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US: Basketball coach sacked for abusive video to receive $100,000 bonus

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Reader comments

  1. Umm, isn’t being fired for physical assault and psychological abuse something that JUST MIGHT nullify the “bonus” clause of his contract?

    It’s not like his actions actually MERIT a “bonus”. If anything, he should be heavily penalized.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Apr 2013, 6:55pm

    It’s not much different from those American banksters who almost bankrupted the global economy and received millions of dollars in bonuses but never served time in prison. None have been arrested. So this doesn’t surprise me, it’s the American way rewarding criminals. It’s obscene in my view, rewarding bad behaviour.

  3. This man shouldn’t be being paid to the end of the week, never mind getting a $100,000 bonus.
    This man has been abusing his students physically, verbally, and psychologically since, what we can only assume must be his entire coaching career and he’s being rewarded for that?!?!
    If anything he should be facing a hefty fine, if not some jail time, and a court hearing.

  4. If this is a contractual arrangement, there’s nothing anyone can do. But perhaps it will make Rutgers University more cautious about the Terms it includes in any future coach’s paperwork …..

  5. The bonus is a disgrace but its good news that his abuse was taken seriously. When I was at school these terms were used with impunity by teachers.

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