that was a ballet dancer, and was alleged to have married a CIA woman to quash rumours when his Dad was president?

  9. The founders of the USA drew up a constitution that would liberate them from the European theocratic oppression from which they fled. For them religious freedom meant the freedom to practise any or no religion provided it did not impinge on other people.

    They would turn in their graves to see how since McCarthy the religious have twisted this ideal back into a theocratic tyranny.

    1. On the other hand 5 Apr 2013, 3:11pm

      However the Puritans that founded the first colonies in North America fled England because it was too liberal for them, they didn’t have the freedom to dictate to everyone how to live. They are still at it.

      1. True. Although most of them died.

        And they’ve been trying to hijack the US constitution ever since.

  10. UglyGeezer 5 Apr 2013, 1:26pm

    I don’t believe in his or any God, has nothing to do with my right to be married.

  11. It’s such a terrifying thought I’m quaking in my boots.

    How will the slippery slope be sent?

    Will the slippery slope fall on us from outer space like a meteorite?

    How big will the slippery slope be and what will it be made of when it is sent?

    Doesn’t Michael Reagan believe that same sex marriage exists in Canada and in about a dozen other countries as well?

  12. He doesn’t believe in gay marriage yet he believes in God. I believe that the former is pretty real whilst the latter is an historical construct. If God shows himself any time soon then I’ll eat my big gay hat.

    1. Yoo-hoo. Would you like pepper on that?

  13. As much as I loathe this man, I don’t think the use of “adopted son” was relevant or tasteful.

    He *IS* his son. Regardless of how the child came to his parents, he has been raised as their son.

    I feel the word adopted has been included to suggest that “and he isn’t even his child anyway” – I’m not comfortable with it.

    Please remove this one word – it isn’t relevant to your article.

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Apr 2013, 6:06pm

    Who cares? I don’t believe in Michael Reagan!

    1. Just what I was going to say, Robert.

      And both sentences are equally meaningless. The existence of neither Michael Reagan nor marriage equality is dependent on belief. They are both realities. (At least in the sense that most people understand reality!)

  15. U can't handle the truth 5 Apr 2013, 9:55pm

    He’s a tool! How in the hell does equal marriage lead to bestiality? Oh that’s like when “they” were saying black people were animals to justify slavery.

  16. Without wishing to defend Michael Reagan, what else should we expect from a man who was adopted because his birth parents were not married, by adopted parents who were married twice and four times, he was sexually abused as a youngster and he himself has been married twice. Hardly a reliable model to work from

    1. Which, in short, indicates he and his family have done a pretty good job of redefining marriage as it is. It’s truly amazing that this never seems to occur to such people.

  17. ” I think it does send a slippery slope”

    Send a slippery slope? Send it where, or from where has it been sent?

    Still, I can think of at least one slippery slope I’d like to send Reagan, his unnecessarily publicised opinions and his corkscrew English down.

    1. You should visit the slippery slope museum.
      Slippery slopes can be made out of just about anything and seem to come from all over the place but most often they are manufactured by red herring salesmen and scaremongers.

  18. In the accompanying photo PN has used Michael Reagan looks to me so much like Robert DeNiro wearing prosthetic makeup.
    Just had to mention it.

  19. Well I don’t believe in Michael Reagan.

  20. The argument that equal marriage will lead to bestiality, pedophilia and “murder”?.. Yes, because animals and minors can consent.. and it’s okay to harm someone else by killing them.. We are obviously talking about forcing people to marry someone of the same sex.. that’s where the harm comes from, right?.. Lol, stupid arguments.

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