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Canada: Teen granted permission to put up gay-straight alliance posters

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  1. I believe that gay straight alliances are a wonderful idea for a public school.
    Promoting the idea that there is nothing wrong with being gay and that everyone is entitled to expect to be happy at some time in their life with intimate relations with the person they love.

    But I think it is a terrible idea to have the law applied to any religious school.

    I do not agree with the theology that gay sexual relations are always sinful. But several religions do believe that. It is so central to Orthodox Judaism, for example, that a person who is given a choice to have this sex or be killed must choose death.

    Again I know this doesn’t sound like a good defense of the theology to readers here, But consider that religious schools really cannot alter their theology.

    Of course, the issue of tax exemption is even harder to swallow for readers here.

    But my main reason to oppose this is it will severely harm gay rights outside of Canada.

    The US is having a huge fight over gay ri

  2. I note the only objectors to the Bill are religious followers. It never ceases to amaze me how disgustingly hateful religious people are. Because of some TINY paragraphs in an ancient novel, they will force their gay children to live a lie … with all the consequential psychological damage. Isn’t their ‘christian’ religion supposed to be about ‘love’? Seems to me they should just ignore the ant-gay bits in their bible (like they’ve ignored all those about burning witches and condoning slavery) and get on with what their founder was REALLY saying … “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”

  3. “…religious schools really cannot alter their theology.”

    “The institution Collège Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur has came [sic ]into the public eye for a multitude sex abuse cases and cover-ups spanning over the better part of the second half of the 20th century.”

    Only one of dozens of entries on catholic rape and torture of children, including in schools, in only one country.

    I’m sure these criminals were thinking theology as they committed their unspeakable abuse of children.

    This young man is a hero for making life better in the future for his closeted class-mates.

    1. Space did not permit my elaborating my main argument for a strong religious exemption in Alberta. While many in Canada would be willing to see religious schools close down and or lose their tax exemption over allowing a gay straight club this law will be a very potent club against gay rights world wide. I live in the US where, I believe that if this becomes law in Alberta, it will set back both marriage equality and the rights of gay people to have the right to have and keep their jobs. In most US states gays have neither of those rights. Already TV ads in the US used Canadians that had religious issues which were much more fuzzy than this one is.

      Billions of people take traditional religions seriously. In North America and Western Europe, most of those people have moderated their views and behavior to become much more pro gay. Allow this trend to continue.

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