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Son of Ronald Reagan: ‘Same-sex marriage will lead to ‘polygamy, bestiality and murder’

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Reader comments

  1. The man needs locking up!

    Has he been hiding under a rock? The religious lot have been very vocal in their opposition to same sex marriage! But then why let the truth get in the way?

    1. That There Other David 3 Apr 2013, 11:15am

      True. The Catholics in particular never shut up about it.

      However, I’m amazed by his call for Jews to suddenly become radically against. They seem pretty laid back about it from what I can see.

    2. My thoughts entirely. The conservative and religious haven’t lacked leadership, determination or effort. They’ve just simply lost the moral argument. This is the morality of enlightenment and fairness crushing the ‘morality’ of fear, control, ignorance and superstition. The deck has been stacked against them!

  2. That There Other David 3 Apr 2013, 11:14am

    Canada has less “polygamy, bestiality and murder” than the United States.

    ’nuff said.

    1. there are two sons of Reagan. This one escaped from the asylun

  3. Is he serious or mentally ill? No comments.

    1. I think he is seriously mentally ill … to put it into contexts

    2. In the future I believe religious fanaticism will be considered some kind of mental disease. For now it’s just considered the best and noblest virtue a conservative politician could have.

  4. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2013, 11:19am

    These people will say any boring, bigoted thing to get into the press.

    It’s boring and I have to say it’s completely immature to make such irrelevant, unfounded assumptions.

    All those countries that have seen the opportunities that marriage equality brings haven’t lead to polygamy, bestiality or any difference in murders, so why do these nasty vile, bigoted people chose to ignore that and all the facts.

    They’re just a few, ill-thinking morons who have nothing better to say that sound like a broken record on repeat.

    1. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2013, 12:53pm

      Ah bless… not into reading comments or accepting facts are you Keith.

      Another laughable comment LOL

      You just look a complete idiot!

    2. There is a bridge missing a troll somewhere!

      1. Is it safe to come out now, has the evil troll gone :-)

        1. Nothing unsafe there (except contact perhaps, but fortunately we’re spared that), the only danger would be expiring of boredom – though fairness compels me to admit that Keith in his current flush of NPD is providing me with quite a bit of amusement during a rather boring afternoon at work.

    3. Just because you are unlovable and repellent does mean you can spew your bigotry at people like us living a full a passionate life – me think you doth protest too much – come out and join the real men

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 1:47pm

        Hear hear!! Closet cases are the most vocal aren’t they? He just can’t stay away from the men in here. He’s another O’Brien acolyte, same syndrome, same self-loathing hiding behind religion.

    4. Is it just me guys, or does this person spend way too much time on Pinknews for a “straight man?
      I can see him now, sitting there in his XXXL sweats and dirty T just scanning websites on his filthy nasty stained keyboard to find something to comment on to give his life validation. But hey, it’s not like he has anywhere to be or like anyone is going to stop by is it.

      1. No, there’s only one person who thinks it (and he) is normal. Which says everything you will ever need to know about the poor individual in question.

    5. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2013, 4:10pm

      LOL so it took you four hours between YOUR Messages to finally read, did it? LOL

      You really wanna talk about IQ’s etc?

      Do you really not see what a totally wanker you sound!! LOL

    6. This from someone who, apparently seriously, uses the word heteronormal (‘hetero’ from Greek heteros, ‘other’) to describe himself?

      Yes, it’s fairly obvious you’d have an intimate knowledge of what a clown is, Keith my poor sweet.

  5. Unfortunately he didn’t get his father’ Ronald Reagan’s good looks but he did get his father’s brain and IQ.

    1. He’s adopted.

    2. Wikipedia says he was adopted by Reagan and his first wife

    3. Roland Chesters 3 Apr 2013, 4:03pm

      Reagan Snr had brains and IQ? I must have missed that one…

      1. No, but Ronald Reagan was a good looking young hopeful actor, let’s leave it there.

    4. This old man Mike Reagan is so far out that his father would not agree with his crazy bull S-it. This guy should be told what he is. A rotten far right joke of a man. He is a guy who forgets he was adopted and was saved from a sad life. He is not a blood child of Reagan. He could not have Ronald Reagan brain or IQ. He was an adopted child and not a blood child of Reagan.

