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US: Florida Senate committee approves bill for same-sex domestic partnership registry

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Reader comments

  1. Another positive! This is clearly progress indicating the 15 minutes of fame that Anita Bryant and her vile rhetoric which turned back time on LGBT rights not so long ago are now history!

    One day the face of America will change faster than ever, when the hold out states suddenly see how they have become the missing pieces of the fabric of American liberality and society.

  2. johnny33308 3 Apr 2013, 4:51am

    Having just lived 19 yrs in Florida, I can say that the American Taliban legislature there is doing this only in a vain attempt to not look like they’re vile bigots with their anti-LGBT laws and ‘religious’ based bigotry written into their state constitution….they are trying to seem ‘progressive’ and not like who they truly are, and will always be regardless of what ever comes out of their mouths. The South only talks the talk, they are unable to walk the walk, but do now realize they are going to be remembered much like their parents and grandparents are remembered, as Segregationists once again on the WRONG side of history….they can never win with their ignorance and bigotry, history shows repeatedly. Is it genetic or what that these people cannot ever choose the correct side of ANY fight? How about being kind and throwing away your hatred and bigotry so your children will not be saddled with yet more relatives on the WRONG side of history? I won’t count on it….can’t fix stupid

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 3 Apr 2013, 10:18am

    What am I reading this right…

    In Florida (in the Committee Stage) actually passed something on LGBT rights – WOW that is progress indeed!!!

    I highly doubt it will pass the full floor stage… But then I could be wrong

    The same thing happened in Wyoming, the Committee Stage passed the Discrimination Bill and the Domestic Partnership Bill – but the moment both bills reached the Full Floor both bills got voted down (but the votes were so close)!

    Are well there is always next year and I am very confident that both the bills will pass in Wyoming

    Not all Republicans are the same, REMEMBER some Democrats act like the Dixiecrat Bigot Taliban too (such as the Rhode Island Senate and the Illinois House on typical vote delay tactics)!!!

  4. same-sex domestic partnership registry?!?!

    Sounds like some Nazi black list or something WTF??

    1. London had this before nationwide Civil Partnerships came into being.

      Don’t condemn it, it’s a start, although there’s a long way to go.

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