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Zenit FC’s Hulk: ‘Homophobic football fans at my club do not think at all’

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 1 Apr 2013, 11:16pm

    Let them discriminate. When they keep losing against teams WITH black players the idea of White Supremacy loses it’s “Shine”, not to mention CREDIBILITY!

  2. This is beautiful and so awesome to see someone who is russian making such open minded intelligent comments such as the one Givanildo made.He sounds very educated and a looker too boot. :)

    1. He’s Brazilian.

  3. wtf you people didnt post my comment.

    1. Bet you wish they hadn’t! Lol

  4. Nice comments. More and more footballers are thinking this way.

  5. Easiest way to spot racists? They start a sentence with ‘“We are not racists, but…’

  6. And yet he still plays for that team, surely it would be better for him to play for a club that has better morals?

    Good on him for making a comment though.

  7. It may have been a good idea to check out that team before signing a contract with them. Seems like it would be a horrible place to play ball with all the extremism. Russia isn’t exactly known for its gay or minority rights anywhere in the country, but to sign in the worst place. Wow.

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