  6. Not a lot of activity showing up on his brain scan I am betting.

  7. Obviously inherited his father’s genes. Moron. It’s a pity we can’t sue these people for ‘public scare-mongering’ when all their insane rantings prove false. MANY countries have had same-sex unions for years. I haven’t noticed an increase in ‘polygamy, bestiality and murder’ in those places. So is it just Americans who will be so easily influenced by equality?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 12:44pm

      Hmmm, Sharon James of C4M uses an example of one man in Canada who unsuccessfully tried to have polygamy legalised. The court threw it out but she’ll go on using it as an example of what might happen. Sadly, gullible people buy into it including Lord Carey who said something similar earlier on. I don’t know of any western government that would even dare consider introducing it. There is no demand for it and I doubt any government in its right mind would even sanction it. People like her and Reagan are mentally ill and need help.

    2. Do we know who his biological father is?

      1. Liam the God 3 Apr 2013, 3:08pm

        George Wallace, I think.

  8. “There is also a very slippery slope leading to other alternative relationships and the unconstitutionality of any law based on morality.”
    Another gish gallop, so many logical fallacies and innaccuracies competing for attention it would take hours to address them in the space of one post.
    But straight off the bat we have a slippery slope fallacy, and conflating morality and theocracy when a cursory glance at the Old Testament will quickly tell you religion is not the moral standard it’s cracked up to be.
    Reagan seems to forget that his assumed slippery slope to ‘alternative relationships’ starts with what he would call traditional relationships. Therefore why not ban every relationship under the sun on the basis they all have the potential to lead to an incestuous, bestial, necrophiliac, bacchinalean street orgy that would make Calligula blush?
    Why draw an arbitary line in the sand just before gay marriage?

  9. Commander Thor 3 Apr 2013, 12:05pm

    Christianity will lead to crusades, inquisitions and paedophilia…

    Misquotation alert: this post contains sarcasm. I don’t believe Christianity itself leads to these things – a culture of fundamentalism and propaganda is to be blamed.

    1. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2013, 12:56pm

      Why not… it’s what the religious extremist/idiot does, reverse the very things they do and blame all others in society they don’t like.

  10. Uh-huh, OK, sure.

    It will also cause:

    – the extinction of the south Guatemalan lesser-spotted termite (tho, not the greater-spotted one)

    – the onset of lactose intolerance in the Danish royal family


    – a 3% reduction in the albedo of at least four of Saturn’s moons.

    – and the fact that I couldn’t find one of my Converse this morning until I looked under the spare bed? That was equal marriage’s fault, too…

    1. Poor South-Guatemalan lesser-spotted termites, the pedophilia, rape and specially bestiality that gay marriage will introduce will cause their extinction. I pray for the poor South-Guatemalan lesser-spotted termite children, innocent victims of the abuse by the evil gay humans !! (but not for the South-Guatemalan greater-spotted termites, they are communists, f**k them !!)

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 12:39pm

    Sounds like the C4M script which Sharon James brings up everytime she goes on a rant.

    I’d like them to come forward with factual evidence to support their hateful predictions. They all need psychiatric intervention.


  13. Liam the God 3 Apr 2013, 1:36pm

    Odd: I thought all of those things had already been done. By STRAIGHT people! Catherine the Great supposedly died when shagging a horse; The Bible is full of tales of Polygamy and murder committed by Straight people. And, Mister Wrinkly Reagan, YOUR FATHER was divorced and remarried! Time to start thinking about what you’re saying. Plus you look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy!

    1. Why do you liberals do so much childish name calling? He’s adopted, he looks like the Pillsbury doughboy, he is Wrinkly, etc. Also, the word retarded? Come on People!

  14. The Ironton Tribune? In a mid-Western state with cities like Cincinnati and Cleveland, who gives a rat’s arse – let alone has ever even heard of – the Ironton Tribune?

    Little Reagan’s words being quoted here must be about the most publicity they’re likely to get, and ‘way beyond what might have been expected.

    Laugh and move on.

  15. Har Davids 3 Apr 2013, 1:37pm

    At least he’s honest enough not be too sure about the murder bit. Too bad he doesn’t connect the apparent dots between equal marriage and polygamy, bestiality and murder. I don’t think there’s been surge in either of the subject in countries where EM is a reality, but I may not be fully up to date.

