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The Saturdays: ‘Girls are hotter than men’

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Reader comments

  1. sayzz Who???

  2. To tell the truth as a bisexual I don’t know which one is hotter and which one I prefer. Human beings are drooling hot, no matter the gender.

    1. Liam the God 3 Apr 2013, 1:27am

      Women have more bits to play with. Men are more direct in their approach.
      This is my opinion. Since it’s been a year since I’ve been with a woman it’s hard to remember….

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Apr 2013, 12:53am

    Pfft, these clowns would say anything to generate a headline. I’ve got a tip for you girls, write and sing a decent tune you tools.

  4. For all their support of marriage equality, they are only reinforcing gender divisions. The fight must now focus on breaking down the socially structured genders. Human beings must be seen as human beings and not divided into titles of men and women for true equality in all aspects to prosper.

  5. Support for equal marriage is always welcome, but sadly it says much about the streak of homophobia still prevelant in society when they have to qualify any same-sex attraction they may feel with the classic ‘…but I’m not gay’ suffix possibly for fear of losing record sales and sponsorship deals.

  6. I is nonsense to try to connect this with homosexuality. It is about attracting a mate and we are all genetically programmed to do it. Women dress to ‘outdo’ other women in their quest to secure the best ‘fertilizer’. That’s why women eye each other up …

    1. So I eye up women because I want to ‘outdo’ the other women around me and I want the best ‘fertilizer’ because all women do this? I eye up other women because I find them beuatiful, pretty and enchanting & its not all about ‘looks’ its about the person and the connection. As for fertilizer theirs plenty enough going around but seriously not all women want it, like me!

      Are you saying women cannot be homosexual because we are all genetically controlled and only make love to breed? Trust me us women like sex and we do it because we want to do it and because we do enjoy it.

  7. Not to a gay man love and have you seen some of the transsexuals, they are stunning.

    People find what they find sexy, generalisations are very lazy.

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