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Poll: US state of Virginia still marginally opposes equal marriage

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  1. johnny33308 2 Apr 2013, 2:03am

    Ummm….Virginia is in the South! And the South is the place where the KKK used to go to their ‘churches’ before going out and terrorizing and murdering innocent black folk, for fun and amusement. They also avidly promoted Segregation, Jim Crow laws and made inter-racial marriage against the law. Their ‘churches’ promote much the same thing these days as well. Their churches are still almost entirely Segregated by race, yet they’re ALL kkkristians! Need I say more? People, do not visit the American south if you are LGBT….I know, I lived there for 19 years, and believe me, Uganda has nothing on these ‘people’! And for goodness sake, stay the hell away from the Caribbean, it’s worse than the South!

    1. The Commonwealth of Virginia [Virginia isn’t a state] is more and more falling into its proper geographic category: “Mid-Atlantic” – it has a little bit farther to go.

  2. I live in Virginia. Our state song, Carry Me To Old Virginny, touts wonderful phrases like, “Dat’s where dis’ darkie’s heart am long to go”. Is anyone surprised at the mindset?

    1. Still disappointing to see Virginian African Americans supporting inequality. One would think they should know better, guess not.

  3. KKK recruitment up in Virginia……

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