  16. SO does that mean I can marry and sleep with multiple animals before killing and eating them?? Just curious……

  17. Like father like son !

  18. Oh Goody. Another One 3 Apr 2013, 2:25pm

    I really have to wonder where people get these ideas from. If it’s someone else’s opinion then go and form your own. If it’s your opinion then what the hell is going on in your head. I have never even thought of any of these things let alone in one sentence. Polygany, bestiality and possibly murder……. Here is a definite case of someone who is really sick in the head and needs professional help before he hurts somebody.

    1. “…Moral people wish to live in a society which pre-emptively restricts that which harms society such as consensual adult incest polygamy and homosexuality.”

      I have a pile of commas over here, crying because of your neglect.

      1. Come now Mr Stuie, I think Keith, Sodality Instructor has more urgent needs than commas. Commas would really only be useful if there was any hope of making sense out of nonsense.

    2. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2013, 4:29pm

      “It does not matter whether there is a call for bestiality or polygamy though it cannot be denied there are a minority that would take it up. It does happen you know.”

      Well yes Keith, You clearly support it, being that you don’t really stop talking about anything else.

      “The point is that by saying it is wrong to limit marriage to one man one woman opens the door to legal challenges which could see the law changed in their favour.”

      Er, no it doesn’t, it’s just your complete hatred of humanity.

      “No right thinking person would want to live under such laws whether there was an uptake or not”

      So don’t then.

      ” Moral people wish to live in a society which pre-emptively restricts that which harms society such as consensual adult incest polygamy and homosexuality.”

      Get an education, stop being a bigoted idiot!

      “Indeed, homosexual sex has no benefit to the wider society whatsoever whilst heteronormal sex ensures the survival of humans.”

      And yet we’re Over populated!


  19. I feel obligated to inform the ignorant

    Bless. No fool like a narcissist, eh Keithipoo?

  20. Tom Cotner 3 Apr 2013, 2:34pm

    Well, he is only one son — the other is not so much a bigot.

  21. Please do not feed the needs-to-get-a-life troll.

    Just click ‘down’ and then ‘Report’

    Thanks! :)

    1. Yes dear, yes, of course you do.

      *pats hand*

    2. (Sorry Sasha, sometimes it’s too delightfully funny to resist.)

      1. :) Enjoy, Rehan!

    3. Educator of Keith 3 Apr 2013, 3:17pm

      You strange, sad person… Claims by gay, consenting adults that what they do in their own bedrooms is nobody’s business IS NOT a sign of moral bankruptcy. It is however a claim of a universally accepted human right to privacy. If anything I would have thought you would rather gay people confine their sexual expression to the privacy of their own homes? Furthermore, your equating incest with homosexuality is spurious and irrelevant as incest is criminalised and homosexuality isn’t- a distinction you seem too ignorant to grasp. Finally, morality is subjective and laws indeed are reflective of the collective morals and values of society. The fact that homosexuality is not criminalised is therefore indisputable proof of the fact that society considers it to be morally acceptable. The same will hold true when all laws discriminating against homosexuals will be abolished in the very near future. No one is the least bit concerned by your tired rantings- find another hobby you poor dear…

      1. Educator of Keith 3 Apr 2013, 3:46pm

        Poor Keith- I didn’t say anything about what the government should or should not legislate in regards to “private consensual bedroom antics” as you put it. You should learn to read with a little more comprehension of the text, or did my undeniable logic cause a breakdown of your synapses?? You fail to understand that morality is like an asshole- everyone has their own. And your morality is the equivalent of a prolapsed, cancerous, shitty asshole that repulses everyone you subject it to. Move on dear, you are too ignorant to match our intellect and you are just embarrassing yourself..

    4. Does Keith share his obsession with his wife/girlfriend I wonder? I suppose he does, otherwise how could he explain the time spent on an LGBT site?

      1. The answer to that may lie in the ‘friend’ part: at a guess I’d say he doesn’t have m/any.

  22. In 1948, Associate Justice John W. Shenk wrote the dissent for the Perez v. Sharp case in California. In said dissent, he suggested that once the miscegination restrictions are removed, then logic would dictate that the incest resctrictions must also be removed.

    65 years have passed since John W. Shenk wrote his piece, and Incest has yet to be made legal in -ANY- state of the Union. He knew more about American law and culture than you do, and he still got it so wrong.

    What makes you think that your claim can hold more water than the one put up 65 years ago?

    1. Which “European Court”, Justice or Human Rights?

      BTW, most of us don’t believe in genies, whether in bottles or out of them – but it comes as little surprise that you do.

