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Scotland: Friends fear Catholic priest who exposed sexual bullying could be sacked

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Reader comments

  1. Deus caritas est 1 Apr 2013, 11:13am

    His descriptions and examples are, at best, imaginations of his twisted mind. The details are vague and inconclusive.

    It is true that there are gay priests and seminarians, however his claims are so hyperbolic it is clear he has his own agenda!

    1. Do you disbelieve everybody who says they were sexually abused?

      No, thought not.

      1. Deus caritas est 1 Apr 2013, 11:30am

        Of course not but I know this man and if you read it in full you will understand that it’s all very vague.

    2. Deus Caritas est

      Or, in English for those who don’t understand Latin – God is Love.

      The title of a work written by J Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict, AKA Pope Emeritus..

      I wouldn’t expect any supporter of Ratzinger to be in any way sympathetic to the experiences of a serving Roman Catholic Priest who has bigger balls than you will every hope to have, my friend.

      Run along now, please before you cause further offence.

      Father Matthew Despard is in my view on of the bravest men in the Catholic Church.

      Thanks to him, Cardinal O Brien has been silenced.

      Thanks to him the spotlight has once again fallen on the corrupt and evil hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

      Shame there aren’t more of him.

    3. O’Brien has admitted to the sexual abuse. So what’s Despard’s agenda once again?? I guess if he had ‘an agenda’, it’ll be exposing hypocrites in the Catholic Church! And for that, I applaud him!!

  2. Well done, Mr. Matthew Despard for having the GUTS, the GUMPTION, the BRAVERY, to stand up against that utterly corrupt organization, the “Holy” Catholic Cult, and to self-publish everything you know about its secretive doings!

    Let’s, all of us, give Matthew Despard the support he deserves in the face of the ruthless hypocrites who run the Catholic cult.

    1. Deus caritas est 1 Apr 2013, 11:23am

      Eddie which facts are you aware of? You’ll find this man’s comments and historicity no more than made up. His accounts are inaccurate.

      I suggest you read it and do so with a open mind. It’s clearly poorly put together.

      1. Dave North 1 Apr 2013, 11:47am

        A bit like the bible.

      2. Might you be a blind-faithed believer in the “Holy” Catholic Cult, I wonder?

        I have known intimately many who play both sides of the line, both the despicable Catholic Cult AND a secretive gay life, and I have observed how piteously and fatuously they will support the Cult no matter what, while at the same time exercising their homosexual natures.

        The great exposition is happening.
        The Catholic Cult is FALLING!
        A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
        They’re all falling down!

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Apr 2013, 12:53pm

          Eddy, I’m chuckling as I read your post. I sincerely hope more priests and seminarians come forward to expose the corruption and bigotry of their superiors, past and present.

          I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on Dark Mavis too. These fools just don’t get it that ranting so much draws attention to their own shortcomings. They’ve learned nothing from O’Brien’s demise and decades of double-standards, lies and deceptive, hateful rhetoric towards gay people. Spreading hate and fomenting homophobia in the process have nothing to do with Christianity of course. Perhaps there is a different rule for clergy.

          1. Robert, I think a proper letter (via “snail mail”) is in order, addressed, for maximum effect, including unsettling any minions who may handle it, to:

            The Very Unreverend Dark Mavis,
            Bishopess of Shrewsbury


    2. The “Look Inside” feature at Amazon reveals a book that appears to provide a fascinating account of the inside story!

  3. With regard to the ravings of that other Catholic homophobe-bishop, Mr. Mark Davis, of the Diocese of Shrewsbury, I’ve been intrigued by the news that clerical insiders refer to him as “Dark Mavis”, and would like to know more.

    In the meantime, a little googling has revealed that there’s a song about a hypocrite cleric called “Dark Mavis”! See the lyrics below!

    How much do these lyrics apply to the Bishop of Shrewsbury? We need to know.


    Lyrics – Mansun

    Wait around, I’ll be walking quite a while
    Don’t be late
    Hard to take, Vicar twists and gets away
    His lipstick’s running, his dress is stunning
    He’s got high heels on
    And his flock don’t care now
    Mavis what will he wear

    In the path of righteous man
    There is rubble where I stand
    I’ll be the one, you can kiss his vase
    Until the end of the month

    Vicar stay ‘cos your lipstick smeared away
    From your face
    Vicar twist, grey pajamas in your case
    His tights are nylon, his nails by Revlon
    He’s got high heels on
    And his flock don’t care now
    Mavis what will he wear

    And if you should see me passing by
    Do not disturb me as I fly
    Though I am far away
    This is where I’ll be

  5. Gary Barbosa-Strickland 1 Apr 2013, 11:22am

    I’m sure no one is surprised that he will be sacked, it is always the victim that is punished in this type of crime

  6. “Deus caritas est”


    “God is Love!”

    Aw! How sweeeeet!

    Truth is:

    All notions of gods, spirits, angels, ghosts, devils, pixies, fairies, and goblins is utter nonsense!

    So be off with ya silly “God is Love!”. Grow up! Face the real world!

    You have no “God”. You’ve seen no “God”. You’ve heard no “God”. Nobody ever has! Why? Because there IS no “God”.

    1. Deus caritas est 1 Apr 2013, 1:01pm

      Such strong faith in your belief!

