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US: Muslim caller tells TV host gay Americans should be beheaded

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Reader comments

  1. A typical muslim…

    1. Brett Gibson 1 Apr 2013, 3:48pm

      Actually not a typical muslim at all. This person is an extremist with extremist views.

      1. Brett Gibson 1 Apr 2013, 6:33pm

        Minus 8 for standing up for Muslims and not discriminating against all of them as a group?! Wow. Yous need to give yourselves a shake.

    2. BlokeToys 1 Apr 2013, 4:17pm

      What a blatantly ignorant thing to say.
      I have worked with numerous Muslim people, and I have several Muslim friends, none of them have ever expressed a homophobic opinion in my presence, ever. The same cannot be said for white Christians, or general knuckle-dragging white British men who have no faith.

      In my previous employment I experienced violent homophobic opinions expressed by WHITE, BRITISH, ATHEIST MALES. My Muslim colleagues never said ANYTHING to ever offend me.

      Your ignorance is typical of right-wing Daily Mail readers and xenophobes, and I fear for this country if this is the norm. This kind of propaganda is how Hitler came to power, feeding off the ignorance of the masses who became deluded by nationalist press. Many of those who supported him in the beginning were minorities who were later attacked and slaughtered too.

      Ie, be damned careful what you believe and what you then support because of it. It’s Muslims now, it’ll be gay people and pink triangles next.

      1. I despise the Daily Fail, and I despise all religion. Nor do I have much respect for the vacuous masses (or drug taking gay people for that matter). Somehow I doubt intellectuals will ever try to rule the world.

        1. BlokeToys 1 Apr 2013, 4:31pm

          Intellectuals are winning. Religion is on the decline in both the US and UK. Churches are closing. They are only being propped up by religious individuals coming here from African nations.

          The Islamic faith is not gaining any ground in either of our countries. The youth are in fact refusing all forms of religious dictatorship whether that be a hypocritical Christian church leader or a mentally ill Muslim.

          The same decline in religious conviction can also be seen in other nations such as Tunisia, Iran, Syria and Egypt. Those nations would never have seen an uprising against religious leadership if that were not the case.

          The thing we have to fear right now is nationalist extremism, built by ignorance and spread by tabloid BS. People are falling for it, and it leads to the election of equally insane and more dangerous people.

          1. “Intellectuals are winning. Religion is on the decline in both the US and UK. Churches are closing”

            The number and size of mosques in the UK is growing all the time. The only organisation stopping this is MosqueBusters (who have stopped umpteen news mosques in the last 2 years).

            250 muslims in the UK have been convicted of terrorism in 12 years. . Muslim organisations are very happy to tell us how islam is the fastest growing religion in the UK.

            A religion that doesn’t call for the execution of gays is being replaced by one that does! We should find this a terrifying prospect. East London has seen 75% of the gay people leave that area in 20 years. Surveys show younger muslims in the UK are 3x more radical than their grandparents.

            Most of the anti-semitic attacks in London are by muslims.

      2. Jas Friedman 1 Apr 2013, 4:31pm

        BlokeToys, you said, “In my previous employment I experienced violent homophobic opinions expressed by WHITE, BRITISH, ATHEIST MALES. My Muslim colleagues never said ANYTHING to ever offend me.”

        But you are also generalizing, BlokeToys. Not all white British atheist males are homophobic.

        1. Not only that, but surveys show that muslims in Britain are almost universally homophobic (the are considerably less homophobic in France).

          The Gallup survey showed that 99.5% of UK muslims were anti-gay.

          Surveys of christians in the UK show that 29% of those defining themselves as christians were anti-gay.

          I cannot find a single instance of a chrisitan leader in the uk calling for us to be executed. I could provide many of muslim leaders who call for this. And of course, the number of christians in the UK is plummeting, whilst the number of muslims doubles every decade.

      3. I’m sorry, but reality shows us otherwise. I have also worked in the muslim community. Had muslim co-workers and such. And while the “terrorism” card is over played. The hardline conservative views that almost all muslims express, is if anything, under reported.
        You’ll find that the mass majority of muslims are anti gay.

  2. Who wants to bet there is going to be a major war within the US

  3. The radio host was far too timid. When the dimwit asked, ‘Are you calling the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ‘extremist,” she should hace said ‘yes’. Why did she say ‘no’. Who disputes that Saudi Arabia is ‘extremist’? When he said are you calling my religion ‘extremist’ she should at the very least have said, ‘Yes, your interpretation of your religion is extreme’. I would have gone further and said the religion generally is extreme. It might inherently not be more ‘extremist’ and vile than Christianity, but how it’s interpreted and practisted by most Muslims in the 21st century is certainly more extreme, backward and immoral compared to 21st century Christianity ans certainky contemporary enlightened secular values.

