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Tory MP Glyn Davies: Same-sex marriage is a ‘bad proposal’ but PM should not change course

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Reader comments

  1. Some powerful reason then from Mr Davies, let’s just look at them again:

    1. Just not credible.








  2. The very fact that we have a House of Lords shows that Britain has no democracy as other western nations would define the term.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Apr 2013, 3:01pm

      France has an unelected Senate apparently, their upper chamber.

      1. Jerry Joe 1 Apr 2013, 6:26pm

        The French senate is elected indirectly by 150.000 officials (regional councilors, department councilors, mayors, city councilors in large towns, and members of the National Assembly) so it is not as bad as in the UK but still very bad since the right-wing held it for 50 years nonstop(now it belongs for the first time to the left()

    2. de Villiers 2 Apr 2013, 9:16am

      It is stupid to say that Britain has “no democracy”. Think about that statement carefully.

      The Senat in France is elected indirectly.

  3. Jamie Caffiera 1 Apr 2013, 2:42pm

    You go Glyn Coco!

  4. How do people like you Davies represent your gay voters – I bet you couldn’t even tell us how many gay people you have spoken to about giving us equality.

    Shouldn’t gay people pay less in tax etc being we are not equal and don’t have the same services and protection.

    Can you tell us what you have done as a MP for gay equality and for gay people in your area Mr Davies – I have a grain of rice for your reply

    1. Excuse me, I think you’re pretty dumb to say this is about GAYs only.

      Since when was this about gays, it’s about LGBTIQ people.

      So sick of gays this and gays that, I’ve seen very few gay people supporting their so called “community” and even more so when it comes to Transsexual people.

      I seriously think you need to start being inclusive of everyone and not just gay people.

      This is often the problem I see with the gay community(not all but the majority), they want to include us ( Bi, genderqueer/fluid , Transsexual) only when it serves their purpose but when the role is reversed they distace themselves from us.

      1. As a gay man I don’t have anything in common with a TIQ (not even sure what this stands for) – I wish you well in your own community and would support your equal rights as I would any other minority group but why feel the need to piggy-back on ours?

        1. Pink News is clearly for not only for gay men as it includes articles on lesbian, bisexual and transexual/transgender matters and says at the top LGBT News.

          The equal marriage bill is not only about gay men. It includes legislation relating to transgender people and lesbians.

          Hence, this IS their own community and their own equal rights campaign is being talked about in this post. No one is ‘piggy backing’ on anyone else. It is not ‘yours’ and you must have quite a self-centred attitude to think it is and to want to be so exclusive. Anyway, the long and the short of it is, you’re wrong.

  5. So let’s be clear. A democratically elected MP who failed to get his way in a democratic way is now hoping that a group of unelected individuals will overturn our democratically elected house.

    This as far as I am concerned makes him unfit to hold the office of MP.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Apr 2013, 3:03pm

      As much as I loathe saying it, my gut feeling is it will be defeated by a very narrow majority. My other concern is, will Maria Miller have the courage to carry out invoking the Parliament Act which would delay passage a year from February 5th 2013?

  6. reading the pink news and comments is becoming more and more of a big pain in the ass what with all the ads, music, etc. bursting on the scene. rethink your advert policy, please.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Apr 2013, 2:58pm

    So, Glyn Davies, you hope it’s defeated in the Lords? Ok, let it happen, there’s always the Parliament Act, jackass. It makes no sense saying Cameron should stay on course then hoping for defeat in the upper chamber. What’s that all about?

  8. Any gains that David Cameron made have made with his policy of social progress is being undermined by some of his colleagues.

    Just what is so bad about social progress allied to financial responsibility? For any party.

  9. In America we call that “straddling the fence”. What do you call it in the UK?

    It’s no coincidence that people who straddle fences have no balls!

  10. C’mon, admit it Glyn: no-one’s actually proposed to you, right? And just like Miss Haversham you begrudge anyone else who gets hitched, eh?;)

  11. Equality is a “bad proposal”?? This proposed law has covered all the concerns of opponents regarding religions being forced to marry same sex couples, and they still don’t like it. Why??

    All I can think is people like Glyn Davies consider us inferior, or simply have no idea about LGBT people at all.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Apr 2013, 4:24pm

      Religion is in the mix, Iris and the icky non-complementarity of the sexual plumbing between members of the same gender. Once again, their obsession with sex masked in religion.

  12. If the voting records of welsh MP’s is anything to go by – it must be horrible to be gay and live in wales – or is it just the Welsh tory MP’s who are bigots?

    1. Just the Welsh Tory MPs generally. All of them voted against SSM. Plaid Cymru MPs all voted for SSM and I suspect most of the lab and lib dem ones did as well.

      1. His majority is small- 1,184- and its a highly marginal seat!

        Surely enough gays to unseat him in 2015?

    2. Its only the Welsh Conservatives (mostly living in anglasiced seats and elected by the ‘retired colonel from sussex’ and ‘goodlifer’ votes) who all voted against ssm, all the Plaid Cymru and (I think) Welsh Lib Dems voted in favour as did a majority of Labour’s Welsh MP’s (there is no Welsh labour party)

  13. No- Dai Havard the LABOUR member for the Merthyr and Rhymney consituency cast his vote AGAINST equal marriage.

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