      We’re not so different

      1. With facts you don’t need faith. Faith is only required to believe in the non-existent.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Apr 2013, 12:45pm

    How much do we know about Fr. Despard. Publishing a ‘book’ online about sexually bullying is all well and good and if the facts are substantiated, then I’m all for exposing the hypocrisy and the bigotry, but what about his position in regard to gay people and equality?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Apr 2013, 12:45pm

      …sexual bullying…

    2. Here’s the uppermost Amazon review!

      Father Matthew has written a disturbing account of our priesthood in our time. There is much discussion within our diocese: ‘Why would he say these things? Why has he done this?’
      I absolutely believe that Father Matthew has written these things because he advocates truth and justice. It is painful for all of us to be surrounded by the gross hypocrisy we have recently witnessed at the highest level within our church. Even more painful for all these good priests, like Father Despard, who are working hard to deliver the true word of God within our parishes. I can only assume that Father Matthew has had enough of sitting back and being part of the silent population – he is no hypocrite and I am sure that Our Lord himself would be the first to applaud him; I am sure that the Church we are witnessing is not the Church He would want. I would emphasise that Father Matthew does indeed acknowledge that there are many good priests within the diocese . . .

    3. . . . I would emphasise that Father Matthew does indeed acknowledge that there are many good priests within the diocese. We must not lose sight of that – and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons Father Matthew has spoken up.
      For those who don’t like what he has said; painful as it may be, we need to wake up. This is reality.
      I watch with interest (and fear) to see how the Diocese of Motherwell will react – we cannot allow this to be swept under the carpet. Will the diocese act with integrity and justice? How does the diocese define integrity and justice?? How many of us parishioners are aware of dubious behaviours within the diocese – we know of priests with mistresses yet these things have gone unchallenged for years by senior clergy and there is a culture of fear surrounding any would-be whistleblowers. . . .

    4. . . . We should support Father Matthew; something tells me that Pope Francis would want our Church to be rid of the hypocrites and of the ostentatious behaviour displayed by many in high office.

    5. Andrew Young 3 Apr 2013, 8:28pm

      Despard is a very damaged individual whose life has been one of tremendous balance in that he has managed to support two massive chips, one on each shoulder, for most of his adult life. His book, which I have read, is a massive bitchy whiny piece of drivel which barely conceals a thorough homophobic streak. So, before you all start to see in Despard a sainted and persecuted figure; be aware that he has history and were it to be known, it would show him in a very different light. Having said that, he does bring into the bigger picture the hypocritical stance of the Church, particularly in the area of sexual ethics and homosexuality in particular.

  8. Let’s see just how sincere the RC Church is about ‘doing the right thing’. Father Despard has actually done the RC Church a favour by exposing the vile hypocrite O’Brien.

    If Father Despard is punished for this expose, than we know the Church is really not all that serious about any sort of healing with regards to the sexual abuse scandals it is facing.

    It’ll also show that the culture of covering up these scandals is not going to stop any time soon. The ball’s in your court, Francis!

    1. Deus caritas est 1 Apr 2013, 1:16pm

      Please know that a priest also vows obedience, therefore he needs to be reprimanded. Whether you like it or agree this is a fact of the Church.

      1. A priest also takes a vow of poverty but I see that hasn’t stopped the Catholic hierarchy living in a wealth that only the likes of high earning celebrities or Royalty are accustomed to.

        A priest also takes a vow of celibacy, but I see that didn’t stop Cardinal O Brien from having what he himself describes as ‘inappropriate sexual conduct.’

        1. Guglielmo Marinaro 1 Apr 2013, 1:35pm

          I’d just like to point out that a secular priest, i.e. one who is not a monk, friar or other member of a religious order or congregation, does NOT take a vow of poverty. There is nothing to stop a secular parish priest from being rich – although not many are.

          1. We’re not talking about secular priests in this thread we’re talking about Catholic Priests.

      2. Wouldn’t his vow of obedience be to god? In which case he surely has done what god wants? Unless you are suggesting god would have wanted it all swept under the carpet?

        1. That would make perfect sense, however we’re talking the Catholic Church here and the priests vow of obedience is specifically to his bishop and superiors, no mention of God at all.

          You raise an interesting point as the Catholic church is one of the few organisations left in the world who refers to their senior clergy as ‘superiors’. For example, Mother Superior being the head nun in the convent.

          In every other walk of life you have senior staff – for example, in the government you’ll have senior ministers and so on. but in the Catholic church you have ‘superiors.

          Why of course flies in the face of everything Christianity stands for in that all men are equal in the eyes of Lord.

          Not so, when it comes to the Catholic Church.

          More rank hypocrisy on their part and bullying domineering.

          They are rotten to core.

          And I speak as someone who was raised in the Catholic Faith.

      3. Ha, ha, ha! The old “obedience trick” of the wretched religious cults! Another one of the methods by which they keep everyone under their control and by which they allow no dissent!

        It’s such a con trick, this “obedience”, that the cults even put it forward as a virtue, to be attained, to be prayed for, to be yearned for. “Oh, dear Jesus, please help me to be more obedient, to bend my will to thine!”

        Anyone who subscribes to such a Machiavellian scheme is a SUCKER and a LOSER!

        I will NOT be “OBEDIENT” to any jumped-up little priest, bishop, or what-have-you in a dog collar!

  9. My word how the “gay mafia” theme comes up again and again, some times “oowerful” and sometimes “rich” but never resembling life as we know it.

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