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Sweden: Two MPs urge government to keep trans infertility requirement for gender reassignment

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Reader comments

  1. What morons. How dare they claim to know what we want. I can assure you that virtually all younger trans people dearly wish the technology existed to procreate AFTER transition. However, such technology doesn’t exist and, unless you bank genetic material, children are impossible after SRS. The choice must be left to the individual, not the state.

  2. I had to get all the way to paragraph 7 for that word, christian.

    Can you put it in paragraph one in future please!

    Then I can save some time and do something more useful.

  3. Oh, shock horror: the creation of a third gender! If that really is all those two MPs have to worry about in these times of economic instability and unrest when billions of us in the REAL WORLD are losing our jobs, our homes, our lives to the cold then this privileged duro must, in comparison, have amazingly easy lives! Oh noes, we’ll have to call people people instead of ‘laydeez and gentlemenz’. Yet are they really too thick to realize that there aren’t really two genders anyway as gender is a social construct – it’s just that our heterosexist, gendernormative dominated society will fight to the death not to admit it. Or is it just that they are they just in mourning for the long overdue ending of the last, Nazi-inspired, state eugenics policy in europe?

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Apr 2013, 1:41pm

      Hi, Katie-like your comment ! Greetings from Norway-

  4. OMG, it's a slippery slope! 5 Apr 2013, 1:13pm

    “Tuve Skanberg and Annelie Enochson warned in their paper that removing that requirement would create a “third gender”. They wrote: “The [Swedish government] proposal would have far-reaching consequences.” ”

    OMG, it’s a slippery slope!!

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Apr 2013, 1:43pm

    These two persons have no chance to gain much support ! NEVER !

  6. What on earth would be wrong with “creating a third gender”? I don’t get it.

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