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Video: Young boy shouts anti-gay abuse at worshippers from pro-LGBT North Carolina church

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Reader comments

  1. Coal Porter 2 Apr 2013, 11:23am

    It’s a pity they don’t know how to spell saviour.

    1. It an even greater pity they feel in need of one, rather than developing the capacity to take personal responsibility for their actions.

    2. Blame Teddy Roosevelt.

      1. Christopher in Canada 2 Apr 2013, 6:03pm

        I don’t get the allusion – could you give us the Reader’s Digest version?

  2. Dave North 2 Apr 2013, 11:26am

    One would think that if there was a hell, these people would find themselves the first in it.

    This is child abuse and that kid should be removed from the harm his parents are doing to him

  3. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2013, 11:32am

    Clear case of mental child abuse.

    It is clear that these people believe yet this show how religion is hypocritical by is non-acceptance of other faiths even with their own faiths.

    Nothing but hypocrites.

    The adult in this shows that whilst they preach about Gay people bring up child and how wrong they feel it is they clearly find it acceptable to teach children to hate and discriminate..

  4. Half a minutein , and I already got a headache :(

    “….staged the protest outside a church in Winston-Salem last Sunday in response to its decision not to host any weddings until same-sex marriage is legalised in the state.”
    Wow, some people don’t know how to take their own crap. They’re more than happy to deny marriage to other people, but the moment they get that prohibition turned on them, they cry like little bitches.

  5. And the “people” responsible for the well being of this kid would be first in line to tell us we should never be allowed to raise children.what they have done here is absolutely child abuse and makes them nothing more than pimps.

  6. That is one of the saddest things I have seen in a while, that poor boy corrupted to such a level at so young an age.

    The man with him calling a woman a wicked old witch for saying god bless you to the boy. I just saw hate fuelled evil.

  7. Child abuse is ugly to watch.

  8. It’s apparently the US Christian fundamentalist’s version of strapping your child into a bomb harness sending him out to terrorise peaceable people.
    That kid obviously did not make his own banner and banner jacket and he is too young to have informed opinions of his own on this topic.
    They mess you up your Mum and Dad, especially when they are anti-gay Christian extremist’s.

  9. Does the poor kid get punished or beaten up if he doesn’t do exactly what his tyrannical control freak father tells him to do? I imagine so.

  10. Paul Clevett 2 Apr 2013, 12:28pm

    To be honest I think the child has suffered terrible child abuse.

    I’m a Christian (and gay) and if you read other reports about this poor child he’s been force fed hate from a young age.

    This has nothing to do with religion. It’s more to do with the most awful parenting

    1. this has everything to do with religion AND bad parenting! did we watch the same clip!? i’m pretty sure he was espousing bibble-shit! and please don’t feel the need to point out that you are christian and gay! it doesn’t validate your opinion, only your opinion does!

  11. Ken Lewis 2 Apr 2013, 1:44pm

    America such a crazy country full of strange crazy people they really are pathetic

    1. america isn’t a country, it’s a description! soon to be a theocracy!

  12. The kid’s a puppet, the scum pulling the strings is doing it for money. These professional bible punchers do it for the cash. It is abuse, it would demand in any right thinking individual that the juvenile be immediately removed from such an abusive situation and the parents prosecuted and hopefully then jailed.

  13. douglas in canada 2 Apr 2013, 3:20pm

    The sad thing is –
    this kid can abuse those who have to listen to his idiotic ranting, but the minute someone would give him a smack for being so rude, they’d be in jail.

    Too bad his voice didn’t go hoarse sooner.

    The congregation showed immense politeness and care by walking past and offering nothing other than a blessing.

    I wonder what would happen if some LGBT Christians would stage a kiss-in in front of this kid’s church. I’d want a strong police presence to protect those who show REAL LOVE.

    He talks about true love…. yeah. People who truly love me yell at me all the time and insult me and wish I’d go to hell…

  14. Of course there’s nothing wrong with exercising a bit of free speech but this kid has been put up to it by hateful ‘parents’. I bring issues such as this up in Child Protection Training’ as part of my youth work. When does/can a parent’s religious belief result in child protection issues? To this day I have not had a straight answer, they always dismiss the question and move on. It is one huge elephant in the room IMHO, don’t even get me on non-therapeutic male circumcision

  15. Jim middle tn 2 Apr 2013, 6:00pm

    1st I need to response to this ” Ken Lewis

    America such a crazy country full of strange crazy people they really are pathetic”
    the USA is no different then the UK .. unless I have misread some of the news articles on this site ..England isnt any bed of roses for the gblt community either .
    now having typed that . this is what I have to say about the rampant child abuse going on with this poor child .
    I am 66 years old and probably will not live to see the child on some news program . explaining how he was abused as a child . and how he is gay and a proud member of the gblt community . and how his parents have disowned him . . and the story will end with how he regards his actions as a child and has worked toward being a better person .. to my dismay it is NC and the whole state will be treated as bigoted hate mongrels .. those of us who live there and those heterosexuals who support have to suffer this and are working toward changing it May GOD bless that Child .

    1. You cannot even begin to compare homophobia in the U.S with homophobia in the U.K. Taking this site as an example, day in day out we have at least three ‘news’ stories from America with the same old violent homophobic drivel form religious nut jobs, T.V personalities/politicians and radio hosts. Chick a fil? Need I remind you? That would NEVER happen here in the U.K. Boy Scouts of America? Oh, yeah, that’s right, they’re still living in the dark ages and ban gay members. I do believe we don’t exercise that policy with our Scouts. Land of the free? Gimme me a break!

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