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Texas: Parents of gay teenage suicide victim drop school district lawsuit

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Reader comments

  1. It’s really sad that people will fight tooth and nail, rather saying “god, we might have let this happen under our noses… time to change seen as nothing bad will come of it anyway, change is for the better”, they say “NO NOT US DO NOT BLAME US”.

    A child died, he KILLED HIMSELF, and all they can think about is themselves.

    1. Alex you hit the nail on the head. There IS plenty of bullying going on, along with hazing. Texas is my lifelong home and it is so sad for us to be behind in so many human related issues. There are pockets of acceptance in Dallas, Austin and Houston but we have a long way to go for equal rights for all of us GLBT citizens.

  2. Jim middle tn 2 Apr 2013, 5:30pm

    those who opposed the lawsuit and were defenders of the school and laid blame on the home . will have to answer for their actions .. even with no witness to come froth and the negative response from the school and the lawyers for the school board I know in my heart this child was bullied .. I am 66 years old and I know I was bullied as a child by my peers and even some of the students .. I hope his parents have found peace Asher Brown
    the law doesnt address sexual orientation specifically.. I still find hope that there will be some help for others being bullied for ever what reason
    that gives me hope for the state of Texas

  3. Patrick Eagan M.Sc.Nursing RN 2 Apr 2013, 5:49pm

    It dosen’t surprize me that parents put a price tag on their kids. From reports the young man told his father then killed himself. He told some one that he thought he could talk too, apparently not.. There are lots of things going on to a young man of 13 years. Being accepted at home is number one. Physical changes, emotion changes, etc, etc. The school board should sue the parents for not giving proper care to the young man. I think I shall do it.

    1. ..something is terribly wrong here… this is NOT the conclusion that justifies the boy’s death in my opinion.

  4. Brenda Jean Louise 2 Apr 2013, 7:06pm

    I’ll tell you what. It will be a cold day in Hell before I set foot in Texas as a tourist visitor. I don’t care how innocent the Texas school boards across the state say they are, I would bet my last dollar that they are indeed culpable in covering up any bullying or discriminatory case against gay or transgender students.

  5. Prior to the law change Asher’s parents fought for, it was impossible to hold a school liable for bullying on its grounds, even where the bullying was by the teachers and was captured on film. Check out the film “Bully” for some insights. Asher’s death occurred before the new law was brought in (obviously) and the standard of proof required for harm was too high. Even with the new law it will be very difficult to win a case. If LGBTIQ students and their families are lucky though the new law may at least make them review their anti-bullying policies and sort out some professional development and training for staff.

  6. Sidnay James Cohen 3 Apr 2013, 1:15am

    ‘However, the law does not specifically prohibit bullying based on sexual orientation’.

    I despair at society

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