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Greater Manchester Police to treat crimes against goths and punks as seriously as homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Good, hopefully the metropolitan police will follow .I know so many people who have been beaten up in london just for something like having pink hair. In london ,most people dress very conservatively and it’s extremely rare to see any sub cultures , but this should not prevent there being a policy in place to protect the tiny few that are.


      I first came across this story on the Daily Mail website of all places. Many of the comments range from denial that hate crime exists to the obvious shite about the oppression of “the silent majority”:


      Meanwhile if you are white, normal and male, you are nothing special.
      – TG-3323, LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom, 4/4/2013 7:46
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      At the moment this comment has 132 votes up. What a an absolute twat. Words cannot express how much I loathe this paper, it is truly responsible for a large part of the nastiness and divisiveness in society.

      1. That There Other David 4 Apr 2013, 7:00pm

        Indeed. TG-3323 doesn’t seem to grasp that everyone is normal…to themselves. You or I might meet TG-3323 and think him to be strange to the point of ridiculous, with his archaic monoculture opinions and latent fascist tendencies. Nothing normal about any of that from my perspective ;-)

        Good for GMP too. Hate crime is hate crime, regardless of the excuse the attackers give.

        1. Absolutely, posters defending fascism unfortunately isn’t a rare occurrence on the Mail site. The people on there have an irrational dislike of anybody who isn’t like them and it’s not restricted to people who fall outside their sexual parameters and/or dress differently or look differently to them. No, they also have a dislike of people who are too rich and too poor, too priviledged and too underprivileged. It’s a false sense of superiority and which makes them wonder why they aren’t happier or more content with their life than they feel they should be, that dissatisfaction manifests itself in the bitterness that comes out. They have the same sense of entitlement that they pin on everyone else.

  2. Staircase2 4 Apr 2013, 1:42pm

    Can I suggest that the title of the piece would have been far more accurate had it read:

    “Greater Manchester Police to treat crimes against goths and punks as hate crime”

    The existing headline is pure tabloid crowd baiting and should be changed

  3. I dont necessarily think this is a good thing, whilst crimes based on hate for anything (including subculture) should be treated as more serious, actually classifying them as ‘hate crimes’ could water-down the concept:- they just dont occur as often as homophobia and racism. not enough to require additional legal protection

    1. I don’t know the figures – but the frequency with which they occur has no bearing on the impact they have on individuals. I had a friend who lived 3 doors away who moved from the area because of abuse because she is a goth; the lesbian couple who lived next door to me also moved because of homophobia; as did the ones who lived on the other side of me; the gay guys across the road were also driven out by homophobia. I’ve had windows broken, “tranny” scratched on my front door and verbal abuse. Guess what – it’s the same people responsible. Hate Crime is hate crime regardless of who it’s targetted at.

  4. Ah, yet another headline grabber from Commandant LeFarce and his bunch of cronies at GMP.
    Evidence clearly shows that the “gay village” in Manchester has the highest crime rate in the city, and anecdotal evidence points to GMP not supporting the community through dealing with hate crime.
    Hows about they deal with crime and stop spending time creating this category and that category. It’s yet another headline which will do bugger all on a day-to-day basis.

    1. really?
      UK Crime statistics list the worst 50 neighbourhoods in the UK for crime per head of population – Canal Street doesn’t even make the top 50 unlike 14 other parts of Greater Manchester: Longsight (at no 4), Wythenshawe (8), Leigh (12), Bolton S (15), Bolton E (20), Didsbury (25), Bolton W, Fallowfield, Stockport N, Wigan, Bolton C, Salford C, Stockport W & Tameside.

      1. Daniel said the city and you quoted stats for Greater Manchester. I’m not sure if Daniel is correct but your reply does not provide proof that he is wrong.

        I’ve always found the village to be a relatively safe place though.

        1. Longsight, Wythenshawe, Didsbury & Fallowfield are all parts of the city of Manchester.

  5. Well, here’s hoping that Greater Manchester Police treat the Homophobic Hate speech that me and my partner suffered on Monday by a ‘neighbour’ as a serious matter and actually DO something positive about it! Or rather, should I say, the CPS. We wait and we suffer as we wonder!

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