  4. All phobias are acceptable. Apart from Islamophobia of course.

  5. The caller was just telling you what islam says.

    A manual of sharia law available on amazon calls for our execution. That manual of sharia law sells 5x more copies than do books about reforming islam. Go and look for yourselves and compare the sales rankings of various islamic books. You will find out that fundamentalism is far more popular amongst UK muslims than reformation.

    Multiple copies of that manual of sharia law are to be found in public libraries in muslim enclaves. Every time I check, they are out on loan.

    Where this muslim is wrong, is that their ideology calls for us to be stoned to death not beheaded. I guess that this guy demanding our beheading saw himself as some kind of moderniser.

    1. “Where this muslim is wrong, is that their ideology calls for us to be stoned to death not beheaded”
      Or hanged.

  6. Jas Friedman 1 Apr 2013, 3:36pm

    Is this call serious? His name is Chris and he sounds like a Muslim convert. I may be wrong, but Chris is a Westernised name and if he is Muslim I would have thought he would have changed his name… Anyway, beheading gay people? Yep, extreme views. In my opinion, religions will only result in polarisation, where one side will lead to extreme views and another will lead to following societal conventions.
    Assuming this guy is a Muslim covert he sounds like someone who has nothing better to do than to spread hatred.
    However saying that, what is the difference between the death penalty and beheading?
    The difference is that being gay is not a crime. If two consenting adults who wants to be in a relationship, that is not immoral. Being sexually attracted to the same sex is not a crime. I don’t understand why others view this as deviant?
    Everyone is different and we can’t all be the same. But if you follow a Holy Book blindly and without reason, you are bound to be reject rationality.

    1. Jas Friedman 1 Apr 2013, 6:09pm

      Well, I suppose if you convert to Islam you don’t have to change your name…

  7. Brett Gibson 1 Apr 2013, 3:43pm

    Can I just say that I myself know LOTS of muslims who are normal, gay-friendly and grounded people. These people are extremists just like the Westboro Baptist Church. Please don’t tar all muslims with the same brush.

    1. Well the survey data does not back you up.

      The Gallup survey showed that 99.5% of UK muslims were anti-gay.

      The survey was conducted by a team of muslims who work for Gallup, so don’t bother telling me it is islamophobic.

      1. Brett Gibson 1 Apr 2013, 6:32pm

        Surveys are unreliable mate. I think you’re being very Islamophobic!

        1. I think it is offensive of you to even use the word “islamophobia”. Call us gays “islamophobic” when we’ve blown up a mosque.

          250 muslims have been convicted of terrorism in Britain in the last 12 years.
          How many gays have been convicted of terrorism in Britain in the last 50 years: zero.

          How dare you equate the victims of terrorism & violence & abuse with the perpetrators.

        2. I live in the real world. Most muslims I’ve known through work, or who’re neighbors, mutual friends, etc. ARE anti gay. Not just anti gay. But anti gay enough to not think twice about gays being KILLED for their “lifestyle”
          I don’t know what kind of muslims you’re talking about, but it’s certainly not of my experience.
          And no, it’s not islamophobic. A phobia is an irrational fear.
          It’s not irrational to fear people who in reality want to cut off your damn head!

  8. @Ray123

    There’s no such thing as Islamophobia, Ray. A phobia is an irrational fear. There are lots if rational reasons to fear/oppose Islam and those who practice it. The word homophobia works because there aren’t any rational reasons to be anti-gay. The only excuse haters have is their superstitious religious beliefs. That’s why even arch conservative US TV anchor Bill O’Reilly admitted recently th only argument that the opponents have been able to come up with is religion.

    Oh and the radio host should have reminded the vile Muslim caller that Saudi Arabia also does not give non-Muslims like Christians the right to freely practice their religion and that Islamic law demands the execution of those who leave Islam and convert to other religions like Christianity and asks whether he also supports that.

  9. The third and last paragraph left me thinking, is it really a muslim or a christian conservative trying to use us to spread their hatred?

    Really weird this coincidence.

    1. david russell 1 Apr 2013, 4:01pm

      This most intolerant of ideologies cannot be tolerated in the West.

    2. johnny33308 1 Apr 2013, 7:17pm

      I agree…it seems to me that “Chris” is quite likely a fundamentalist kkkristian fool just stirring up trouble, as those claiming to represent both religions are apt to do, often…Both of these ‘religions’ have members whose only goal is to exterminate those who do not agree with their version of religion, a fundamentalist version at that. Here in the US kkkristian ‘leaders’ routinely call for imprisonment or death to LGBT people, as do some islamofascist ‘leaders’, just as those leaders in many African nations & even in Eastern Europe do. Here in the US such actions are considered “free speech” even though it is obvious that such actions are well and truly “hate speech”. They are never prosecuted here, sadly. But I agree with Pet about this particular caller. Because of such sentiments & other reasons, religion needs to be removed, permanently from our lives….it has proven to be an impediment to human progress all through history & it’s time to extinguish it forever.

