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US: Transgender father Thomas Beatie to challenge divorce ruling

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Reader comments

  1. good, this thing is getting what it deserves .. it shouldn’t have been such a publicity whore

    1. Proud to be an ignorant transphobe? GTFO!

    2. are we not allowed to use the f word again?

      you censored me…

  2. Martin, remind me to restrict your legal standing sometime ok, and see how you feel?

    I am getting sick of Beattie though. He is not the worlds first pregnant man, plenty of ftm’s have had babies pre and post transition, but the legal system in America is a complete mess and this case is showing that. If he can’t get divorced, then he shouldn’t have been able to marry, the legal system wants it both ways and more!

  3. Never refer to another human being as “it”; shame on you. Transsexualism is a congenital birth condition, which is more than I can say for your ignorance.

    1. YOU are the idiot. Transsexualism is NOT a mental illness. Prejudice of the kind you’re displaying should be. THis is how stupid you are, “Gender dysmorphia” doesn’t exist, it’s term you made up. If you want to argue with me you had better know what you’re talking about. Here’s a clue: I was born transsexual (mind-body mismatch) and transitioned to correct that mismatch. So you can say I’m an expert on this subject. For more information you might want to check out the WPATH Standards of Care (Version 7); it will educate you further.

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