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Canada: Teen may change minds of school which declined to allow gay-straight alliance posters

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Reader comments

  1. Wow! And I thought Canada was a centre of enlightened thinking – fourth country to allow marriage equality in the world etc. Obviously not. I wish this very brave teen all the best! Let’s hope the school board comes to its senses!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Apr 2013, 7:05pm

      Having equal marriage will never prevent homophobia or bullying although over time, I think it might diminish at a faster rate seeing gay people treated equally and better education in the schools as time progresses, but will never be entirely eradicated. Even The Netherlands, the first to introduce EM has it’s own share of homophobia, not just with Islamic people but with native born Dutch homophobic religious loonies.

  2. The school board’s denial of permission to form a student group runs afoul of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  3. I will try to give some backround to this issue. Canada has passed equal marriage rights since 2005.But in that legislation churches were exempt from having to perform sms marriages. In adddition churches mainly the RCC support separate school systems. They believe falsely that this exempts them from the human rights legislation within the country.Provincial governements have juisdiction over education.And they have various contracts with church officials in each province. Quebec was a primarily Catholic population and the RCC held much influence in the past.But since church scandals have eroded its influence.And they recieve much of their funding from the government to operate. they now have to fall inline with provincial legislation regarding discrimination and human rights. Like all institutions operating within that province regardless of religious beliefs. The same is true of Ontario who passed legislation on this subject 2 yrs ago.Maing it illegal to discriminate against

    1. any group within a school to form a club for gay and straight students. Nowthis issue is being discussed in Manitoba a province with a somewhat catholic history in that many of the population are Metis which is a mix of French and Native peoples. In the early days of anitoba`s history it too had a strong Catholic connection. But not so today , however the RCC church is once again trying to use its influence to prevent gay straight alliance clubs within its schools. But like Quebec and Ontario they get much of their operating budget from the provincial tax payers. Thus they fall under provincial legislation just like anyone else. The church may do what it pleases within the private operation of the church and its doings but not when it comes to education which is publicly funded. The RCC in early Canadian history made contracts with the provinces to maintain its influence without government interference. But in todays terms the RCC has to follow the voice of the Canadian taxpayer.

  4. Manitoba is also the home of the Famous or Infamous Louis Riel Canadian politician , early Human Rights advocate and Leader of the Northwest Rebellion 1885, who fought for a homeland for the Native and Metis peoples of western Canada in it`s early history.

  5. PantoHorse 4 Apr 2013, 10:48am

    Blimey! PN have actually cited the original source and given a link.

    Maybe there’s a first time for everything?!

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