      1. Of course, blame the christians.

        Just like muslims and their leftist neo-fascist allies said it was jews, christians, or EDL who declared Tower Hamlets a Gay Free Zone.

  10. Jock S. Trap 1 Apr 2013, 4:24pm

    This is typical of these kinda of people.

    Notice how anything he could find was because the host was ‘against Islam’… so boring.

    Where the host failed, in an obvious way was, sharia law? So you’re against America. Not beheading people, So you’re against America…. why are you Here?

    Too often these Muslim/All religious drama queen start bitch stirring and screaming about absolute crap aren’t challenged because people fear they will be branded racist. Yet those people show clear racism, homophobia, sexism, Xenaphobia and we’re suppose to not stand up for ourselves.

    Time for people to stand up against these vile nasty religious bigots of all faiths and made Them realise what they practice is entirely Their own choice and it doesn’t make them superior to how I am born!

  11. BlokeToys 1 Apr 2013, 4:24pm

    How about people stop picking a religion to attack and just refuse them all?

    So many people are banging on about one Muslim extremist saying this, but he has no power at all.
    I am more concerned about the extremist Christians in government, the ones who CAN AND DO pass laws to victimise others.

    No Muslim is ever going to get Sharia Law in the US or UK, that’s a fact. It’s not gonna happen. They can spew their BS as much as they like, they have no power at all.

    But Christians do have some power, they do lobby government, they do have people on the inside making laws and trying to harm us.

    THEY are the ones to scream about, not some rabid mentally defective fool with no power.

    1. This story isn’t about christianity, its about islam. Go and look at the comments about christianity on a story about christianity.

    2. “No Muslim is ever going to get Sharia Law in the US or UK, that’s a fact. It’s not gonna happen. They can spew their BS as much as they like, they have no power at all.” They have had the power to drive 75% of the gay population of east London out in the last 20 years.

      There are 85 sharia courts in the UK already. Anjem Choudary is a judge in one of them.

      The muslim population of the UK doubles every decade. What is 5% now will (unless things change) end up being 40% in 30 years time. That’s simple maths. Thatcher came to power on less than 40% of the votes.

      It is amazing arrogance to think your ideology will prevail over theirs.

  12. Oh here we go again… I’m sorry, but the beheading theme is getting boring now, the whole Muslim bullshit religion of peace is a crock too. I have been discriminated both at work and on the street, spat at, beaten and fired by those religious fanatics. They DO NOT want inclusion, they want to be above everything and everyone. How about beheading all Muslims instead?? Turn the tables around and you’ll see what happens…

  13. Imagine someone calling in who believed an ideology that instructed its followers to cut the heads off Black people, White people, or muslims, or christians – the CIA would now be following that ideology and close it down.

    But not with islam.

    Islamic countries imprison, torture and kill gay men, and no World leader does a thing about it – even worse, they sell them weapons and support their hideous religion.

    1. David Cameron grows to great pains to tell us how much he admires islam. Mind you, in the 1920s and 1930s, western politicians (liberals and socialists) were falling over backward to express their admiration for Hilter and Mussolini. In 1938, Hitler was Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” (incredible, but true).,9171,760539,00.html

    2. Not just men but women too.

  14. Would that be viewed in the UK as an incitement to violence and therefore illegal?

    1. How embarassing, I just got the verification sum wrong!

  15. nice chap! bet you he’s fun at the ol’ non-alcoholic parties… i love the way there is no room for discussion; his call for sharia law in the us is everything that should be said and islam trumps all. pathetique! discussions within muslim communities must be the most turgid and pious exchanges known to any brain! if he’s not muslim (previous comment above wondering if “chris” is in fact a x-ian troll), his responses are akin to such websites i’ve visited where muslim’s weigh-in with their childish qur’anic (koranic) arguments. i mean, even if they do behead in saudi (pass) then it would have no bearing on what happens in america!

    1. I’ve got evidence that on British muslim websites if someone says “my brother is gay”, the advice is “kill him”. Those who object to this barbaric advice and are more liberal get banned, even if they were long-time members of the site.

  16. Unverified person calls radio station and makes inflammatory remarks and you lot take it as gospel to reinforce your prejudice. Wow this site seems to make people stupid.

    1. Jas Friedman 1 Apr 2013, 6:15pm

      Your name has an exclamation mark next to it, James. Why?

      Also, saying “Wow this site seems to make people stupid” without anything to back you up is a bit stupid too… Instead of saying, “you lot take it as gospel to reinforce your prejudice”, why not say what you think?

      Prejudice about Muslims? Prejudice against extremists? Prejudice against people who support Sharia law?

