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US: Video shows homophobic and physical abuse by basketball coach who will remain in post

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Pedicini 3 Apr 2013, 1:39am

    As a retired professional coach stories or such as this turn my stomach however when the culture of win at all cost creates sports programs that have become idols of this culture and money generators you can expect the worst of humanity to surface.

  2. Sadly nothing changes: my sports teacher at primary school behaved exactly like this. Which probably goes part of the way to explaining why I grew up to have no interest in sport whatsoever. I’m sure I’m not the only one…

    1. You’re certainly not the only one, but if you’re anything like me then you thought you were the only one at the time.

  3. That man is a homosexual and using his aggressive behaviour and actions to hide his sexuality. I’d put money on that one.

  4. This is a very important article because it makes clear that “simply” calling someone a “fairy” or a “faggot” or suchlike constitutes homophobic abuse.

    And it makes me recall that when I was a child I, and many others, were goaded with words like “sissy”, “little girl”, and other terms. It was common school-ground behaviour, but it WAS homophobia and we all suffered. It did us all a lot of damage.

    1. You are so right Eddy, you made something click as I’d never really seen it as the sort of universal homophobic abuse that is used so casually, certainly against boys generally. It can be deeply shaming and hurtful for any child whether they are going to grow up gay or not to be called a sissy or similarly abusive homophobic names.
      It’s done to instil shame of course.

  5. I thought this University sounded familiar. It seems nothing has been learnt since the suicide of Tyler Clementi.

  6. So let me get this straight: the homophobic bully of a coach will remain in post and the man who complained of and reported illegal conduct by him is terminated?
    And this by the same University where the Tyler Clementi tragedy happened? This casts a poor light on the University, they seem to condone homophobia even after all that happened. Unbelievable.

    1. Yes. The last two sentences are just as big a story! The whistleblower was sacked! What a disgrace!

  7. Christopher in Canada 3 Apr 2013, 11:40pm

    Update – this guy was fired today by Rutgers University. CBC News Radio announced it by 3pm Eastern Daylight Time.

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