      1. The European Court has nothing to do with American laws and what American politicians say.

        But because comedy is always good, we will run with your story. Even if the European Court had the power to make broad rulings that nominally applied to every member state, the fact that all the European states are in different places with regards to gay rights pretty much sinks your point.
        In 2000 the European Court demanded that open homosexuals be allowed to serve in the UK armed forces, yet to this day, several member states do not allow open homosexuals to serve in their militaries.
        Many European Court member states have implemented briad anti-descrimination laws, whereas others have more limited anti-descrimination laws. And there are some, like Russia, which are going backwards, and writing anti-gay descrimination as law, contrary to the desire of the European Court.

        What makes you think that a court so lacking in absolute authority will be so able to exert absolute authority?

      2. Ooops, I replied to the wrong comment. Sorry.
        Keith must be sucking away my intelligence.

      3. In any event intelligence is wasted on Keith, bless his threadbare little cotton socks.

    2. Educator of Keith 3 Apr 2013, 3:25pm

      It has now become apparent what the real issue bothering Poor Keith is… He obviously desperately wants to fork his own sister and fears that should incest be legalised the last barrier to his desires will fall- and his sky daddy will be angry and ban him from living with him..

      1. Actually, back in the day (last year) when his meds weren’t working quite as well, poor dear Keith was frothing so regularly and so obsessively over father-son incest that it was really worrying in the event he himself had actually, by some dire mischance, spawned (we know, after all, how easily and profusely cockroaches reproduce). As he is all too enthusiastic about demonstrating for our benefit, there are some sick individuals out there.

  23. Liam the God 3 Apr 2013, 3:02pm

    America has one of the highest murder rates in the western world already. Germany allows bestiality already (they’re trying to get it banned, though). Paedophiles are all hiding in the Vatican. Polygamy is allowed in Saudi Arabia and other Theocratic Muslim Nations and States, and they also marry their daughters off at age 9, sometimes to cousins.
    Sounds like Ray-Gun has the same grasp of the world as his adopted father had, to me!

  24. In many ways it’s important that today’s younger generation are reminded of the Regan dynasty. Here’s a President who left thousands of his fellow countrymen sufferer needlessly while he refused to help the sick and they dying AIDS sufferers.

    A man, a war monger and enemy of peace.

    A man who thankfully is now pushing up daises somewhere unable to wreak the havoc, death and distress that once followed him everywhere he went.

    We should be thankful to Michael Regan for this brief, albeit unwanted and upsetting reminder of his father and his vile Presidency.

    1. Roland Chesters 3 Apr 2013, 4:05pm

      Pity the daisies

    2. Don’t forget his wife, who naively thought Just Saying No was an efficient way of fighting and ending a complex sociological and public health problem.

    3. President Reagan was a vicious stupid bigot & obviously so is his adopted son

  25. ANGELA S. 3 Apr 2013, 3:17pm

    Yada, yada, yada…..
    I guess someonelooking for attention….

  26. Stupid chip off the stupid old block.

  27. onesecond 3 Apr 2013, 4:09pm

    Stupid and desperate. Poor thing. Have you ever heard of Denmark?

    1. Denmark? Don’t be silly. He’d think Denmark is just the town in South Carolina. He’s probably even unaware Great Britain is an island.

      1. Liam the God 3 Apr 2013, 5:12pm

        “Great Britain? Yeah, that’s in Scotland, right?”

  28. You know when someone is identified as “son of” they really are a nobody whose opinion and ideas don’t really count for much.

  29. Garry Cassell 3 Apr 2013, 4:35pm

    F****** idiot…where have you been??? like murder doesn’t happen already in straight marriages…pretty much a daily event in the USA…You need to get out more arso…

  30. Janet Lameck 3 Apr 2013, 5:38pm

    I take it this JERK is a member of the Westboro Baptist Church!

  31. Janet Lameck 3 Apr 2013, 5:43pm

    Doesn’t this JERK know that straight people are the biggest pedophiles, It used to be called incest folks!

  32. Instead of reacting emotionally, at each new utterance from a desperate uber conservative religious and political rabble, let us step back and look at the wider picture and see them a little more clearly.

    The first thing we’ll see is that, despite all their flowery talk, power has been their ultimate goal; the power to dictate to the masses, the power to discriminate against anyone, with seeming impunity, and the power to enrich themselves without consequences.

    They’re now seeing the writing on the wall and it frightens them beyond belief. The sleeping masses are finally awakening and their time is rapidly drawing to a close. I’m reminded of a poster, from the seventies that said; “Success is the best revenge.”

