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Fired US basketball coach: There was ‘no excuse’ for my physical violence and anti-gay abuse

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Reader comments

  1. Sounds very much as though Someone desperately wants his job back (not that I’m a cynic or anything, you understand).

  2. No Excuse? How could there be any excuse for physical violence and anti gay abuse by a coach. You did it, your gone, bye bye.

    1. you’re (sorry, senior moment)

  3. You’re sorry you lost your job, skidmark.

  4. He would not look out of place in a sauna. Always the same

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Apr 2013, 2:38pm

    Obviously, rehabilitation never worked. This is a wake-up call for homophobes in sport. My advice…pay extremely close attention because this could happen to you. I have no sympathy for the man. He had his chance but he blew it. Bye bye!

  6. I hope he genuinely means his appology.

    I would be nice to think that some people actually do realise they have done wrong and change.

  7. douglas in canada 4 Apr 2013, 3:08pm

    The words mean nothing unless backed up by actions. We will have to wait and see how he behaves in the real world in the future.

    We MIGHT then believe his apology.

    A little too late, I’m afraid.

    He’s lucky that his firing didn’t include a swift kick / punch / insult from everyone he’s been such as a$$ to.

    1. Don’t hold your breath, Douglas, waiting for a change in his behavior. Blue is a great color for clothing, but not for human skin. LOL.

  8. He is deeply sorry that he got filmed and fired for what he did. If he had not gotten fired for it then he wouldn’t be making these comments.


    1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Apr 2013, 3:49pm

      It isn’t the first time he’s done this either. Students have left the school because of it.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Apr 2013, 3:48pm

    Actually, incest does occur in the UK and elsewhere when first blood cousins marry one another, reserved for heterosexuals only, although it is not looked upon as incest, but makes some religous cults very unneasy. In reality it is incest. Look at the royal family and the in-breeding that has taken place throughout the centuries. I suspect Keith, the immoralist addicted to religion and its obsession with gay sex is a by-product of that for being such a blithering idiot and I’ve no doubt quite ugly to look at.

    1. Marriage between first blood cousins isn’t incest, and it’s not problematic on an individual case basis. It’s when it becomes commonplace within extended family groupings that genetic problems relating to inbreeding start to arise.

  10. Typical. Bullies hurl abuse when they have the upper hand, and then cry like babies when they pay for it.

  11. Garry Cassell 4 Apr 2013, 4:24pm

    Just another clump of cell matter that should have been flushed down the drain….how could someone who should be educated and I stress should be educated…sadly in many cases college sports and education doesn’t always fit the equation.

  12. Interesting to note that of all the people he apologises too, LGBT’s are not included.

    He apologises to “my players, my administration, Rutgers University, the fans… my family”, but not to the pople who he slurred with the words he used.

    To me this is someone who is angry at himself because he said something that got him sacked, rather than someone who appreciates WHY what he said was wrong.

  13. Isn’t it amusing how bullies, and that’s what he is, are so contrite when finally caught? Had that video not been revealed, he would have gone on with his systematic verbal and physical violence. The truth is the man knew exactly what he was doing all the time, and now that he’s been exposed, he can kiss any future in athletics goodbye.

    The man can consider himself lucky that one of those abused players didn’t turn around and wipe up the court with his sorry posterior.

  14. As having been in high school sports in the very late 70’s I can assure you the coaches called us names but never anything like this clown. When coach was dissatisfied with the way we were playing he called us “a bunch of little girls”. We would normally step up our game after that. If he was still unhappy, we got to run, run and run more. This guy is nothing more than an abusive power control psycho with no control of his emotions. I can’t believe one of these players he abused didn’t knock him out. As a gay man I absolutely think his worthless apology should have at least included the gay community. Name calling at any level is stupid and wrong. He got what he deserved.

  15. Did I read correctly that this bozo received a 100 grand bonus after he was booted ???

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