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Uruguay: Equal marriage bill passes Senate and is ‘nearly certain’ to become law

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Reader comments

  1. Brett Gibson 3 Apr 2013, 12:31am

    12 down 184 to go!!

  2. onesecond 3 Apr 2013, 1:55am

    I have to read something about Urguay on wiki now, I really didn’t know it was such an evolved and modern country. It is great for everyone that Uruguay stands up for justice and love and puts other medieval countries to shame.

  3. It’s a great accomplishment for the Freedom to marry group in Uruguay, to know this will probably soon be law! When reading of so many situations on PN, it’s easy to think you are aware of what is going on around the world and then places you weren’t expecting like Uruguay suddenly come in under the radar as a progressive nation setting the standard around the world for LGBT rights.

    This example shows how frustrating it is for the UK, USA, and Australia to be constantly battling the odds to win equality in places you are perhaps least expecting to set the pace and standard for equal rights without volumes of negative press or known opposition..

  4. One more ‘enlightened’ nation! The sky is not falling.

    For the countries that already have same-sex marriage, every year that passes by will chip away at the fear bigoted scare-mongers try to whip up amongst the general populace.

  5. Another country in what is touted (by them) as the Roman Catholic heartlands.

    Too late with your South Anerican pope: the horse has bolted!

  6. GingerlyColors 3 Apr 2013, 6:55am

    The march towards marriage equality is now unstoppable in Europe and the Americas and hopefully this will send a message to the Carribean countries which still criminalise gay sex.

  7. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2013, 8:14am

    Is this yet another country that will beat the UK in bring Marriage Equality into law?

    Come on British MP’s it’s starting to make us look like a backward country. Get this bill into law already and stop wasting time.

    Well done Uruguay!!!

    1. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 3 Apr 2013, 9:57am

      I would love the UK Marriage Equality to pass as well, but it is not that simple and not that fast. Currently the bill in the UK still has to go to the report stage, third reading in the House of Commons and then the first, second, Committee Stage, Report stage and the third reading in the House of Bigots (sorry Lords). If the bill is voted down or delayed for up to a year – then the bill goes straight to the Queen for Assent, under the UK Parliament Act.

      1. Equality Network 3 Apr 2013, 11:01am

        Remember there is no UK bill on equal marriage. That’s the process for the England and Wales bill – next stages report and 3rd reading in the Commons – probably on two days, some time after the Queen’s Speech on 8th May.

        The Scottish bill meanwhile has finished its consultation stage and the Scottish Govt are now considering the responses. Likely to be introduced in the Scottish Parliament in the summer.

        There is no bill in sight in Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein, the SDLP, the Alliance and the Greens all support equal marriage, but the DUP and UUP are opposed.

  8. What !! I cant believe Uruguay is about to get marriage equality. I live in the U.S. and i feel like we need to have marriage equality now before France and England and out of know where Uruguay comes out of know where. If this was a horse race my jaw would drop.

  9. Another predominantly Catholic country takes a step nearer to legalising same sex marriage, the world has not exploded and life continues as normal for everyone!

    Well, done Uruguay!

  10. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 3 Apr 2013, 10:07am

    Here here well done and congratulations Uruguay!

    What are or were the “amendments”, I would like to know more but can not seem to get any information on the “amendments”???

    Next will be France and New Zealand.

    Hopefully the SCOTUS will allow gay marriage and repeal DOMA and the Proposition 8.

    Then in my country “Convict Land” (once known as “New Holland” and now Australia) NOTHING at all and the usual Election on bigotry and hate coming out to play with Tony “Catholic Taliban” Abbott and Julia Gillard the “I have no excuse on my bigotry” because I am a atheist excuse bullshit!!!!!

    Better the devil you do know, then the devil you don’t!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 1:41pm

      I believe the amendments which will shore up rules for adoption and in-vitro fertilization—which up until now has barred straight couples: It alters Uruguay’s divorce laws to allow men to end a marriage without specific grounds. (In 1912, the country passed legislation that allowed only women to file for a no-fault divorce, as a means of equalizing the balance of power.)

      I believe once that minor change has been made, it will be signed into law by atheist President Mujica. Imagine, a catholic country with an atheist leader. We’d never see that happen in the UK.

      1. Atheist Prime Minister in Australia called JuLIAR even OPPOSES equal marriage…

        Australia is a Christian Nation with 26% of people as atheists…

        Why and what is Julia Gillard’s excuse hey?

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 1:44pm

      Don’t forget, Finland has a petition demanding re-introduction of the equal marriage bill. It could well pass. Denmark’s failed on the first attempt.

      Mexico could well be the next Latin American country to introduce it.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 12:32pm

    C4M/CI, Anglican Mainstream, Christian Concern, Christian Legal Centre and any other hate group and now the House of Lords had better pay very serious attention. Wait until France does it. Two more catholic countries in one week. They’re all go into convulsions and I’m sure we can expect them to up the ante with their customary hateful rhetoric assuming the right wing media covers it which I doubt.

    It puts our system to shame. Months and months of foot-dragging, bigots having a say in committee who have no intention to support it and Lord Dear posturing that it could well be defeated in the Lords assuming he’s polled every one of them which I doubt although I’m sure C4M have been very busy bombarding them with mail and fear-mongering.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 1:53pm

    Has anyone seen or heard anything about this in the right wing media including the BBC?

  13. Not hugely surprising since this has been on the cards for a while, but good news all the same. Pre and post-dictatorship Uruguay has always had a claim to being Latin America’s most progressive state.

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