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Malta: Transgender woman wins legal right to marry after government drops case

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent. Another victory for reason and justice. Isn’t it a shame how, for centuries, religion has held back progress just to further its OWN interests?

  2. A woman has the right to marry a man! Wow! What’ll they think of next?
    Now that they are allowing straight people to marry, will the sky fall in? Let’s wait and see.

    1. Please note that Malta has just changed it’s government about 3 weeks ago after 15 years of being governed by a Vatican’s lapdog. Dropping this case was one of the first things it did on winning office. The current Labour government is as far from being a Vatican’s lapdog as the North Pole is from Antarctica, and it is showing that it means business with the LGBT community.

      1. Preciselly what I meant about ‘religion holding back progress for centuries PURELY to further its own intersts’. There would never have been ANY anti-gay legislation in most of the world had it not been for biblical content. That’s why we have a duty to counter each and every anti-gay comment or statment made by relgiously-inspired bigots.

  3. This poor woman fought for 3 years to get this ruling. Good to see she’s finally won!

  4. Angela s. 3 Apr 2013, 3:27pm

    And another blow to bigotry….!
    Human rights are supposed to be equal for everyone..

  5. Darren Zahra 3 Apr 2013, 11:30pm

    Thanks to the new fresh government of Malta Us gays are going to make a big step forward in the community. Since Malta is a very catholic population, the previous government was afraid even to mention gays and we didn’t had any rights at all although the Europe union was pushing Malta for LGBT Rights. I am extremely proud that I voted for Labuor party for the first time. This party is already working hard on every movement and this case is the first result of the hard working after just 3 weeks it was elected. I am sure he will do more for everyone and I am glad that finally I can read a good news on Malta in Pink News and other gay sites :)

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