      1. I was wrong this site doesn’t make people stupid it attracts all the gay ukip and edl supporters. I’d rather eat my own shit than continue a debate with trash like you

        1. Jas Friedmam 2 Apr 2013, 1:42pm

          Making assumptions, James. Can you prove I support the parties that you mentioned?

          1. Jas Friedman 2 Apr 2013, 2:07pm

            Jas Friedman and it is not Friedmam

        2. You might as well eat your own shit rather than us having to read the shit you write.

    2. As I pointed out above, execution of homosexuals is mandatory in sharia law. The manuals of sharia law are found in libraries in muslim enclaves in Britain, and the online catalogues show they are always “checked out”. The same manuals are available on, where they vastly outsell any books urging that islam is reformed or modernised.

      No doubt you were one of those in 2011 who claimed that it was the EDL who covered east London in stickers saying Juden Heraus, er, Gay Free Zone.

      Just like National Socialists convert to islam because their jew-hatred is applauded there, so the vilest homophobes might also start converting to islam.

  17. Consider for a minute, Christians have come under a lot of flack lately. Then an unverified person calls claiming to be from a rival and makes very provocative statements about gays from supposedly one if the most gay friendly places in the states. Look at the language used, it’s the same Christians use against us all the time. Would you put it past them to try something like that. I wouldn’t.

    Not saying it couldn’t be a Muslim but the langaged used just reminds me of things we have heard lots of times from the other camp.

    1. David you will not find rational and intelligent debate on this site. It is infested with edl ukip andbnp supporters. It’s really trashy.

      1. There does appear to be a lot of anger on here, to get red arrowed simply for asking people to consider something.

        I am not a muslim but I know quite a few including my partner who is from Saudi, so I know gays are not beheaded. This caller is being deliberately provocative to generate hate and sadly it looks like it has worked.

        1. ” I know quite a few including my partner who is from Saudi, so I know gays are not beheaded”

          Of course. The liberal media are lying to us. Tatchell is lying to us. Hizb ut Tahrir and Luton Muslim Centre were only joking when they said “kill gays”. The manuals of sharia law are lying to us.

      2. Jas Friedman 2 Apr 2013, 1:38pm

        Thats ridiculous because as far as I am aware all that you have written here is criticising others without adding any of your own thoughts or comments. A debate requires two or more arguments and you have presented none.

  18. Wow, goes out of his way to state that according to islam, gays should be beheaded and then has the nerve to act defensive about it, and claim she’s anti islam. As if Islam is a victim in all this.
    What a crock of shit.

  19. He means he really wants to give head to gays I think.

  20. See the documentary entitled “Islam, what the West needs to know”

  21. some internet dude 2 Apr 2013, 4:38am

    She woosed out, she should of said that “yes I don’t believe that law, thus believing that Islam is crap”. Islam offends my sense of reason and rational thinking, it is a parasite on the world. As religions go its the first one that should go the way of the dinosaurs.


    1. Um, it’s worth noting that this occurred on April Fools day.

  23. OMG this is America, NOT A MUSLEM COUNTRY… if you don’t like it then MOVE BACK TO YOUR Country and leave us alone.

  24. Scott Amundsen 2 Apr 2013, 5:18pm

    “I’m Muslim and I believe 110 percent in Sharia law, Sharia law needs to be implemented in the United States because that’s the only way this deviant lifestyle will be corrected.”

    I think the whole thing is a fake. For starters the name “Chris” is pretty generic Western for someone who believes that “Sharia law needs to be implemented in the United States.” If you ask me the “caller” deliberately mentioned Sharia law to make himself sound like an extreme Islamist; in short, he was posing as the sort of nut job that the paranoids like Michele Bachmann are seeing under the bed.

    I have known many Muslims over the years and whether they were immigrants or citizens they were all one hundred percent aware that they were subject to US law and would have it no other way. This radio host and her audience just got played and they don’t even know it.

  25. Wow. Not agreeing with killing gay people is an attack on Islam is it?

    It’s remarkable how defensive he becomes when she says that killing gay people is extreme. HE wants gay people to be killed yet somehow HE is the victim? What a moron… I’m sick of aggressive bullies playing the victim.

    Sharia law will not happen in America. Accept it or piss off to Saudi Arabia, since you love it so much.

  26. The Kitty Channel 5 Apr 2013, 12:26am

    I could be wrong, I’m inclined to agree with Mr/Ms Scott Amundsen. Most converts to Islam take Islamic names – you wouldn’t expect one to be called Chris if he could take the name of Mohammed or Ibrahim or something vaguely Islamic. Secondly, the opinion he expresses is so egregiously extreme that it sounds more like a provocation than anything else. Notice how he went on the offensive about his faith being attacked – I think that’s the outcome he wanted, i.e. to provoke a wave of anti-Islamic sentiment. The alternative – that there really is an American citizen, called Chris, who would like Sharia law to come to the US, is too gruesome to be realistic.


    speaks again!

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