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US: Appeals court to hear arguments around inmate gender reassignment case

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Reader comments

  1. “Prison officials appealing the ruling will argue that they have security concerns, and are worried that they won’t be able to protect Kosilek in prison if she is given the surgery”

    Did it ever occur to these morons that after surgery it would probably be appropriate to move her to a women’s prison? Come on guys it’s not rocket science. In addition, over the last 20 years the state has spent MILLIONS of tax payer dollars to deny her medical care. Medical care that would have only cost about $50,000 tops.

  2. Except there’s no scientific studies showing that people can develop with a cow brain in a human body. There are *multiple* studies showing that trans people are literally born with a neurological structure in line with their psychological gender, thus mismatched with the physical sex of their body. It is currently wrongly classified as a mental illness, yes, much like homosexuality used to be, but even the science that’s been around for decades disagrees with that beaurocratic decision.

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