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Jim Davidson banned from performing at Kent theatre over his anti-gay views

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Reader comments

  1. The superbly refurbished and modernised Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury has done well to ensure that its stage is not sullied with the low and vulgar “humour” of Jim Davidson! Canterbury has enough homophobia in its streets without Davidson encouraging more of it.

    I hope the Marlowe will ban other homophobes as well and that other theatres round the country will have the guts to follow suit.

  2. Jock S. Trap 5 Apr 2013, 11:05am

    Good!! I hope more will follow suit.

  3. Am I the only one who’s astonished that Davidson is even considered for theatre bookings… frankly I would have thought these days he’d have difficulty booking panto season as the sidekick to an X factor contestant.

  4. If this moron made the kind of racist slurs he makes about gay people, he would be hauled before the courts. Those who patronise his work by buying tickets should be ashamed. This man is a bigot and homophobe. I wonder what inner-demons he has which drive his obsession with homosexuality? Self-loathing? Whatever they are, he needs to talk to someone …..

  5. Awwwwwww, my heart bleeds for him!

  6. Albert Snyder 5 Apr 2013, 11:59am

    Rightly banned from the Marlowe!

  7. Some friends of mine went to see him at a theatre in Great Yarmouth, after about 10 minutes most of the audience including our friends walked out. There was a long queue for people demanding their money back. I hope no theatre in the North West will entertain his homophobia and vulgarity.

  8. Surely he should be banned anyway, as he is currently under police suspicion of paedophilia.

    1. I though he’s been arrested by the police as part of Operation Yewtree?

    2. LOL – really?

      I didn’t realise that! LOL – it takes some balls to use homophobic abuse in ‘comedy’ while fiddling with kids.

      Good grief!!

      1. The allegations being made are by women now in their 40’s dating back 20 years, nowt to do with kids, nowt to do with Saville, but I must be the only one here who reads past the headlines of a press all to aware of how easy it is mislead with headline, then tell a straighter story to stay legal, knowing that the majority wont read further than line 2. A vast amount of the lads in our services think he’s alright,because he’s been risking his neck to entertain them and keep up morale in dangerous places long before ‘help for hero’s’ existed, and has never sought publicity for it. Sorry, I’m not a huge fan of his humour or demeanour, but I don’t jump on band wagons. Oh and has anybody seen the movie he was in with John Malcovich? He played a puff!

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Apr 2013, 12:26pm

    Beware, Jim Davidson. You don’t want to end up like Cardinal O’Brien do you? These loudmouthed homophobes are the most suspect, just like the the demented religious trolls who post here

  10. ..Oh dear what a pitiful character Mr Davidson is. He strongly maintains he’s not homophobic or racist but still likes pouring out such idiotic and harmful rubbish about decent people. You know what they say about someone who protests too much??

  11. The man is as ugly, outside, as he is inside. I wonder if he’d joke about it, in his next routine, if he got the crap kicked out of him by a “poofter”.

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