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Daughter of Ronald Reagan says he would have supported same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. If he believed in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness I’m sure he would.

    Not to mention equality and basic fair play.

  2. Reagan sat idly by while thousands of Americans died of Aids simply because they were gay.

    He did not even utter the word Aids until 1987.

    I somehow doubt this horrible man would have supported same sex marriage.

    1. James Savik 4 Apr 2013, 7:04pm

      Name a president that has ever taken direct control of an infectious disease outbreak? Name one that had the expertise.

      Reagan appointed C. Everett Coop Surgeon General who actually did a competent job given the circumstances. A DEMOCRATIC congress was slow to respond with funds.

      If it makes you feel better to blame Reagan. go ahead. There were plenty of mistakes made. If you know the science and the facts behind what was actually happening, all the “safe-sex” in the world wouldn’t have stopped it.

      In the sixties many Hatians were employed in the Congo. They brought the disease back to Hati. A company that made whole blood products was buying blood and making products that were being shipped all over the world. Forget what you heard about “patient zero”. In this case it was “factory zero”.

  3. Absolute scumbag. Hundreads of thousands of us died and he did not care. I hate him and will not forgive him as long as I live and we need to make sure that no gay people ever forget how much he let us down.

  4. The neo-con scumbag was to the right of Thatcher – says it all for me.
    What he did, or rather didn’t do when AIDS was killing thousands will remain in my memory. His daughters attempted rewrite of his legacy will not fool many.

  5. James Savik 4 Apr 2013, 6:54pm

    Reagan was one of the most gay friendly conservatives in history. As governor of California, he vetoed a move to fire and ban all gay teachers in the state and as president he removed homosexuality as a automatic barrier to security clearances.

    Although Ronald Reagan has a bad rep on GLBT issues, these two actions set in motion policy that has had a positive effect on millions of gay people.

    While it is doubtful that RR would have ever backed gay marriage, he was light years ahead of a great many people on both sides of the aisle for a man of his generation.

  6. I can’t see it myself.

  7. It was part of Reagan’s ideology to recreate traditionalist 50s style family values throughout the 80s. He would not have supported marriage equality but might have been in favour in other forms of gay rights, such as anti-discrimination, which he proved in the late 70s.

  8. johnny33308 5 Apr 2013, 4:54am

    I lived in Boston, Massachusetts during the Great Epidemic and hundreds of thousands of gay men became ill and were dying. Ronnie was President and would not allow any sort of research by the Federal government into what it was that was killing gay men….he stood in the way of progress and is responsible for untold suffering and many, many deaths….he would certainly NOT have approved of Marriage Equality as he was a religious person and a bigot….period. It was horrible to watch so many people die so horribly all around you….almost an entire generation of gay men were gone! He was an evil man! Now you know why I fight for Equality….

    1. I realize I am not on topic with this reply… as the subject is equal marriage. I do agree however with your comment! much of how Reagan reacted with his dismissing his own son Ron’s ballet career, were only a small yet significant part of his deep prejudices.

      What you say about the “missing generation” of gay men is very true! some people have no idea of how policy affected the uncontrolled fear and spread of Aids/HIV.

      People of today need to see the fact based movie “And the band played on!” (1993) especially the few minutes after 1:56:37 which reveals the Regan legacy and how his concern for balanced budget sabotaged research and development requests and made victims of LGBT and American citizens. His legacy will always be the epidemic he helped create during his two terms in office!

  9. With the casting couch system that operated in Hollywood back in Ronald Reagan’s days when he was a young good-looking and athletic hopeful, just to get his foot in the door he probably had to service a few directors and producers to get the early bit parts and acting jobs.
    As Tony Curtis said, they were all expected to do it back in those days.

  10. It’s clear that opinion is divided on the matter of Reagan’s legacy to us but I found his daughter’s comments touching and an appropriate counterpoint to those of her rather unpleasant sibling.

  11. floridahank 5 Apr 2013, 7:06pm

    Reagan’s philosophy was best understood from his famous comment,
    “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”
    I believe he didn’t want to rely on the cronyism of politicians to do what is best for our nation.

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