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Greater London Authority ranked a dismal 278th in Stonewall Equality Index

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Reader comments

  1. Not exactly a great piece of journalism.

    For example, what criteria do Stonewall use to score for its index, and more importantly, for those of us who don’t live in London – what actually does the GLA consist of?

    Perhaps those enlightened amongst us could fill in the gaps for those like me who have no real idea what this article is actually about.

      1. Thanks, Gerry.

        Oddly enough I’m aware of google and it’s relative merits. However, it’s common place in most of the publications I read for the journalist to explain the story to its reader so that using google to fill in blanks is not necessary.

        The author of this story clearly believes he’s only writing for a London based audience who also have knowledge of Stonewalls award criteria.

        Forgive me for asking, but thanks for your kind reply and of course you nice smiley face.

        1. Sorry, that was a wee bit naughty, but I just couldn’t resist that wicked urge… !

          You’re quite right, PN often does a cut ‘n’ paste job when some added value would be helpful, especially links to quoted sources.

  2. Didn’t pay a big enough bribe, erm sorry, donation, to the Stonewall organisation that:

    1. Only relatively recently started supporting equal marriage (just two year ago, they insisted Civil Partnerships were more than enough equality for anyone….)

    2. Still does bugger-all for equal marriage – other than a few token gestures, Stonewall are far from leading strong EM campaigns.

    3. Having fulfilled its original remit, now exists solely to liberal corporations of ‘diversity award donations’ and issue certificates to said organisations.

    Stonewall needs to either wind up, or get on with their original objectives, with gusto.

    1. You sound like you’ve failed a Jon interview with them.

      1. Not at all – I’m just rather annoyed that they’re the people the press go to for ‘the gay view’, and for many years, were busy arguing *against* equal marriage.

        It seems their agenda is furthering stonewall, rather than furthering LGBT rights.

        1. More specifically, Twatchell is the one they go to for ‘the gay view’, and we all know how reliable he is on speaking for us(!)

  3. Apparently TfL was too busy with the Olympics, but will enter next time… I kid you not !

    Can’t help thinking that an organisation the size of TfL should be able to multi-task, but at least it’s likely to get better.

    1. I have to say I would prefer them to spend their time running a safe service than filling in surveys…..

  4. To be fair the stonewall equality index is all a bit of a racket.

    Not that I blame stonewall for inventing it. It is a really good way of making money which they put to largely good use.

  5. Having seen the Stonewall WEI questionnaire, it is not a trivial document. In some cases, organisational change is needed, such as introducing monitoring sexual orientation in a similar way to gender and ethnicity, and the potential problems of that should be evident.

    Ideally there needs to be a British, European or International Standard for Equality and Diversity Management, similar to ISO 9001 for Quality Management or ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. These days, without ISO 9000 it is impossible for firms in the more reputable sectors to do business.

    It may be that there are already standards that deal with equalities. Which brings me to the main flaw in my argument, namely that standards documents are prohibitively expensive when they ought to be in the public domain. Auditing E&D would put a cost on business but in my view it is money well spent. One thing is certain, registering with Stonewall doesn’t come cheap.

    1. There is an ISO standard, ISO26001, which does cover these issues. It is available from BSI, although it hasn’t yet been adopted officially as a European Standard. This document is auditable, and does set out the framework required in order to protect diversity in the workplace.

  6. No small community LGBT Charity is featured – does that mean they are poor for LGB equality?

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