    We will be successful and will see these zealots relegated to their just desserts, irrelevancy.

  33. This man grew up in Hollywood and he KNOWS he’s speaking bullshit- just for the political capital it’ll bring him among the sociologically, educationally deprived.

  34. is there an election coming up soon? As a salesman I can recognise a ‘pitch’, yes I did mean pitch, when I smell one. It is interesting how unpredictable the gene pool can be

  35. He is an adopted child. He does not have Reagan blood in him. May be that is why he is a far right wing nut. Far, far out from Reagan beliefs.

  36. OH MY GOD !!! He is completely right !!! Changing the culture of an entire country always leads to total chaos and pandemonium !!! We all know what happened with previous major events in the history of the United States when the culture of the entire country was changed, like when the black slaves were freed, the women were allowed to vote and interracial marriage was legalized, there was polygamy, bestiality, murder, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  37. Nuuurse !!! Another one escaped !!

  38. Staircase2 4 Apr 2013, 1:49pm

    Like father like son I see…

    What a bloody idiot…

    Does he have political ambition then…?

  39. Polygamy is up for discussion – but bestiality? We’re talking about a legal union between consenting adults, here; an animal is not a consenting adult, the comparison is invalid.
    And I don’t see what “murder” has to do with any kind of relationship – unless he means that most murder victims are killed by a spouse or other close relative…

  40. This is what happens when the Reich Wing Cultists speak. They spew forth venom that has absolutely NO basis in truth. His arsehole father was just as bad!

  41. Oh, so.. not like now then?
    And of course, it’s NOT the NRA’s position on gun control that will cause murder in the US, it’s us getting hitched! Polygamy is a Mormon thing, isn’t it? And.. bestiality? Well that is a Moron thing! Seems to me the man is the product of just such a deplorable pastime… half moron half pig… with none of the endearing qualities and charm of the latter! :D LOL

  42. Danean Delinski 5 Apr 2013, 4:27am

    Absolutely pathetic!

  43. God Almighty I thought the UK was the home of bigots but I’ll have to rethink what is being said in USA.

    1. It’s narrow minded people like this that keeps gay kids killing themselves. All people should be treated equal not just the ones you feel are living the most wholesome life style. It’s not like blocking gay marriage is going to make them any less gay they just want the same rights as straight couples. I don’t believe that’s to much to ask for. If you don’t like it I suggest not marrying someone from the same sex as you. They are hurting no one……..

  44. Very worrying. Juts imagine if there were to be murder in the USA. Unthinkable.

  45. mistersunshine 5 Apr 2013, 11:53am

    America has one of the highest murder rates in the world already. Paedophiles are already in the churches where the straight people worship, and don’t those american mormons have multiple wives already? I am thinking the countries like Canada and Sweden where same sex marriage is legal has less of all of that. Maybe USA murder rate will go down when the concept of equal love and equal rights eventually passes.

  46. FatalSmiles 5 Apr 2013, 2:09pm

    It’s funny that he says all of this, when it says throughout Jesus’s time in the bible, not to judge other people, and that God loves everyone, including the sinners. Even if homosexuality was a sin (which unless you go by everything in the old testament, it’s really not) God loves gays the same way he loves straights, and no, he will not punish a gay man, for falling in love with another gay man, getting married, and raising a family together. Nowhere in the bible did it ever say, you should love one another, unless you’re the same sex, that’s not right. Come on guys, get updated from the old testament. We eat shellfish and play football and get tattoos and wear synthetic fabrics, if you have never done any of those kudos to you, you must really follow the old testament, soooo you’re against crime punishment for rapists, right? In the old testament if a woman got raped she either had to marry the man or get stoned to death. Congratulations on being an ignorant human being.

  47. evensongjunkie 6 Apr 2013, 3:08pm

    Senile. Just like his old man.

  48. Kelvin Beer-Jones 6 Apr 2013, 7:20pm

    If you feel that you are likely to commit murder if gay people marry, you should report to the police immediately.

    If you feel that your marriage has no value if someone you don’t like is also married, then discuss that with your wife.

    If you think that you will want to marry your dog if two guys marry then discuss that with your psychiatrist.

    Maybe the rest of us stable folk can then just get on with our lives.

  49. I bet he is a closeted gay man that is to ashamed to be honest with himself. that or he’s just a flat out moron.

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